Best Ice Fishing Gloves Review & Ultimate Guide

Ice fishing is a fun winter activity but you need to ensure that you stay warm. The best way to do this is with a good pair of ice fishing gloves. If you wear the wrong pair of ice fishing gloves, you may end up getting injured, because the pair you are wearing are not protecting your hands from the cold.

It is essential to wear a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and safe from the cold ice. And the best ice fishing gloves should be able to provide you with insulation, good grip, and dexterity.

So to help you choose the best ice fishing gloves, we have done the research for you. Here is our list of the best ice fishing gloves for you.

Benefits of Ice Fishing Gloves

People who like to ice fish find it easy to get in the right mood when they have the right gear. Ice fishing gloves are one of the most important pieces of gear.

  • First is how it keeps your hands from getting too cold when you’re ice fishing.
  • Second is how it helps you to move the fishing pole.
  • Third is how it’s lightweight so you don’t get tired quickly.
  • It can be hard to maintain your grip on the fishing pole when the temperature is below freezing. That is why it is important to wear a pair of durable and warm gloves to limit the loss of circulation in your hands.
  • Another reason to wear these gloves is that they are often padded to prevent cuts and scrapes.

7 Best Ice Fishing Gloves Review 

1. Glacier Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves

Now you can spend more time on the water and less time in the garage. These neoprene gloves are specially designed to protect your hands while handling your fishing line.

With a waterproof seam that ensures your hands stay dry and seam-free, the gloves offer a soft and gentle feel to your hands. The gloves are designed with a slit index finger and thumb to allow you to reel your fish in quickly and easily.

The gloves are constructed with 2MM fleece-lined neoprene to provide you with added warmth and comfort.

They are multifunctional, providing warmth in icy cold water, eliminating wet hand issues. The gloves are touch-friendly and easy to handle, even in the toughest weather conditions.

Glacier Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves

They are designed to help you fight off the fish and handle the bitter cold with ease, helping you get your fishing experience off to a successful start.


  • Dimensions 12.6 x 6.2 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight 3.2 Ounces
  • constructed with 2MM Fleece-Lined Neoprene
  • designed with a slit index finger and thumb
  • Multi functional usage
  • Touch friendly


  • Easy to handle and flexible
  • Provides warmth in icy cold water
  • Water proof and high quality gloves
  • Smell proof


  • Velcro is not reliable
  • Check size accordingly

2. KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

The KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves are the ideal choice for both beginners and professionals alike.

The pre-formed fit and palm grip give you the power and precision needed in all cold conditions. The palm is made of neoprene, making it durable and warm. The microfiber material on the back gives you a good feel for the rod.

The fleece lining is warm and soft, and the textured fingertips allow for a better feel for the rod and the bait. When fishing in icy conditions, it is important to have strong, durable gloves to keep your hands warm.

KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves

The hook and loop adjustable wrist closure allows for a snug fit, while the soft fleece and neoprene, layered back prevents hand fatigue.

The gloves provide added protection while fishing in cold conditions, and they feature a smart phone friendly fingertip so you can still operate your phone while wearing the gloves.

They are made of breathable materials to regulate body temperature, so you can stay warm but not overheat.

The KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves are ideal for men and women of all experience levels.


  • Dimensions 7 x 3.86 x 1.26 inches
  • Weight 3.99 Ounces
  • made with a fleece-lined back and neoprene and microfiber palm
  • open finger slots for dexterity
  • Smartphone friendly fingertips
  • Anti-slip palm material
  • Adjustable neoprene cuff
  • Hook and loop wrist closure


  • Great for fishing in icy conditions
  • Best for recreational angler
  • Attractive and good quality material
  • Soft and fluffy linings in the gloves
  • Worth the price


  • Provides average warmth according to some users
  • Not for hardcore angler

3. WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

These Wind Rider Men’s Ice Fishing Gloves are great for camping, hiking, ice fishing, and everyday wear.

They are very warm and comfortable due to the 4 layer insulating material. They have Touch screen compatible fingertips so that you can use your touch screen devices in even the coldest of temperatures.

The Wind Rider Rugged Ice Fishing Gloves are waterproof and water-resistant, and are built tough with a rugged construction and high quality materials for long lasting durability.

WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves

Hands are kept toasty warm and dry with 70g of Thinsulate Insulation and Hipora liner that allow air to escape, but stop water from getting in. The Seal-Tight Cuff has a zipper and a Velcro wrist strap to keep snow and rain out.

This winter ice fishing glove has a Hipora Shell and Cordura Nylon Shell that protects the hand from the elements. The nose wipe strip conveniently removes boogers and snot that is inevitable with cold weather.

The extra long cuff fits over the sleeve of your coat and the design is flexible to allow easy finger movement. The Wind Rider Men’s Ice Fishing Gloves offers warmth no matter how cold the weather gets.


  • Comes with touch screen finger tips
  • Water proof and water resistant
  • 4 layer insulation
  • Rugged construction
  • Thick and rugged Cordura Nylon Shell
  • 70g of Thinsulate insulation
  • Hipora liner that allows air to escape, but stops water from getting in
  • Sealed zipper pocket
  • Nose wipe strip
  • Extra long cuff


  • Provides warmth in freezing conditions
  • Budget friendly
  • Very comfortable and warm gloves
  • Flexible


  • plastic clip that comes to keep them together is flimsy
  • carefully measure your finger lengths to order the right size glove

4. Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

The Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves is a great all-around fishing glove appropriate for any season.

They protect your hand from cold and injury. The palm side is made of reinforced synthetic leather and the back is made of polyester. They are Water-Repellent Technology to keep your hands dry and warm in the cold weather.

Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

They are breathable and soft gloves, with three layers inside to keep warm. The gloves have a wrist strap to adjust the size for any wrist.

These are perfect for fishing in cold weather when your hands get wet. They are durable and flexible and provide good dexterity. The gloves are made of soft synthetic leather and polyester. These gloves are indeed a great pair of gloves for a great price.


  • Dimensions 7.6 x 4.6 x 2 inches
  • Weight 3.99 Ounces
  • Partial synthetic leather Reinforced palm for a better grip and durability
  • Breathable Water-Repellent Technology
  • Magnetic Convertible Gloves
  • Three layers inside to keep warm
  • Adjustable wrist Velcro strap for any size wrist


  • Perfect for fishing in cold weather
  • Provides good dexterity and not stiff at all
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Durable and flexible
  • Fits nicely


  • Finger tips don’t fit tightly
  • not recommended for temps below 36F

5. Midwest 330 Ice Fishing gloves

Midwest’s 330 Ice Fishing gloves are lined with Thinsulate insulation and come with an extended cuff that covers wrists.

These ice fishing gloves are ideal for extremely freezing cold or icy wet weather and keep hands dry. These gloves come with a sandy, rough finish that provides extra grip.

Midwest 330 Ice Fishing gloves

The PVC coating is waterproof which helps hunters blend into the outdoors and helps protect hands from frigid waters. With a pull-on closure and a pile lining, you can easily put on and remove them by yourself. The gloves are also ideal for duck-hunting, hunting and general outdoor activities.


  • Pull-On closure
  • Lined with Thinsulate Insulation
  • Decoy Glove provides warmth, protection and grip
  • waterproof and heavily insulated
  • comes with Extended Cuff
  • Sandy, Rough Finish provides extra grip
  • Pvc coating


  • Ideal for extremely freezing cold or icy wet weather
  • Keeps hands dry
  • Brown color helps hunters blend in to wilderness
  • Budget friendly


  • Check size accordingly
  • Design needs improvement
  • A bit bulkier

6. Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves

Palmyth will get you through the toughest fishing conditions. They provide warmth from the cold winds, snow and ice as well as stop your hands from getting wet.

Be a fisherwoman as you can go to the water for longer intervals; catch more fishes as your hands are warm and swings are powerful. The gloves are breathable, waterproof and windproof, enhancing comfort and performance.

They have a solid construction with great durability and a strong grip. The fish hook and needle may not slip for you due to the non-slip silicone palm.

The gloves are warm and comfortable with complete finger movements. Their padding is soft and flexible, protecting your hands and fingers from ice and hook.

The gloves are also water repellent, which makes them comfortable in any weather condition. They are outstanding gloves in all ways.


  • Dimensions 10.87 x 6.93 x 2.44 inches
  • Weight 3 Ounces
  • Comes with magnetic Convertible Mitt
  • insulated with 40 grams 3M Thinsulate, orange microfiber fleece and 4-Way stretch shell
  • Partial synthetic leather and premium Anti-Slip silicone enhance grip
  • Enhanced Night time Security
  • Breathable Water-Repellent and windproof


  • So warm with complete fingers movement
  • Light weight
  • Excellent durable gloves with solid build


  • Sturdy feeling
  • work well down to temps in the 30

7. Stormr Typhoon Durable Fishing Gloves

The Stormr Typhoon Durable Fishing Gloves are ideal for ice fishing, kayaking, boating, and other outdoor activities.

These gloves feature a waterproof construction that keeps your hands dry, even when submerged. They’re specially designed with a neoprene core to protect hands from impact and abrasion.

The gloves have a soft palm material to help you handle items easily. They’re very comfortably fit, and are contoured and flexible. These gloves are nicely designed and are wonderful for fishing, kayaking, boating, and other outdoor activities.


  • Dimensions 15 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Weight 4.8 Ounces
  • uses Neoprene Core Technology
  • These gloves are waterproof unless submerged
  • Soft palm material


  • Nicely fit
  • Contoured and flexible
  • Keep your hands warm and dry
  • Easy to handle things with these
  • Perfect for ice fishing and other outdoor activities


  • Not waterproof when submerged completely
  • Not recommended for extreme cold

Things you need to know before buying a ice fishing gloves

There are many different kinds of ice fishing gloves. This can make it hard to find the perfect one for you. In order to get the best ice fishing gloves, you have to evaluate the design, the color and the quality.

The design and the color are important because it’s what catches your eye first. The type of material is important because the material will determine the fit and how durable ice fishing gloves are.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best ice fishing gloves for your needs.

1. Material

When buying ice fishing gloves, the first thing to look at is the material of the gloves. The gloves should be made of nylon, leather, or other fabric. Some gloves may be made of a combination of these materials, so it is important to examine the gloves before purchasing them.

The fabric of the gloves will determine how warm your hands and fingers will be while ice fishing. The fabric also helps to determine how flexible the gloves will be. Some fabric is more flexible than others and some may allow you to use your fingers to help you handle your fishing equipment.

2. Insulation

While buying ice fishing gloves, you need to look at the insulation provided by the gloves. There are usually two kinds of insulation for ice fishing gloves. The first kind is called Thinsulate which is made from synthetic material, which is very thin.

This kind of material is best for people who need to move their fingers a lot and don’t want the gloves to be too thick. The second kind of insulation is a traditional, thick wool material. These gloves are more suited to people who plan on sitting still and want to be warm.

3. Waterproofing & Water Resistance

You’ve got your ice fishing gloves and you’re ready to go fishing. Now you have to choose a good pair. The other thing to look at while buying ice fishing gloves is the water proofing and the water resistant provided by the gloves because you don’t want your hands getting cold and wet.

Ice fishing can be fun, but you do need a quality pair of gloves to make sure you stay warm and cozy. There are lots of different styles of gloves out there! When buying ice fishing gloves, you need to make sure you get a pair that has the quality construction you deserve and the comfort that you desire.

4. Thickness & Flexibility

The point of ice fishing is to be outside, even if it’s a bit chilly. That’s why it’s important to choose the right gloves for you. The other thing to look at is the flexibility of the gloves.

If the gloves are stiff, then you might not be able to catch that slippery fish. You should also check how the gloves are made because leather gloves will last longer than gloves made from polyester.

Another thing to look at when buying ice fishing gloves is the thickness of the gloves.

You should make sure that the gloves are thick enough for your hands. Thick gloves are more likely to keep your hands warm during the cold winter fishing trips. Thin gloves will not be as effective at preserving your body warmth. Thin gloves can be okay to wear while fishing in a warm place.

5. Grip

The most important thing to consider while buying gloves is the grip provided by the gloves because you will be required to hold the handle of your fishing rod to cast your bait and if the gloves do not provide a tight grip then there is a chance that your bait will fly off the fishing rod.

The way to check for the grip is to press your palm on a flat surface and see if the gloves leave any impression of your hand on the surface, if it does then you know that the grip is not strong.


Should you wear gloves for fishing?

Gloves are used to protect the hands from injury, and they have been used for centuries. They are also used for warmth and to improve the grip on a fishing pole. However, gloves are not a necessity for fishing. If you are warm, you do not need them. But if your hands are cold, you could use them. If you are fishing to catch a specific fish, you may want to use gloves because they will make it easier to handle the fish.

What are the best winter fishing gloves?

We have reviewed the best winter fishing gloves for you after a ton of research and analyzing maximum customer reviews. The list is given below:

  • Glacier Slit Finger Pro Angler Gloves
  • KastKing Mountain Mist Fishing Gloves
  • Wind Rider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves
  • Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves
  • Midwest 330 Ice fishing gloves
  • Palmyth Ice Fishing Gloves
  • Stormr Typhoon Durable Fishing Gloves

You can read the full reviews about these gloves above.

Do I need winter fishing mittens over gloves?

As the cold weather is upon us, it’s time for the best winter fishing gloves and mittens to make their appearance. To make it even more confusing, there are ice fishing mittens, winter fishing mittens and regular fishing gloves.

The term “winter fishing gloves” is used to describe the best ice fishing mittens with the word “winter” usually meaning waterproof. On the other hand, “fishing mittens” can be waterproof or not, but they are less breathable and not ideal for ice fishing because they don’t allow you to feel your lure or the fish biting.

Some of the best winter fishing gloves and mittens are made of waterproof and breathable material, which is great for the cold weather. If you are going to use them during the summer, make sure you get the ones that are breathable. It’s also important to get the right size. Your gloves are not going to help you get the fish if they are not fitting correctly.

How to Best Keep Hands Warm Ice Fishing?

If you can find a pair that’s both warm and more flexible than you’ll find your hands more comfortable. If you’re heading to the lakes or ponds in the colder regions of the US, Canada, or northern Europe then chances are you’re going to run into some rather cold temperatures. Best of all, there are quite a few options on the market for gloves.

We have reviewed the best ice fishing gloves for you which are available in the market so you can pick from these.

If you’re going to be heading out on the ice, then it’s important that you invest in a pair of gloves and learn how to keep your hands warm.

Which Fishing Gloves Work best with a Touch screen?

No one likes the feeling of cold, hard plastic on their fingertips. But, when it comes to operating a fish finder or any touch screen device, it can be necessary.

While they’re designed to be operated with bare hands, there are alternatives. More and more fish finders are also incorporating them. If you want to operate one of these devices while still wearing a glove, consider either a half-finger glove or fold-over mitt.

These gloves increase sensitivity and it will be easier to feel the controls. For the best experience, take a look at the fingerless fish finder gloves. They are available for both men and women and are great for anyone who wants optimal performance from their fish finder.

Here is the best touch screen friendly glove which works perfectly with your fishing gloves.

Wind Rider Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves Are fishing gloves worth it?

If you are fishing in Extreme Cold Weather than fishing gloves are 100 percent worth it because Extreme Cold Weather can be extremely painful for your fingers. If your hands are injured in any way, you should always make sure to properly heal the injury before deciding to fish using the injury. Buying the right fishing gloves might seem like a bit of an investment, but they are a high quality product that will last you a very long time.

Why are fishing gloves fingerless?

The fishing gloves are fingerless because they can provide more dexterity than full-fingered gloves. For precise work such as tying fishing knots and handling small fish, fingerless gloves can be very helpful. They offer more dexterity than full-fingered gloves and allow the wearer to feel what they are touching with their fingers.

What is the point of fishing gloves?

Not only are gloves an unfortunate necessity for fly fishing and other outdoor sports, but they’re also a great investment for anyone who loves the outdoors. Fishing gloves can keep your hands clean and safe from cuts, hooks, and the sun.

Even though you’ll still feel the rod and the line, the gloves will protect your hands from sunburn and help keep your hands dry. A lot of people don’t like to wear gloves while fishing, but they’re a great investment.

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re in the market for the best ice fishing gloves, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 7 best ice fishing gloves for you. All you need to do is go through our list and select the one that suits you best.

Also, we have made a list of features that you should look for in the best ice fishing gloves. Keep in mind that you should not compromise on quality and features even if you are on a tight budget.

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