Best Summer Work Gloves

Summer employment has its own set of challenges. Work can be more dangerous when you have sweaty hands, which is especially true if you have to deal with hazardous materials or circumstances. Sweaty hands might cause your gloves to wiggle about and cause pain as you wear them. At this point, you need the best summer work gloves to help you do jobs properly and more comfortable during hot weather. Check our product reviews and buying guide below.

What Are Work Summer Work Gloves?

Summer work gloves simply refer to work gloves with breathable construction that keep the hands cool and comfortable. These Best Work Gloves Reviewed for 2021 are well-vented to prevent your hands from excessively sweating which may cause safety and control issues. Actually, there’s no such specific summer glove product but we can certainly find various work gloves that can be helpful for your summer work.

Why Do You Need Work Gloves

Work gloves have become mandatory personal protective equipment for strong reasons. They provide you with protection, grip, regulation compliance, and temperature isolation.


Work gloves can keep your hands safe from hazardous objects and circumstances. They prevent you from getting burned when you’re dealing with heated workpieces. As for safety equipment, these best work gloves for hot weather would be protecting your hands against cuts and lacerations while handling dangerous or sharp materials in construction or industrial settings. Back-padded safety gloves are offered to reduce the impact of falling objects on your hands while working.

Enhanced Grip

Handling heavy and slick things is made easier with the extra grip provided by most high-quality safety work gloves. Some work gloves have palm coatings that assist you to keep your grip or even improving it while protecting your hands.


Working in freezing temperatures necessitates the usage of gloves with temperature insulation. Frostbite and other cold-weather problems can be tackled when you wear these gloves in the winter. On the other hand, insulated gloves can shield the user’s hands from hot objects.  Different workers who are working or dealing with extreme temperatures would essentially benefit from these gloves. 

Regulation Compliance

In many workplaces that are already regulated and certified, the use of safety gloves is a must. Workers and employers alike can be penalized if they don’t wear them. 

How to use the work gloves?

These are some general guidelines on how to use the work gloves

  1. Work gloves should never be excessively tight or too loose, and should instead be comfortable to wear.
  2. When it comes to materials, they must be suitable for the tasks at hand and strong enough to handle them.
  3. Reusable gloves should be disclosed to workers, as should any other pertinent information. Workers need to know the optimum lifespan of the gloves. 
  4. Reusing chemical-resistant gloves, for example, requires careful consideration of the gloves’ absorptive characteristics, hazardous materials, storage conditions, and temperature.
  5. Avoid reusing or washing disposable gloves and keep your work gloves clean and dry at all times.
  6. Always have a spare pair of gloves on hand in case your current pair gets broken or needs to be cleaned or dried.
  7. Gloves should be stored in an environment that is suitable for their use. These gloves should be stored in a cool dark room away from any sources of heat or steam. Rubber-insulated gloves are an example of this. As a precaution, gloves should not be layered on top of each other.
  8. Before each usage, inspect for damage or indicators of deterioration such as cracks, holes, tears, stiffness, discoloration, or broker stitching.
  9. Because of the risk of cross-contamination, proper handling and disposal of gloves in health care facilities must be taken special care of.
  10. Replace any gloves that are worn or damaged immediately. If the glove is not repairable, don’t try to mend it or patch it unless the manufacturer says so.

Types of Work Gloves

There is a long list of different types of summer work gloves available in the market. However, we can generally put them into the following categories:

  1. Disposable Work Gloves: To protect against minor irritants, disposable gloves made of light plastic materials can be useful.
  2. Leather Work Gloves: Sparks or scrapes from rough surfaces are kept at bay with the help of these gloves. When working with electricity, they can also be used as or with an insulated liner.
  3. Cotton/Fabric Work Gloves: This type of glove is made of cloth materials or a combination of cotton and other materials. In general, they’re utilized to increase a person’s grip on slick objects. Hands are protected from mild heat and cold by these gloves.
  4. Aluminized Work Gloves: Aluminized fabric gloves are designed to keep hands cool in extremely hot conditions. If you’re dealing with molten materials on a regular and intense basis, these are gloves you actually need for protection.
  5. Metal Mesh Work Gloves: Hands are shielded from direct harm with the help of these gloves. People who consistently deal with cutting or other sharp edges are the most common users of these work gloves. 
  6. Chemical-resistant Work Gloves: The gloves protect you from oils, solvents, and corrosive liquid. You must be carefully selecting these work gloves to ensure they can safely have contact with the chemicals you’re working on. These gloves are commonly made from rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. 

6 Best Summer Work Gloves Reviews

1. Gorilla Grip All Purpose Work Gloves

You can always start with all-purpose work gloves due to their functionality. This Gorilla Grip product is a top-notch option of best work gloves for sweaty hands referring to its economical packs and reliable performance. Breathable material and nice grip are two fundamental elements that Gorilla Grip gloves can provide to diverse workers.

1. Gorilla Grip All Purpose Work Gloves Best Summer Work Gloves

Materials and Construction

Gorilla Grip Slip has a polymer covering on its palm that pushes grease and fluid away from the middle of the glove to enhance grip on wet, dry and oily surfaces. You won’t find any padded knuckle or back of hand shields. Instead, the manufacturer has a special focus on dexterity and ventilation when producing this glove product. These gloves could be a functional option for summer gloves.

Performance and Comfort

The Gorilla Grip Slip gloves certainly have an unbreakable grip even though protection isn’t the main focus of this particular product. This multi-pack of gloves is perfect for wet tasks like oil changes, plumbing,  and other tasks that require superior grip. 


  • Versatile
  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable construction
  • Excellent grip


  • Less protection

2. Carhartt Men’s Work Flex

Men’s Work Flex is Carhartt’s one of best selling hot weather gloves on the market. It has a water-repellant palm that allows you to work in wet conditions without losing grip. The flex spandex work gloves have a series of advantages as a summer work glove option.2. Carhartt Men’s Work Flex

Materials and Construction

This Carhartt work glove is made from polyester(93%) and spandex(7%). Thumb and finger saddles are reinforced to provide better protection while it manages to stay slimmer overall.

Performance and Comfort

The gloves come with a spandex shell with a synthetic palm that is textured and breathable which keeps your hands cool during hot weather. Even the glove’s cuff is well-ventilated so you can obtain maximum comfort while working with the glove in the summer.


  • Flexible
  • Well-ventilated
  • Good protection
  • Water-repellant palm
  • Comfortable


  • Few size options

3. Ironclad Ranchworx RWG2 Work Glove

Ironclad Ranchworx RWG2 gloves are made of top-quality full-finger leather and are ideal for various tasks in the summer. This glove, which features innovative fingertips and kevlar reinforcements, could be a good option for truck drivers who want a little bit of extra safety.

3. Ironclad Ranchworx RWG2 Work Glove

Materials and Construction

The Ranchworx RWG2 warm weather work gloves are constructed of goatskin leather that will not shrink or dry out after washing.  The work glove can be placed where it needs to be easy. The RWG2’s rolltop construction design provides double-layer protection while ensuring superior dexterity. 

Performance and Comfort

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2 have everything you need for diverse summer works, from protection to impact absorption to sturdy construction but remains breathable. The use of goatskin is a vital factor in giving a more comfortable fit for summer work.


  • Kevlar reinforcement
  • Quick donning
  • Double protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Machine wash


  • Less breathable

4. KAYGO KG18NB Glove

KAYGO KG18NB Glove is a micro-foam nitrile safety hot weather work gloves that come as a functional, general-purpose glove. It would be great summer work gloves if you’re working on home improvement or automotive projects. This particular glove also provides other advantages for summer uses.

4. KAYGO KG18NB Glove

Materials and Construction

KAYGO KG18NB Glove is fully made of nylon material. There is absolutely no compromise in grip and breathability which makes it ideal for summer work gloves for sure. The improved grip comes from the micro-foam nitrile coatings on the palm area extremely resistant to abrasion. Furthermore, the construction is also water repellent.

Performance and Comfort

KAYGO KG18NB Glove provides both dexterity and comfort. All fingers are snugly fitted thanks to the ergonomic design of the summer work glove. On the other hand, hand fatigue is minimized because of the use of spandex and a lining that is seamless for working in summer.


  • Great dexterity
  • Reliable grip
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Knit style wrist


  • No reinforcements, less durable

5. Mechanix Wear Tactical Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear comes in this summer glove list with their tactical work gloves for strong reasons. The particular glove offers a thin and ventilated design that’s a key point for summer work gloves. The touchscreen capability also improves the convenience of wearing these gloves for different tasks.

5. Mechanix Wear Tactical Work Gloves

Materials and Construction

The tactical glove is made of synthetic leather that is touchscreen-capable and is the ideal combination of reliable dexterity and longer durability. Thin high-dexterity palm construction and lightweight mesh material allow cool air to move throughout the glove and promote evaporative cooling. These are suitable for summer work regardless of the tasks.

Performance and Comfort

As the tactical glove, the Mechanix Wear glove offers grip and protection but what makes it a great summer glove is the well-vented construction. In order to increase trigger finger movement, the flex joints of this glove are expandable.  A tight fit is ensured by the hook and loop closure. Generally speaking, the glove is reliable and comfortable for use in summer.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-vented
  • Good grip and dexterity
  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable


  • Not for heavy-duty works
  • Some QC issues

6. COOLJOB Gardening Gloves for Men

Looking for a work glove for gardening in the summer? COOLJOB has this product for you.  The work glove is literally manufactured to keep your hands cool when doing gardening jobs for sure. It provides you with everything you need to do gardening in the spring and summer while being economical at the same time.

6. COOLJOB Gardening Gloves for Men

Materials and Construction

The garden gloves are made of polyester that is breathable and comfy to keep your hands dry and cool when working in the spring and summer. Flexible and dexterous labor gloves are provided by stretchy, seamless breathable knitted gloves. An extra-long sleeve to keep dirt and debris from getting in. 

Performance and Comfort

The rubber-coated palm provides a dry and wet non-slip grip for gardening equipment while adding extra light-duty protection. The latex coating is soft and micro foamed, making it ideal for long days at the garden or job site. You can expect superior finger control thanks to the snug fit construction.


  • Versatile
  • Knitted, breathable
  • Economical
  • Rubber palm coating, nice grip
  • Better finger control


  • Less protection

What to look for buying the best work gloves for summer

The greatest gloves for summer work can’t be chosen randomly. You need a road map to help you find the right set of Best Work Gloves for Summer works. Consider the following before acquiring any summer work gloves for yourself.


The design of summer gloves differs from one brand to the next. Consider the materials used to make Breathable Work Gloves before you buy a pair.  If you’re looking for summer work gloves with certain characteristics, consider the materials and whether or not they’re suitable.  Generally speaking, you’d be looking for breathable materials. 

Size Options

 Work gloves may come in different range sizes but they generally have small, medium, large, extra-large, and even larger sizes. These measures all closely mirror the circumference of your hand, including the tips of your fingers but not your thumb base. Before making a purchase, check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure that it is the correct size for your hands.


How quickly and effortlessly you can do anything with your hands is called dexterity. The use of work gloves, while they provide protection, might reduce dexterity. At this point, you want this effect as minimum as possible from the work glove you want to use. This way, you can fully control and handle the tasks at hand properly.

Secure and comfortable fit

The gloves must have a secure enclosure that keeps the gloves on your hands during operation. If you have relevant sizes to choose from, ensure your choice is comfort fit, not lousy. If you can’t test the product in person, find the clues in the customer feedback. 


The glove’s capacity to maintain a firm grip is an additional feature you’ll want in order to assist your summer jobs. Rubber-coated gloves are an excellent idea while working with power or hand equipment. Because of this, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about slipping handling. Gloves with a rubber coating are inadequate for general work and other harder duties in the summer. Depending on your needs, you may want to look at breathable summer gloves with decent protection.

Value for Money

Regardless of the product you purchase, you should get the summer gloves that you actually need basing on relevant requirements and preferences. You can set a budget and compare the prices of different products available in the market. When quality meets the price, that’s the best value for money. In the end, ensure that you get the best value for your money.


What is the toughest material for work gloves?

Gloves made of goatskin are known for their sturdiness and long-term usability. As a result of its flexibility and comfort, skin is an excellent choice in terms of performance but they might be less breathable than knitted gloves. However, some gloves are reinforced by even stronger materials like kevlar that improve strength, protection, and durability. 

Which type of work gloves lasts the longest?

When it comes to gloves, leather is believed to be the most durable and long-lasting. Among different kinds of leather, water-repellent-treated goat skin could have been the strongest.

What are grip work gloves?

Grip work gloves are gloves that have high levels of grip and dexterity for manual handling jobs. These work gloves have a unique grip that’s designed to help workers in a wide range of industries who need a superior grip to complete their tasks at hand.

Can work gloves be recycled?

Unless contaminated with harmful or contagious compounds such as clinical waste, rubber, latex, nitrile, vinyl or combination gloves can be recycled. In the event that gloves are found to be contaminated, they should be thrown away or destroyed rather than recycled.

What is the warranty?

Work glove manufacturers may cover their products with a warranty while the actual coverage may vary. The warranty is typically applied for a certain period of time and covers certain parts of the gloves like stitching, material, etc. The warranty claim can be either product replacements or refunds.

Final Thoughts

We’ve included a list of some of the best summer work gloves in this article for those who need protection for their hands when completing projects in the hot weather. As you might have seen, summer work gloves are typically about breathability but you should never compromise with the protection. We’ve already reviewed the most important features and options, as well as a comprehensive purchase guide. Know what you need and get the best suitable product from our list and/or use our guide.

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