Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers

Are you a wide receiver on your football team? What you need is the best football gloves for wide receivers instead of the generic ones. However, finding edible gloves that suit your playing style or preferences could be slightly tricky with tons of glove products available in the market.

You don’t want sloppy gloves and slip-over grips all the time, right? We’ve reviewed some quality gloves you can consider and a buying guide you can follow below.

6 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receivers Review 

1. Nike Vapor Jet 6.0

Nike offers you electric varsity adult football gloves called Vapor Jet 6.0 coming with an all-size fitting. It provides you with better control and comfort while improving your stylish look when playing in your team.

Optimized Grip and Control

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 comes with a sticky grip palm design that allows an optimized, more stable catching capability. We’ve tried it and been pretty impressed with how much our grips on the ball are improved by the gloves. Whether it’s for training or an actual match, you can always count on the gloves’ performance.

The improved surface also works in conjunction with the flexible coating on the finger parts. At this point, you’d have better control over the ball when catching, running, and passing. No more slips and score losses.

Comfortable and Adjustable

Despite the performance, Nike Vapor Jet 6.0  also offers more comfort with two fundamental elements as we’ve experienced it. First, the gloves are made from stretch woven that not only follow the shape of your hands but it’s also breathable and cool. Second, the fitness is somewhat flexible and it comes with adjustable cuffs to ensure the perfect fit.

Dual Color

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 comes with black-silver coloration with black on the backside and silver on the palm side. The silver side gets many Nike ones while the black side has one big logo. The dual-colour design makes your game playing more stylish than those boring one-coloured football gloves.


  • Better grip and control
  • All-size adjustable fitting
  • Comfortable with a breathable design
  • Stylish dual color design


  • Some stitching(QC) issues

2. Under Armour Men’s F7 Football Gloves

Under Armour has plenty of Football products and these particular gloves are highly considerable for wide receivers. The manufacturer is renowned for their innovation on sport and fitness products so it’s very interesting to have a look further about their football Gloves. With the compliance with multiple standards, the so-called F7 Football Gloves actually do offer some advantages.

Super Comfort and Highly Durable

F7 Football Gloves come with breathable high-quality materials with textured TurfGear. These eliminate the heating and sweating issue when used for prolonged training or real games. As for the perfect fit of the gloves, the cuffs have adjustable closure. You can also expect high durability from the glove materials which are exceptional.

Improved, More Consistent Grips

Under Armour solved the common grip issues with their innovative UA GlueGrip that allows more consistent tack. It means that the ball would consistently stick to your hand so you’d have better control when running or on a tactical movement. Additional support comes from the overlays on the back of the hand which are 3D printed.


  • Engineered constructions
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Various color options
  • Improved grip with additional back support
  • Durable and breathable material


  • Not suitable for cold or humid weather usage
  • Sizing could be tricky with the material used

3. Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite Football Gloves

Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite Football Gloves is definitely an ambitious product in the scene that brings in advanced technology and design. It offers engineered constructions with high-quality materials that support the performance of the wide receivers in particular.

Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite Football Gloves

Perfect Grip

When we say a perfect grip provided by these gloves, it refers to the polymerization and the lightweight construction. The polymer surface allows non-slippery contact with the ball whether it’s dry or wet due to the weather. The light gloves enable you to have enhanced control when dribbling the ball across the field.

Highly Durable

You might have been replacing your gloves for every several games or training sessions but you can certainly keep this glove longer. It apparently has a better formula to build the gel grip that is set in your palm and stand more contact with the ball.  The tack is more durable than most comparable products so you might be able to keep the pair for more games.

Ultimate Fit and Comfort

Other elements of Football gloves include fitness and comfort which are both provided by Grip Boost. It has an additional back support that follows the contour of your hand while the whole construction eliminates that kind of stiffness or bulkiness for good. This allows you to maneuver better in the game like you’re not wearing any gloves.


  • All-weather application
  • Perfect tact grip
  • Adjustable fit
  • Breathable glove construction
  • Durable and reliable
  • Vibrant color


  • Size chart isn’t available

4. Cutters Rev Pro

Cutters Rev Pro 3.0 is a medium-sized football glove for wide receivers that have successfully solved some common issues.  Coming with patented technology, full compliance, and high-quality materials, it has everything you need to keep up your football game experience. On the other hand, Cutters Rev Pro 3.0 are available in kids and adult sizes so anyone can get the gloves that perfectly fit their hand.


Cutters Rev Pro has some serious grip technology so that the manufacturer even patents them. They’re called C-TACK and REV-TACK tech that mainly boosts the grip of the gloves which exceptionally allows you to control the ball during the game. This particular technology would specifically help your tasks as a wide receiver.

Ultimate Comfort and Safe

Despite the advanced grip technology, Cutters Rev Pro 3.0 also offers you ultimate comfort. The materials used to make gloves are not only breathable but also flexible enough. On the other hand, the adjustable band cuff also allows you to perfectly fit your hands. These enable you to have prolonged games or training sessions more comfortably and more safely. The manufacturer even extends your comfort with neoprene cuffs.

Compliance with High Quality

Cutters Rev Pro is an overall high-quality football glove product with NCAA and NFHS certifications that would comply with SFIA requirements. Not only that it can withstand all weather, but you can freely play just like professional players and wash your gloves after using them.  You can rest assured while wearing Cutters Rev Pro even in the prolonged game.


  • Advanced grip tech
  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality material
  • Various sizes and colors to choose


  • Durability issues

5. Seibertron Pro 3.0

Seibertron Pro 3.0 is a premium is for receivers with complete sizes for adults and youth football goalkeeper gloves. It’s a washable receiver glove product that offers durability and performance for all stages of players. Coming in four color options, Seibertron Pro 3.0 offers an ultimate design that extends your receiving performance in the field.

Complete Size

The manufacturer understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to football gloves. Seibertron Pro 3.0 comes in seven different sizes including XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL based on the palm circumference. At this point, you can always get a size that perfectly fits your hand and wear the gloves confidently when you’re using them in the game.

All-Terrain Gloves

Despite the competitive prices, Seibertron Pro 3.0 actually offers a high degree of reliability to perform in diverse conditions.  This way, you can always count on the gloves wherever and whenever you have a game or training session with your team. The particular condition won’t affect the performance as we’ve tested the pair.

Perform Well and Comfortably

Seibertron Pro 3.0 is certainly a premium glove on a budget because it has both performance and comfort that you can take advantage of during the game as a receiver. The flexible materials are used on the backhand construction so you won’t experience stiffness when catching and holding the ball with no worries.


  • Extensive for a perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • Perform well in different conditions
  • Vibrant color options
  • Affordable
  • Nice design


  • Grip and tact are less durable
  • A little bit hard to clean but it’s washable

You can check how to clean football gloves

6. EliteTek RG-14

EliteTek RG-14 is a tight-fitting men’s football glove which is also the last product on our list.  It’s actually the only slip-on or non-cuff glove in this list as it offers something else for receivers. The design and closure are more streamlined than other products. Above all, EliteTek RG-14 gives answers to anyone who seeks high-performance and quality gloves.  Is that for wide receivers? Let’s get to know it.

Fit Slip-On

EliteTek RG-14 is far from a bulky appearance like some comparable products but it offers a perfect fit slip-on design.  If you’re more comfortable with a slip-on design, here you go, EliteTek RG-14 is for your hand. When wearing the gloves, they would completely follow the contour of your hand so it’s like wearing a detailing glove except that it’s an actual pair of football gloves.

Different Sizes for Fitting

Since it is a tight-fit glove, you need to measure your thumbs and palm circumferences for the right sizes. Fortunately, EliteTek RG-14 comes in several sizes so you can simply choose the one that suits you the most. With a super fit glove, you can have more responsive control and contact with the ball during the game.

Competitive Prices

What is more irresistible about EliteTek RG-14 is certainly the price for a pair. It’s among the cheapest football gloves that suit wide receivers. Furthermore, the company actually offers a money-back guarantee for the product or as if you’ve selected the wrong sizes.  So, if you’re looking for a budget glove product but still have good quality, EliteTek RG-14 could have been the best option in the market.


  • Slim and rigid
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No cuff, less adjustable
  • Not performing well in wet condition

How to buy Football Gloves For Wide Receivers

When you’re looking for the best football gloves for wide receivers, you’d need a proper guide. Only with good quality gloves, you can play in the team better. We’ve summarized a buying guide for you to follow when shopping for your football glove. Just like the lineman, gloves are a pivotal element for a receiver’s performance so you deserve the best possible product to support it.

Gloves for Receivers

It should be noted that there are different football gloves for receivers and linemen. Choosing the wrong gloves could decrease your performance in controlling the ball. It typically has lightweight constructions with more gripping and flexibility features that allow full movements. Some manufacturers may straightforwardly specify whether their product is a receiver or lineman glove.


The fundamental element you must consider when choosing a receiver glove is size. The fitness of the gloves with your hand exceptionally affects your receiving performance. Even though most gloves offer some degree of flexibility. You must check whether the particular product has the size that fits your measurements. At the very least, you’d have to measure your palm circumferences and thumbs for finding the correct glove size.


The receiver’s gloves must use breathable material to achieve optimum receiving performance. It provides you with more flexibility and allows full movement. While it must trap the heat, the material should also be able to warm your hand in the colder season as well. In the end, the holistic approach allows you to get the best possible products.

Design and Constructions

You can also take the overall design and construction of the gloves into account to get the correct product.  For example, you need to consider what the manufacturer has applied to their gloves for giving you better maneuver and solving common issues that most receivers have. Not only must it have a perfect grip, but the construction must also be able to absorb the shock and protect your hand.

Tack Features/Capabilities

The perfect grip is the essential feature of football receiver gloves. Some manufacturers even applied advanced technologies to provide improved grip on their products in one or another way.  It’s hard to confirm the experience without checking the gloves in person but you can always check the reviews or customer feedback on the corresponding product. Check whether the gloves can withstand dry and wet conditions.


After considering all technical aspects, you can now set your budget to buy receiver football gloves. Cheap or expensive gloves could be relative but most importantly, you must know what you buy and get the best value for your money by buying the correct product.  It should also be noted that even for the same products, the prices could be different for sizes.  


What are the differences between linebacker and receiver football gloves?

Linebacker gloves must support the tasks of taking the heaviest hits so they’re usually built in a more rigid and tough construction.  The gloves must withstand more abusive hits, damage, abrasion, and extreme extensions in the field. The palm area of linebacker gloves typically has less or even no tackiness.

Receiver gloves, on the other hand, have a more streamlined yet lightweight construction. They typically have more improved tact to enhance grip. These allow receivers to have more control over the ball and maneuver during the game.

What is the best brand of receiver gloves?

When it comes to the best football gloves for wide receivers, there are some brands you might consider. You may also consider the following products.

Do wide receivers wear special gloves?

It’s highly recommended for football receivers to wear specifically designed receiver gloves. The gloves have a more tacky surface that allows the wearer to catch and grip the ball properly. The receiver gloves are designed and engineered to prevent the ball from slipping out of the receiver’s hands. With proper gloves, receivers can maneuver and control the ball better.

Are receiver gloves worth it?

The receiver gloves allow the wearer to have improved grip so they can catch and hold the ball properly in the field.  They may have silicone, rubberized, or polymerized patches on the palm side that support ultimate grip. As for receivers, gripping performance is exceptional.

How tight should receiver gloves be?

It’s very important to get a perfect fit glove but not too tight to allow better maneuver. You need to measure your palm circumference, fingers, and thumbs and match them with the size chart provided by the corresponding glove’s manufacturer. Generally speaking, gloves with adjustable cuffs are more recommended to ensure the perfect fit.

Final Word

Even though the use of gloves for receivers isn’t mandatory, it;’s highly recommended to improve grip.  Receiver gloves are different from lineman gloves as they have a more lightweight and more tacky palm surface.

You need to find the best football gloves for wide receivers with the correct size, high-quality material, and engineered construction. It’s also important to get gloves that can withstand diverse conditions in the field and are durable.

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