How To Make Fingerless Gloves

Use fingerless gloves if you don’t like to wear mittens all day, and it will help keep your hands warm. If you want to do this, see our article, you can make it in your own home in one hour by reading our article on fingerless gloves. Start with left-hand gloves first, then finish with right-hand gloves. To make gloves comfortable, you need to be very careful about your thumb holes.

How d0 you make fingerless gloves

There is four procedure to make fingerless gloves at home:

  1. By using old or new regular gloves
  2. By using shocks
  3. By sewing
  4. By Knitting – How to Knit fingerless gloves

The easiest method is to use regular gloves

How Do You Make Fingerless Gloves?

  1. Locate a set of gloves first. Old gloves are suitable for this job. Gloves made from cotton, wool, angora, fleece, and cashmere are an excellent choice.
  2. Mark the tip of your desired finger. Use tailor chalk for darkness or a pen for light to draw lines across your fingers.
  3. Pull the cover by hand, then cut 64 mm above the cutting line. Then do the hemming. Once you’ve shaped one, start working on the other. Finally, measure the other with the gloves that were made.
  4. Cut the thumb from the center or entirely. In this case, draw a line like a finger.
  5. It is best to use a finger for this purpose, then bend the raw edge inwards by 64 mm. Next, you sew it around the finger using a running hemstitch. Then tie the thread and clip off the extras. Finally, connect the line after a pull on the glove.
  6. If necessary, you can go for any adjustments. But if you are happy with the persuing process, repeat it for the other glove.

You can do with shocks Too!

  1. Knee socks are the best shock to make fingerless hand gloves.
  2. Cut off the legs completely. First, draw the line at the top of the hill, then cut the shake from there.
  3. Measure the socks according to the size of your entire palm and wrist. Finish somewhere along the hem arm.
  4. Cut a small slit to make the thumb hole. Something 1.27cm would be perfect. You can enlarge or resize it if you wish.
  5. To get the thumb out, slip the hand into the sock. You can make it oval-shaped.
  6. Fold up the cut edge 1.27cm inward, use a pin to secure. Then sew the zigzag with a hand or machine.
  7. Finishing the making of the first fingerless gloves, continue the process to make another glove.

If you love DIY, Then this process is just for you! Sewing!

  1. Trace and begin mapping at the top of your knuckles. Connect the space on your thumb. Place the thumb line curve into the tracing. If the fabric is not stretchy, you must leave some area around your arm.
  2. A 27cm gap is essential to give you enough materials for a 0.64cm to 1.27cm seam allowance.
  3. Trace a pattern on your fabric. Stack the layers before pinning the way on the top.
  4. Cut two layers of fabric in the same size in the opposite direction.
  5. To sew left and right, use a 0.64-centimeter seam allowance. Use a 1.27-centimeter SIM allowance for tight gloves.
  6. Hem the edge from top to bottom. Fold 1.27 cm up and down, and then sew.
  7. Hem the open thumb with hand. Fold the edge and sew by hand.
  8. Take it from the inside out.

Not satisfied yet! Then you can go the hard way! Knitting a new one!

  1. Use number 8 knitting needles with number 4 thread for 40 stitches.
  2. In most cases, there will be 48 rows. Seed sewing could be a better choice too!
  3. If the gloves become wide enough, discard the stitches.
  4. Assembling the edges. For narrow edges at the top, you must align the knuckles.
  5. Use a 5.08 cm whip stitch to sew the seam.
  6. Weave it when finished.
  7. Finish the bottom side of the joint.
  8. Weave again.
  9. Make the other fingerless gloves.

Safety and warning for making fingerless gloves

Safety And Warning For Making Fingerless Gloves

  • Although the article mentions the proper procedure, care must be taken.
  • This method is not for children.
  • People with eye problems should also refrain from doing it independently.


Can I make use of any kind of leather to pursue this process?

It is better not to use leather. Because of this, you will need a sewing machine which you may not have time for.

Can I use from long-sleeve t-shirt to make fingerless gloves?

You can, but use elastic in the wrist area to avoid extra pressure around the wrist.

How can I make fingerless gloves with lace?

Find some laces, and then follow the article for proper instruction.

What can I do to avoid fraying at the joint?

You can reduce it slightly above the knuckle, not wholly.

I am not permitted to turn my gloves fingerless, but I what it. What can I do?

If you wish to make it, do so. However, you aren’t permitted.

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