Do golfers wear two gloves?

Professional golf players like “Tommy Gainey” have created many doubts in the brains of people who are new at watching or playing golf. Most golfers use single gloves while playing in the club, and some do not even use single gloves while playing. In contrast, Tommy Gainey uses two gloves that create confusion and many questions. Now the question is do golfers wear two gloves?

There is no hard and fast rule that a golfer must use two, single, or no gloves as far as using gloves. It depends on the choice of the player. He can use gloves in one hand, both hands or none. Somehow, some hypotheses about using gloves while playing golf can help you know reality.

Reasons for using gloves

Reasons for using gloves

Golf is a game that requires the perfection and focus of the player. Even the slightest mistakes can cause the failure of a good shot. As there is a safety mechanism for everything globally, gloves provide safety in playing magnificent shots. Some of the notable features that gloves offer are as:

Firm grip

This is a vivid fact that any cloth can give you a firmer grip than bare hands. The same theory is applicable in the aspect of golf. When you hold the club bare-handed, there are more chances that the club will slip away from your hands. Warm weather can add more to it. As in the summer season, you perspire more than usual.

The produced sweat can decrease friction on your hands and increase slippery action. Consequently, you will not be able to hit the ball perfectly. That’s why experts suggest using gloves on the one hand at least. It can offer a robust grip to a golfer.

Safety action

Safety action

Wearing gloves while playing golf also ensures the skin safety of the player. It is medically approved that holding one thing for too long can cause blisters. The same is the case with working out. Holding and lifting weight initiates the blister formation on your hands that can be painful. In the scenario of gold, the swinging action of the club forms pustules on the player’s hands.

Blisters can be the reason for taking a break from playing golf for a longer or shorter period; a player would never want that. Using gloves on the primary hand will help you to play safer and more prolonged.

Mystery of two gloves

Golf gloves come in a variety according to the type of club and weather conditions. Companies produce these gloves:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic
  • Hybrid

There are further multiple divisions of each of these gloves. These gloves are available in pairs that mean that companies suggest using gloves on both hands in some specific conditions:

  • In the rainy season, rain can destroy friction. Rain gloves are the best fit for this condition. A player can have a firm grip in the rain too.
  • In warm weather, heat causes dilation of your skin pores, and consequently, the body produces unusual sweat. Gloves on both hands help in absorbing sweat that results in better grip.

In an interview, Tommy Gainey cleared this query himself too. He said that wearing two gloves helped him cope with weather uncertainties. He added that he had tried using one glove or no glove, but that did not work. This shows that a player is not bound to use two gloves only. It depends on the comfortability.


If you still have some queries regarding golf gloves and conditions, they will be solved here, for we have answered some frequently asked questions by users.

Is it acceptable not to use gloves while playing?

You should take care of your comfort first. If wearing gloves creates any trouble for you or your game, you should consider taking them off and playing bare-handed. But some possible harms are likely to happen if you play bare-handed. In damp weather conditions, your grip strength will be lessened, and you may start getting blisters.

Do golfers wear two gloves?

No, most golfers use only one glove. However, the type of glove is different. Also, several players prefer no gloves over one or two gloves. Wearing two gloves can benefit a player as it provides additional support to uncertainties.

Do professional golfers wear gloves?

Yes, professional golfers wear gloves as it assists them to play longer shots and for full swing shots. At the same time, they remove the gloves for the shots around the green.

Final words

It is not mandatory to follow any player in the aspect of wearing gloves while playing golf. You should always go for your peace and choice. We are expecting that by now, you have gained enough knowledge and you can decide whether you should wear gloves or not.

Have a great playing experience! 

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