Best Gloves For Tow Truck Drivers

Work gloves are an Essential Gear for Tow Truck Drivers for sure. Gloves are a must for truck drivers who must traverse between load stops. Good gloves can make a big difference when you’re driving, unloading, loading, or working on a truck that needs maintenance. Gloves give protection, better handling, and warmth in the cold winter. We’ve reviewed some best gloves for tow truck drivers and a buying guide that you can use below.

What are drivers’ work gloves?

Drivers gloves refer to any pair of gloves that copy the design of a standard pair of driver gloves. They are available in a wide variety of designs and are often crafted from leather. These Trucker Gloves are worn for several primary reasons, the most important of which are grip and protection, in addition to style.

What kind of gloves do truckers use? ( 60 Sec Guide )

What kinds of gloves are necessary for truck drivers? The vast majority of truck drivers will find that keeping the following three types of gloves for their trip is beneficial:

  1. Winter gloves: You must ensure that your hands stay toasty while you work. Winter gloves can keep your hand fingers warm whether you’re traveling through cold winter or even working in a chiller/freezer truck. You can also read out our  Best Thin Winter Gloves for Extreme Cold.
  2. Fabric Gloves: Your hands can be protected from a wide variety of hazards by investing in a quality pair of fabric work gloves. It is highly recommended that you use these gloves while you are dealing with tools, mechanical objects, or other hard surfaces, especially in dry conditions.
  3. Work gloves made of leather: Work gloves made of canvas can provide protection over your hands,  but they also have the potential to soak up liquids and chemicals. When filling up gas tanks and checking oil and belts, protecting one’s hands by wearing leather work gloves is absolutely necessary. Leather gloves are not only comfortable but they can also repel water. 

Why do truckers wear fingerless gloves?

Obtaining a better grip for driving and other corresponding tasks. Using tow truck gloves keeps good control of the steering wheels. In warmer temperatures, fingerless gloves typically provide more breathability and airflow than full-finger gloves do. If You don’t know How to knit fingerless gloves, you just read out it. On the other hand, full-finger gloves help to keep your hands warm while maintaining their functionality.

Types of Work Gloves

Hand protection comes in a variety of forms, thanks to the various styles of work safety gloves. There are particular best gloves for truckers you’ll want to utilize for various jobs rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. The only way to know for sure if you’re doing your job correctly is to try it out. There are diverse varieties of work gloves which we’ve summarized below. 

  1. Leather Gloves
  2. Cotton/Fabric Gloves
  3. Coated Fabric Gloves
  4. Latex, Rubber, or Plastic Gloves
  5. Butyl Rubber Gloves
  6. Kevlar Gloves
  7. Vibration/Impact-Resistant Gloves
  8. Puncture-Resistant Gloves
  9. Aluminized Gloves

Top 6 Best Gloves For Tow Truck Drivers Reviews

1. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Leather Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear framer work gloves come in a fingerless design with protective and breathable construction. Mechanix M-Pact is a versatile work glove suitable for framing, roofing, woodworking, construction, and of course, trucking. The leather-rubber work gloves could be truck drivers’ choice who require access to touchscreen devices.

Materials & Construction

Mechanix M-Pact is made from leather with rubber materials. The fingerless construction design allows you to free your thumb, index, and middle fingers so you can obtain better control.


The impact energy is absorbed and dissipated by the palm’s multi-zone D3O padding, which reduces and absorbs the vibration. It also has heat-resistant TPR impact protection that meets EN 13594 impact requirements. Furthermore, Durahide Leather Technology provides palm protection from abrasion.

Performance & Comfort

Generally speaking, Mechanix M-Pact performs really well for trucking. Breathable TrekDry’s evaporative cooling technology keeps your hands cool and comfortable so you can focus on your driving tasks and be not distracted. Securing the fit becomes possible by the thermoplastic rubber (TPR) on the enclosure.


  • Versatile
  • Great protection
  • Impact absorption
  • Evaporative cooling technology
  • Comfortable


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty
  • Less durable

2. HANDLANDY Fingerless Work Gloves

For those truck drivers who need or prefer full fingertip dexterity, they might prefer fingerless work gloves like the one that’s offered by HANDLANDY.  Coming in a complete range, work gloves are actually driving working gloves so truckers can have more solid benefits from this particular HANDLANDY product.

Materials & Construction

They are fingerless but fully padded in the proper places, providing good protection and cushioning for repetitive jobs like hammering, hauling, or trucking as well. The construction is built with thermoplastic rubber that aims for anti-collision performance. While it’s not the most comfortable material, the construction has been made breathable.


 If you need lifting or doing more tasks incorporated with your driving jobs, you’re ready to go with this glove. Protect your hands from scrapes or bruises while still allowing you to write with a pen or touch small things with your fingers free.  

Performance & Comfort

The fingerless work gloves provide hand protection for truck drivers without losing dexterity. Fingerless gloves were kept on thanks to the TPR wrist fastening, but the glove itself allowed you to move your fingers freely. The gloves’ performances are ideal for a wide range of applications, including general construction, tools, heavy-duty tasks, and so forth.


  • Optimized dexterity
  • Well-padded
  • Comfortable
  • Complete size range
  • Reliable performance


  • Velcro doesn’t last

3. Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2

Ironclad RWG2 is a premier leather work glove with a full-fingered, general-purpose design. With patented fingertips and kevlar reinforcements, this glove could be a choice for truck drivers who require more extra protection.  

Materials & Construction

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2 is made from genuine goatskin leather that won’t dry out or shrink when washed in a machine. With the TPR Cuff Puller, the operator may quickly place the glove in the correct location. Terry fabric sweat wipes on the back of the thumb help you to stay focused by wiping the forehead with only a single swipe.


Intuitive dexterity and double-layer protection are provided by the RWG2’s rolltop construction design. This particular product also has kevlar reinforcements that boost protection and enhance durability. At this point, you can obtain optimum protection on the covered area.

Performance & Comfort

As for trucking, Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2 provides everything you might need including protection, impact absorption, and strong construction. The goatskin material plays a key role in providing better comfort and it’s generally convenient since the gloves are washable.


  • Kevlar reinforcement
  • Quick donning
  • Double protection
  • Comfortable fit
  • Machine wash


  • Less breathable

4. HANDLANDY Men’s Work Gloves

As a truck driver, you might need a versatile glove that not only helps you with the driving task but is also useful for other tasks. At this point, HANDLANDY Men’s Work Gloves might have the solution for you with their breathable flexible mechanic gloves.  It’s also one of the most popular truck driver gifts.

Materials & Construction

To keep hands cool and comfortable, stretch spandex back of the hand design is used. To ensure maximum grip and control PVC patches have been included in the fingertips and palms of the gloves. Breathable and moisture-wicking spandex back-of-hand construction.


Reinforcement of the palm, fingers, and saddle protects these areas from abrasive contacts. You can keep an eye on your time and your health while at work with this unique U-shape adjustable protective wrist closure. 

Performance & Comfort

Synthetic leather palms enhanced with PVC patches give excellent grip and prolonged use. Suitable for a variety of medium-duty tasks. Truck drivers can definitely benefit from a non-slip handle, regardless of the weather. The easy sweat wiping is supported with the terry cloth placed on the thumb area. 


  • Complete size option
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable


  • Less grip performance
  • Less durable

5. Youngstown Glove 03 3110 80

Youngstown Glove is basically a carpenter glove designed to provide dexterity and protection for the wearers. This glove could be a solid option for truck drivers for strong reasons.  From material formulation to comfort, truck drivers can benefit from all of them.

Materials & Construction

Using a variety of high-tech fabrics, this glove provides the best possible balance of durability, dexterity, and comfort. Those fabrics include Polyurethane, Polyester, Neoprene, Cotton, and Velcro. When working with detailed tasks, this glove provides full fingertip dexterity that also improves the driving experience.


The palm, fingers, thumb, and saddle of the glove are reinforced with non-slip material for better grip and long-term durability. Furthermore, these reinforcements also play as additional protection for drivers’ hands.  You can generally obtain longer protection from these gloves. 

Performance & Comfort

With this Youngstown glove, the fingertip dexterity is provided by the shorter thumb, index, and middle fingers. At crucial wear points, heavy strength non-slip reinforcements protect the palm.  These are certainly performances that every truck driver needs.


  • Solid construction
  • Well-placed soft terry cloth
  • Engineered fabrics
  • Versatile
  • Finger dexterity supported


  • Less durable
  • Limited size options

6. Ergodyne ProFlex 816

Ergodyne ProFlex 816 is a fingerless winter work glove with a flip-top mitten. For truck drivers who consistently make trips during the cold weather, this glove could be your choice. It provides insulation aside from abrasive protection.

Materials & Construction

What is special about Ergodyne ProFlex 816’s construction is, of course, the superior insulation. A soft microfleece lining provides optimal warmth, flexibility, and comfort in cold weather settings. The overall material used is faux leather which plays a key role both in exterior insulation and abrasive protection.


At this point, it’s pretty clear that Ergodyne ProFlex 816 provides ultimate protection against cold temperatures. Truck drivers can remain warm while driving their trucks during winter with these gloves.

Performance & Comfort

The glove has convertible mittens that provide optimal warmth for cold-weather detail work. To keep your hands warm, these flip-top gloves are easy to store away while they are not being used. Reinforced thumb saddles and a tough synthetic leather palm keep gloves flexible in freezing temperatures.


  • Well-insulated
  • Convertible flip-top mitten
  • High-quality material
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy on and off


  • Stiff
  • Less grip

What to look for buying the best gloves for tow truck drivers

Driving gloves are one of the fundamental gears that ensure Tow Truck Driver Safety when doing their job. That’s why choosing the correct pair of tow trucker gloves is very important. Despite various products available in the market, you can start your research by considering the factors below.


When wearing gloves that aren’t lined, drivers don’t lose any of the sensitivity they would have with regular gloves. However, where the hands are more exposed to the weather, benefit greatly from the warmth provided by drivers’ gloves. Your hands stay warm and dry thanks to the additional lining.

Wrist Strap

Hook and loop fasteners (also known as Velcro) can be added to the wrists for an additional layer of security. While leather and nitrile gloves do not have this problem, padded work gloves do. The wrist strap ensures the gloves remain intact when you’re driving your car. 

Size Options

Size is also important when purchasing driving gloves for truck drivers in the market. Too-big gloves are bad and so are too-small ones. Therefore, size up carefully. Well-fitting gloves decrease movement restriction. Small to extra-large farm labor gloves are available (a different spectrum is possible). When buying gloves, measure your palm and fingers then follow the size chart from the manufacturer.


As for truck driving, you certainly want driving work gloves that can stand for a longer time. Generally speaking, the durability of driving gloves is determined by either the material or construction design. Leather gloves, especially the ones made from goatskin, are the most durable ones. Some companies use kevlar reinforcement to improve the protection and durability as well.

comfortable fit

Driving gloves can keep your hands warm and dry while you’re behind the wheel, no matter the weather. In the winter, gloves help keep your hands warm, while in the summer, moisture can impair your steering and control, both of which you’ll want to avoid. That’s one of the Winter Tow Truck Driver Safety Tips you should follow for obvious reasons. Driving gloves with suitable linings will help you avoid these problems.


Driving is a task that requires responsible actions, and we all want to feel in control while doing it. The best gloves for flatbed truck drivers can play a significant part in improving your grip on the steering wheel. There will be times when you need more grip on the wheel, even if you don’t race cars but drive trucks instead. These gloves will come in handy in those situations.


How do you measure your hand size?

Measure the circumference of your hand at the middle point(just below the knuckles) with a tape measure to determine your glove size in inches or as showcased in the size chart.  Generally speaking, you can measure the dominant hand. 

Do driving gloves offer you warmth?

The driving gloves serve primarily as an insulator, trapping the heat that is generated by your body. When driving in the winter, it’s common to wear gloves to keep your hands warm, but these might be cumbersome and reduce your grip strength. Driving gloves for both men and women are designed to keep drivers warm and safe.

How tight should driving gloves be?

Gloves should be comfortable to wear without becoming overly snug. You must carefully take the finger length into consideration to ensure they’re not too short. To ensure a comfortable fit, your gloves would be better to loose around your fingers and snug around your palm but not too tight.

Can gloves be recycled?

Gloves made from latex, vinyl, or nitrile can be recycled as long as they’re not contaminated with hazardous or infectious chemicals like clinical waste. Contaminated gloves must be properly disposed of and destroyed instead of being recycled.

Final Thoughts

When driving throughout states and doing other tasks,  truck drivers have to contend with a wide range of weather and working circumstances. Their hands need to be protected at all times, therefore they need a solid pair of best gloves for tow truck drivers that can withstand abrasions, give dexterity, and keep their hands protected from hazards. Before you hit the road, do some research on the finest glove options for your passengers and make sure your truck’s cab is stocked with these safety precautions.

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