Best Gloves for Moving Furniture

Every homeowner requires a pair of work gloves when moving furniture, handling power tools, and potting plants. What are the best gloves for moving furniture? There isn’t just one option, but you need to familiarize yourself with a number of them to get a perfect size.

This is important because there are a few factors you need to consider when choosing gloves for moving furniture, such as the grip, protection, and, most importantly, comfort.

High-quality gloves are necessary to handle numerous valuables safely, but they also protect the movers’ hands and fingers from unwanted accidents. Many people have varied preferences that might work well for others and not you and vice versa.

What Are Box Handling Gloves Made of?

Box handling gloves are generally made with materials that make your gloves durable and comfortable during wear. These gloves are currently manufactured from various synthetic materials like rubber, silicone, and spandex.

You might have to spend a little extra for better and lasting dexterity and durability for the highest quality gloves.

How to Choose the Right Size?

No matter how well-built your work gloves are, you’re not going to enjoy wearing them if they aren’t the right size. You can even have blisters on your hands if you wear them all day. So, it’s important to choose gloves that are the right size for you.

Choosing the best box handler gloves will determine how the company designs and manufactures its gloves. These moving gloves are often available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra big.

The size can easily be measured by taking the length and width of your palm. Luckily, gloves come with elastic materials that will accommodate a broader range of sizes.

How Long Do Box Handling Gloves Last?

Under regular use, a decent pair of box-handling gloves should last around a month. But the exact duration of a pair of work gloves for box handling is difficult to pinpoint because it depends entirely on how frequently you wear them.

Heavy-duty packing gloves can rip after a few weeks of heavy usage, whereas coated cloth gloves can endure for nearly two months if only used for light labor. As a result, it’s essential to think about your usage before purchasing your next pair of package handling gloves.

Why Do You Need to Wear Gloves for Moving Furniture?

Dealing with large furniture shipments requires constant contact with furniture. The significant issues with shipping furniture are that dealing with large cardboard boxes and other materials can absorb and remove moisture from the skin. This is why gloves for moving boxes are essential for adequate protection from cracks and dryness.

Professional movers deal with numerous pieces that are seething with bacteria. A good pair of gloves can keep your hands clean and protect them so you don’t fall sick later.

Furniture is notorious for tiny sharp edges. Some may have sharp corners and edges and small protrusions that might puncture the skin of your hands if you contact them by accident. The pain lasts for a while and might even require medical assistance. Always wearing a pair of gloves saves you a lot of pain.

Types of Box Handling Gloves

There are different types of handling gloves, and you need to know what types are available before making a choice.

When choosing the right glove, you need to consider your workplace, the temperature, and the duration of your work to buy an appropriate one to make your job easier. Some gloves even come with access to the touch screen. Here is a list of types of gloves for opening boxes.

Smooth Nitrile Gloves

These gloves are light and flexible with a good grip on dry surfaces. Nitrile gloves tend to be inexpensive and have high life expectancy than most.

Latex Gloves

Natural or latex rubber is one of the most popular materials for package or box handling gloves. This material is an excellent choice because of its exceptional resistance to tears, cuts, abrasion, and its perfect grip.

Latex rubber gloves can also be found in coated varieties. These are characterized by their crinkle finishes, making them ideal for handling materials with sharp edges. They are considered the best gloves for warehouse work.


The advantage of this material is that it protects your hands from various substances. It’s also the best coating for protection against strong acids and alkalis. Neoprene also has a high level of tactile strength.

When it comes to elasticity, it’s similar to natural latex, but it’s more chemically resistant and resistant to moisture and gases, making them the best gloves for movers.

7 Best Gloves For Moving Furniture Review

1. Handlandy Men’s Work Gloves

These gloves come with stretchable spandex back to keep your hands cool and comfortable while you’re the work. For complex tasks, synthetic leather palms provide shrink resistance and additional strength.

1. Handlandy Men's Work Gloves

The palm has foam padding for all-day comfort and prevents shock and vibration during hand tool use. They also come with 3 touch screen fingertip capabilities without removing your gloves, making work more convenient.


  • Elastic wrist closure with leather palm
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Reinforced thumb and fingertips


  • The gloves may be too small and tight for big hands

2. DEX FIT FN330

These gloves are more suitable for females who are handling heavy tasks. It has a rubber coating and is touchscreen friendly. They’re excellent for grip and accuracy. It has non-slip components in both water and oil, which prevents pipes from slipping and minimizes hand fatigue.

2. DEX FIT FN330


These work gloves are constructed of a 15-gauge nylon and spandex combination that’s lightweight and comfortable. Working with cardboard boxes or slick surfaces also keeps your hands from slipping.

Many users were satisfied with the breathable water-based rubber coating providing workers with all-day comfort. The premium performance is relatively high with qualifications from CE that met ANSI Standards.


  • Touch screen capability
  • CE-qualified
  • Nylon and spandex blend with good stretch
  • It has a good grip with a rubberized palm covering


  • Has a strong smell
  • Not waterproof

3. Ironclad General Work Gloves

Ironclad General gloves are ideal for anybody who requires a sturdy, reliable pair of gloves. They are constructed with a breathable synthetic suede palm and reinforced thumb and fingertips for further protection.

3. Ironclad General Work Gloves

The thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection offers impact and abrasion resistance across the knuckles, unique in the industry. Thanks to the adjustable Hook and Loop Closure, they also provide a secure fit, ensuring a snug, personalized fit for optimal performance.

The thick rubber band on the back of the glove guards against abrasions and pinch points. The thumb and first two fingers are reinforced on the palm side, which is precisely where you need extra material and protection.


  • Machine-washable
  • Knuckle protection
  • Terry cloth thumb sweat wipe
  • Tear and abrasion-resistant


  • Not insulated
  • Reduction in grip and dexterity

4. Wells Lamont

Many customers use these Wells Lamont nitrile gloves with rubberized palms and fingers for gardening. They are helpful when dealing with equipment components due to their non-slip grip on garden forks and spades. These are perfect for grasping a greasy or oily metal element of a tractor-mounted mower. Your hand will not sweat since the backs of the gloves enable air to pass through.

4. Wells Lamont

The price of these gloves is steller, and while they don’t last long, they are pretty worth it. They are constructed with durable coating with nitrile palm dipped coating that provides excellent resistance to cuts, snags, and abrasion.

They are excellent for landscaping, construction, cleaning, farming, industrial painting, automotive tasks, and DIY projects.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Good flexibility
  • Easily washable


  • Quite difficult to take off

5. HANDLANDY Work Gloves

For the price, they appeared to be of decent quality. They are comfortable to use and provide you with a lot of dexterity. The flexibility and smaller hand fit of traditional gardening gloves are met with these gloves, making them highly suitable for female workers.

5. HANDLANDY Work Gloves

While working, the stretchable spandex construction keeps your hands cool and comfy. With three touch screen compatible fingertips, you may use your phone or tablet without removing your gloves.

They come with terry cloth on the back thumb, making it easy to wipe sweat from your face while focusing on the work.


  • Reinforced thumb and fingertips
  • Touch compatibility
  • Padded palm and knuckle


  • The gloves may be too big for small hands
  • Not suitable for warm weather

6. Vgo Work Gloves

These gloves are ideal for workers that require a high level of dexterity and grip. The gloves’ synthetic leather and silicone structure give excellent grip and resistance to slippage. Many occupations will rapidly rip these gloves.

6. Vgo Work Gloves

However, Vgo gloves are what you’re looking for if you don’t want blisters while working all day. These are semi-disposable gloves that are perfect within a budget.

They’re comfortable and provide adequate protection for typical mechanical tasks, but buyers beware: these gloves provide ZERO protection against grinding and welding sparks.


  • Comes in an affordable price range
  • Good breathability
  • Easy to adjust
  • Machine washable


  • Touch compatibility may not work at times

7. ACKTRA PU Safety Work Gloves

One unique feature is that it allows you to select from various sizes and colors. You may choose from four different sizes and three different colors, providing you the opportunity to discover the perfect fit. They come with a seamless nylon shell for maximum durability and have a synthetic surface, which is stronger than cotton.

7. ACKTRA PU Safety Work Gloves

The gloves’ polyurethane (PU) coating increases durability and sturdiness, which significantly increases the gripping power. It has a snug fit and a decent adequate texture, making it ideal for handling various goods and boxes.

You may also expect it to function well as UPS work gloves. Your hands won’t get too hot or sweaty wearing these ACKTRA gloves all day.


  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Highly breathable


  • Maybe too small for big hands

What to look for buying the best gloves for moving furniture 

There are many work gloves, but you only need what is suitable for you and your work. Here’s a guide for you to understand which gloves are the right ones:


Each material focuses on different types of user protection. Some might improve comfort while others provide an extra hand grip. The majority of them should be waterproof and resistant to abrasion. When looking for the best gloves for moving furniture, look at the materials to make sure they’ll last and protect your hands.

Moving furniture calls for gloves made of rigid materials like canvas or leather. Avoid using gloves made of flimsy materials like fabric or vinyl since they may not provide appropriate protection and are prone to tearing.


Another feature to check for when choosing the best gloves for cardboard boxes is cut and abrasion resistance. ANSI cut and abrasion ratings differ significantly amongst gloves. These numbers range from 0 to 5. The higher the value, the higher the level of security.

Punctures, rips, and wounds may be avoided by wearing gloves with a high ANSI protection rating. It protects your hand from damage while also keeping your gloves secure.

Besides that, look for gloves that provide water resistance. While water-resistant palms are standard on most work gloves, this feature is handy when handling chemical bottles in cardboard boxes. The chemicals won’t enter your skin straight away if there are any leaks.

Gripping Items

Identify what sort of boxes and packages you will be dealing with before choosing your gloves. Check whether you’ll be handling simply cardboard products or a lot of wooden cards and other abrasive materials.

If you are working with various materials and cannot guess what you’ll be dealing with, you’ll want to opt for thicker gloves. They can never go wrong.


For long-term work that requires you to keep the gloves for a while, you will need strong gloves, but they need to come with a flexibility component so that your hands don’t wear out too soon.

Stiff hands will only delay your work, so when you check for materials, ensure to look for ones that have high flexibility and lightweight.


You should also consider whether you require padding for your work gloves. It should be noted that some users may feel discomfort and numbness because they handle hard or heavy things. In this instance, you should wear thick work gloves with good padding to reduce the stress on your hands.

Look for nitrile-coated palms because they are less dense than latex and provide excellent water and oil resistance, allowing you to keep your hands clean. Plus, nitrile-coated gloves offer exceptional dexterity, which is essential while working with cardboard boxes. For enhanced gripping power, the foamy texture functions like a sponge.

Price Range

Good quality gloves surely cost a bit more than those with average quality. But, that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet to buy a pair of work gloves.

There are plenty of high-quality gloves available in the market within an affordable price range. You just have to look for the right ones that meet your requirements and are within your budget.


Here are some questions we always get, so we put some of them here for you.

Should the glove be tight or loose?

The best option would be not too loose or too tight. Your hands should snug in quickly and not constrict.

Does cardboard cause dry out your hands?

Yes. If you handle a lot of boxes, cardboard absorbs moisture from your hands, causing dryness and skin breaking. They also might contain a chemical that irritates your skin.

Do you need to wash your hands after wearing gloves?

Yes, it is necessary to wash your hands after removing the gloves. You need to do it as while you were taking them off, germs from the gloves are likely to have touched your wrists or hand.

Are there moving furniture gloves for summer and winter?

The temperature of your work environment will affect the amount of work done. If you’re working with cardboard boxes in the winter, look for gloves with extra insulation. If you’re working on cardboard boxes in the summer, look for one that has breathable material.

Are there any health risks with using box-handling gloves?

Both cardboard boxes and gloves have chemicals in them. If you get them wet while handling cardboard boxes that carry chemical items, the irritants from the boxes and gloves can seep into your skin.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best gloves for moving furniture will help you stay safe at work and do your tasks correctly in the material and package handling business, which is challenging. For warehouse employees and delivery drivers, wearing the best warehouse gloves is essential.

Handling thousands of shipments per day protects the hands from physical and chemical risks. Buying gloves for package handlers can be tricky but always ensure to buy gloves that have the perfect fit according to your hands and working conditions.

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