The Best Fireproof Gloves for Fireplace

A fireproof glove is quite an essential item if you have a fireplace. Often, you need to use your hands to make shifting logs easier and more maneuverable. Many people use regular gloves with cuffs attached to them to ensure no injuries. However, fire resistance gloves are required for your safety and comfort when dealing with your fireplace.

You need to know a few things before selecting your pair of gloves from the list of the best fireproof gloves for fireplace. Even though the list might help you get to know the best ones on the market, it is wise to have your preferences jotted down; this makes it easier to pick. Keep reading to land yourselves the best gloves for fire that suit your needs the most!

Fireplace Glove: Why Do You Need It?

Fireplace gloves or fire pit gloves are gloves engineered for people working with fireplaces. They are created to suit the high temperatures and make sure you don’t lose a hand while trying to adjust logs in your fireplace.

Even though most people skip on it due to holders being available, it is a safety precaution you should not eliminate at any cost. It is a crucial addition to your household items if you own a fireplace.

The logs you’ll often be handling will be very hot- it can burn your hand. Using clippers or other holders might not do the job as well as your hands would do. In this scenario, best gloves for fireplace shall be your best friends and saviors for the day.

Heat can do a lot more damage to you and your house if not handled correctly, which you wish to avoid. Moreover, you might be able to shift logs more freely and according to your measurements using a fireproof glove; this makes it even more essential!

How Do Fireplace Gloves Work?

Fire-resistant gloves work with the simple mechanism of protecting your skin from the heat. They are usually made from genuine leather and lined with cotton to layer the gloves. It gives these fire pit gloves the extra protection it needs.

In addition to the double layer, these gloves come with a cuff extended to your forearms. It further makes it extra protective when you’re working in high temperatures when there’s a chance of you getting burnt.

These are usually made one size fits all since you have the cuff to tighten or loosen as you please. However, you must not go into direct contact with flames just because you have fire-resistant gloves on. Direct contact may still burn your skin, so it is advised to be careful even if you have these gloves on.

These gloves are your second skin: you may work with your hands as you please, except now you have an extra protective layer of the skin preventing any flame from entering and burning your skin. Perfect!

How To Use Gloves For A Fireplace?

Your fireproof gloves should be at the top of your shopping list. You will be managing firewood to load and refill the fireplace if you warm your residence with wood. Firepit gloves will protect your skin from splinters, blisters, and other irritations involving gathering and managing firewood throughout wood-burning sessions.

Short or long sleeve fireplace gloves are available, and they are composed of fire-resistant fabrics to shield hands, fingertips, and forearms from flames.

How To Clean A Fireplace Glove?

When it concerns protective apparel, your fireproof gloves will go a long way to protecting your hands, forearms, and wrists. Your gloves are heat and fire-resistant by nature, shielding you from flying embers and exposed sources of heat. Abrasion protection is provided by reinforcement in your gloves’ palm and grasping zones.

It’s not unusual for the gloves to accumulate dirt and filth due to their heavy-duty nature. Accidentally rubbing your gloves across your shirt or pants while still on, spreading noticeable dirt marks unknowingly is a typical concern among customers.

Types of Fireproof Gloves

  • Leather: This glove has inherent flame resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. It’s of the more cost-effective alternatives available. It does, however, trap heat near to the flesh, can stiffen from heat over a duration, and has a low cut resistance. Dexterity is less than certain other glove fabrics.
  • Aramid: This cloth is flame-resistant by nature and offers excellent cut resistance and dexterity. It is, however, one of the most expensive solutions available. Hence, if you’re on a budget, you might not find it as beneficial to yourself.
  • Terrycloth: This material’s looped stitching traps air and provides additional insulation. It provides some cut and abrasion resistance and is light and comfortable. However, it is less dexterous than other fabrics and may absorb fluids and get saturated.
  • Aramax: The material draws temperature away from your skin and can be made to withstand flames. Ideal for use in hot situations with sparks and flames. It is not, however, intended for use in high-heat environments.
  • Acrylic: Glove lining in the material provides insulation and better durability for intense heat contact. However, it can be pretty hefty when fashioned into a glove shell.

6 Best Fireproof Gloves for Fireplace Review

It is crucial to understand and realize that the fireproof gloves shall prevent your skin from burning but would not cause the flames to die away. Even if you have the gloves on, the rest of your body might be in danger.

It is of utmost importance to not overestimate the usage of these gloves and think you’ve turned into a superhero while wearing them. Safety comes first!

1. RAPICCA Extra Long Fire Pit Gloves

The RAPICCA gloves happen to be the top pick of the best gloves for fire pits. The gloves have a 100 percent soft sweat-absorbing cotton fabric on the inside for increased softness and temperature resistance, making them great for grasping hot items like burning coal or firewood and heating the oven or kitchenware.

1. RAPICCA Extra Long Fire Pit Gloves

Grinding dust, welding flames, burning coals and fire hazards, hot cooking ware, and hot vapor are all protected by the 14-inch long glove featuring 5.5-inch long sleeves. Even in harsh conditions, it works. The strengthened wing thumb design provides the most intense heat shielding for high heat risk jobs and prevents them from wearing out quickly. The leather swinging loop makes hanging easier.

In addition to that, the RAPICCA fire pit gloves are composed of heat-resistant, puncture-resistant, oil-resistant, cut-resistant, and fire-resistant, firm, and supple shoulder split genuine cowhide leather.

This set of fire-resistant gloves is highly durable. They can be used for a variety of business and home applications and welding. Barbecue, Fireplace, Oven, Grill, Stove, Cooking, Fireplace, Flower Pruning, Camping, Gardening, and Campfire are all ideas.


  • Advanced heat resistance
  • Genuine cowhide
  • Extremely durable


  • It might be a hassle to clean

2. WZQH Welding Gloves 

Genuine Cowhide Split Leather is the outer covering of these gloves. The middle layer is a hybrid product designed by laminating an elevated temperature-resistant air-isolated Aluminum Foil with a fire-resistant cotton thread.

The lovely insulated cotton fabric makes the inner layers stitched with flame-resistant thread. For superior temperature extremes resistance, perspiration absorbent, airy, and allergy-free. They’re certified to endure temperatures as high as 932°F (500°C).

The gloves are composed of heat-resistant, puncture-resistant, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, and cut-resistant 1.2mm thick and supple shoulder split genuine cowhide leather. The palms of the hand are reinforced with double cowhide stitching and extra strong sewing, making it challenging to fall away.

2. WZQH Welding Gloves 

Open flames, scorching coals, grinding debris, hot kitchen ware, welding sparks, sharp objects, and hot cooking steam are all protected by the 16-inch grill gloves with extra-long 7.5-inch sleeves. Even in harsh conditions, it works.

Provides the most intense heat protection for welding processes (SMAW), Flux-Core welding (FCAW), Mig welding (GMAW), forging gloves, and other high thermal operations.

These gloves are suitable for a variety of professional and home duties and welding. Whether used in the kitchen, backyard, garden, or outside, it’s helpful in our surroundings, no matter who uses it.


  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • User-friendly design
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Highly durable


  • Might be too large for some people

3. RAPICCA Leather Gloves

RAPICCA welding gloves are the only ones on the market with Double Reinforced Kevlar Layer Padding on both Palms, Wrist, Elbows, and Backs. This outstanding design makes RAPICCA welding gloves the most intense fire-resistant gloves in the industry.

These gloves are among the best fire pit gloves that have three layers to protect your skin from burning and also have a cuff at the end to tighten or loosen the grip. According to the user reviews, it comes in a one-size-fits-all, which is most likely okay for you. Moreover, the layering and genuine leather make the gloves quite durable.

3. RAPICCA Leather Gloves

If you are looking for best fireproof gloves that are even longer than the ones listed above, these RAPICCA gloves might be the ideal match for you.


  • Made with highly durable materials
  • Can resist intense temperatures
  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • The layers give utmost protection


  • A bit difficult to wash
  • Not to be used for long periods

4. OZERO Gloves

These are among the best heat-resistant gloves for both men and women that can withstand temperatures of up to 932°F/500°C. For thermal properties, these gloves have a 100% soft and dense insulated lining with air-isolated aluminum foil, which isolates warm air from the glove’s interior. It happens to be much more effective than silicon sleeves.

4. OZERO Gloves

These fall in the list of best fire resistant gloves due to their high performance throughout the years and happy customers over all the platforms.


  • Intense heat protection
  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Soft and comfortable


  • It might wear out fast due to a lack of layers

5. OZERO Fireproof Gloves

These are the upscale version of fire proof gloves from the last OZERO fire pit gloves listed above. The heat-resistant feature is much more advanced due to the introduction of layers and the long sleeves. It makes it compatible to do more activities involving flames than the last one did.

5. OZERO Fireproof Gloves

The Ozero brand also offers you a refund and a return policy if you choose the wrong size and style, which might happen to anybody. According to the customer reviews, the brand’s customer service is top-notch, which adds some extra points to these fireproof gloves.


  • Long sleeves
  • Firm and durable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • It might not be as heat-resistant as you wish it to be.

6. G & F Fire Proof Gloves

100% cotton inside and 100% cowhide leather along with Kevlar stitching

makes this an ideal fire pit glove for you. The 14.5-inch extra-long sleeves further offer additional protection. It can manage all-BBQ, barbecue, fireplace, heat management, thorn BUSH pruning, animal management, and biting proof.

Moreover, due to their firm leather surface and cotton interior, these gloves are handy around the household and can be used for various tasks. Puncture resistance, biting resistance, heat resistance, cut resistance, fire resistance, and oil resistance are all features of this product.

6. G & F Fire Proof Gloves

This set of heavy-duty gloves will serve you well for many years, saving you the time and money to keep on changing the product repeatedly.


  • Intense heat protection
  • Made with strong materials
  • High comfortable for everyone
  • Ultra-thick build quality


  • Difficult to wash and maintain

Buying Guide for The Best Fireproof Gloves for Fireplace

Before purchasing essential fireplace equipment such as these fireplace gloves, there are a few things to consider. If you’re seeking the best fireplace gloves in the marketplace, several key elements are to consider.


The material is essential for fireplace gloves as they must be fire and heat-resistant. They must also safeguard your fingers and not cause injury even after a long period of use. Leather is a terrific option because it has all of the qualities listed above, but some other materials can also work well.

This is why most of the products listed here have a genuine cowhide leather creation as a staple- it is truly the best when it comes to heat protection.

Sleeve Length

The ideal fireplace gloves have just a long enough cuff for safe use. You ought to be able to take up hot stuff with your complete hand without difficulty. A disadvantage of gloves is that some suppliers do not provide comprehensive arm coverage.

Due to the apparent short sleeve, you will not be capable of picking stuff up with the fireplace gloves if you cannot use all of your fingertips or even your full hand.

Heat Resistance

Even if you discover a pair of fireside gloves with a lengthy sleeve and a high heat-resistant material, they won’t protect your skin from fire. As a result, make sure they’re resistant to extreme temperatures since this will extend their lifespan, which implies you won’t have to purchase new gloves after a little while.


It’s also important because you don’t want your gloves to break even after many use. When purchasing fireplace gloves, look at how they are put together because this determines how long they will last.


The pricing is the last factor to consider. You don’t have to spend lots of money to get a good deal. Certain models have extra features like Kevlar sewing or other special technology that makes them more pleasant and sturdy.

You should choose a higher-priced type if you do not want to compromise on quality since your fireplace gloves should be resistant to extreme temperatures and long-lasting.


A few additional questions might come to your mind regarding the fireproof gloves, so here are some.

Can I Pick up a Burning Log when Wearing Fireplace Gloves?

No. While you may think this is doable due to the heat-resistant factor, it is not wise to pick a burning thing up on your hand even with the protection. It has a chance of burning through the gloves and eventually harming you. Use tongs instead.

What should be the length of the sleeves of fire resistant gloves?

It depends on your arm length. It must cover your forearms and be anywhere between 14 to 18 inches, which fits you better.

What should be the length of the heat-resistant material of fireproof gloves?

It should cover almost all of your arm. You do not want any holes or empty areas exposed to the flames.

What are the limitations of using fireproof gloves?

There is a chance of you hurting yourself even with these on. You must be careful while handling burning logs.

What are the best fireplace gloves made of?

Leather is a highly demanded material due to its qualities. While others are good too, you should always look for genuine leather in the case of these gloves.

Final Thoughts

Fire gloves are a perfect choice to safeguard your hands from extreme temperatures and fire hazards. They could be made from leather and Kevlar materials, which make them heat resistant and inexpensive.

Only get the best fireproof gloves for fireplace that have been thoroughly tested for safety and quality by other users.

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