How To Clean Football Gloves

Football gloves can be some fantastic thing to have. They provide a lot of support, such as enhancing football players’ grip and making footballers look good. These gloves are worth investment for so many reasons; they are known for effectiveness and durability. Cleaning football gloves is easy and faster than one can ever imagine. Below are different processes for cleaning and maintaining How to clean football gloves.

How to clean white football gloves

Clean white football gloves

White football gloves are generally one of the most difficult items to maintain. However, washing them is not as hard as you think. If you process a white suede or leather glove, you should not get them wet. Other materials get clean in water within a short time how to clean your football gloves.

  • Fill the sink or bowl with water and pour in your washing solution, such as gentle detergent and a little bleach. It will effectively remove the stain and other dirt your glove might have accumulated.
  • Dip your white gloves into the soapy water while you swirl and squeeze them tenderly. Note, avoid twisting as it could misshapen your cherished gloves.
  • Rinse the white gloves in warm water. Gently squeeze the glove to get the water out. Repeat the rinsing process if you see any soap suds.
  • Dry the glove by exposing them to natural air, or you could speed the drying process by using a hairdryer.

How to wash football gloves in the washer

wash football gloves by a washer

Football gloves can also be machine-washed after every game. But first, you need to know the type of glove you are dealing with. Just by feeling it, you can tell if it is leather or synthetic.

  • Ensure the water is cold to reduce the effect of heat coming out of a regular washing machine cycle.
  • Turn your gloves inside out and put them into the washing machine.
  • Select “delicate wash” for a tender washing process.
  • Add gentle detergent
  • After the washing time and rinsing time is over, pick out the gloves and air.

Most Popular Two Brands

Nike football gloves Washing Process

How to wash Nike football glovesNike football gloves can do many advantages by helping a footballer look fit and professional. Cleaning your Nike gloves is a fast and easy process. It helps increase the life span and ensures functionality. These gloves are hand-washable and machine-washable. Just apply the gentle detergent of your choice and rinse in ordinary water. However, ensure you wash sparingly as each regular wash might increase the chance of wear and –tear. For longevity, limit washing to once a week.

  • When you notice your gloves are covered with dirt, prepare a sink or medium bucket filled with water. Add a mild detergent to get rid of the lumps of dirt and grime contacted during a football match. We recommend you use cold water as it does cause glove expansion like hot water.
  • If your glove is made with tough material, use one glove as a scrub for the other. Rub it against each other instead of struggling with your hands. It is ideal to maintain gentleness while rubbing the gloves together.
  • Rinse in clean cold water to get rid of soap suds. Repeat the process till the rinsing water becomes pure.
  • Use a clean towel to absorb water from the glove as it aids the drying process.
  • Even if your wash and air your Nike gloves from time to time, there could still be a remaining sweat odor. Therefore, eliminate this smell by stuffing your gloves with a new tea bag, newspaper, or dryer sheets. Either of these materials helps absorb smell when you take your gloves off.

Addidas football gloves Washing Process

Addidas football gloves are worth the investment and also deserve the best maintenance. These gloves do not only boost effectiveness but of durability.

Here are steps to wash your football hand gloves

  • Run tap water into a tub, sink, or bucket and include a little amount of gentle detergent.
  • Immerse the gloves into the soapy water and let the gloves absorb the water for one or two minutes.
  • Fill in freshwater to rinse off the soap from the gloves.
  • Use a hand towel to absorb water from the gloves. Next, dry them under natural air conditions.

Machine Washing Process

It is no news that football gloves can get dirty real fast. The gloves serve as protection and improve perfect grip for goalkeepers. Goalkeepers don’t breathe well whenever they have the gloves on. Thus it causes a massive accumulation of sweat and bacteria.

First Step

First, have it at the back of your mind that gloves vary according to the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning washing. However, some gloves are only suitable for hand-washing, while some are machine washable.

Turn the glove inside out

Remember that the outer part of the glove undergoes a rigorous process through a laundry circle than the inside does. Secure the grips of your football glove by turning them inside out to lessen the damages that might occur through wear, snags, or tears.

Put them in a pillowcase or lingerie bag

Put your gloves in a pillowcase or lingerie bag for further protection while they process through the washing machine cycle.

Wash the gloves in cold water setting the machine on a delicate cycle

Do not forget that heat could damage your football gloves, depending on the fabric used. Adjust the temperature level to “cold” for the entire process. Next, switch to the “delicate wash cycle” for a very soft wash. Add a gentle detergent of your choice to the washer.


Once you are done with the washing and rinsing cycle, hang the gloves on the drying rack with a clip or place them on a flat surface to dry naturally. Do not apply heat from the dryer; it is likely to damage the component of the glove.

Hand Washing Process    

 Are you looking for the easiest way to wash your football gloves? They can be hand washed with detergent and water. However, be careful and selective to ensure you are using a mild natural detergent as hard soap can cause the material of the gloves to break down or lose firmness. Again, the truth is, gloves don’t wash well in a laundry machine. Hence, we encourage you to hand wash your gloves instead of getting them damaged.

Make ready a bath for your football gloves

Cover the sink’s drain with the stopper and allow the tap to run lukewarm water into the sink. When you have collected sufficient water, shut the faucet and add one tablespoon of gentle detergent to the water. Next, gently stir the water to mix the detergent uniformly.

  • If you discover the gloves are stinky, add a bit of denture-cleaning agent in place of soap. Do not use hot water. Research proves that much exposure to heat could ruin the materials used to make the gloves.

Scrub the football gloves

Immerse the gloves into the sink with your hands while you hold them together. Allow them to absorb the soapy water until they are saturated. Next, use your fingertips to gently scrub the gloves in water. Concentrate more on areas that have more stain or dirt.

  • On the other hand, you could put on the gloves and wash them just as you would clean your bare hands.
  • In addition, the use of fingertips is preferable compared to a laundry brush or other abrasive alternatives that could damage your gloves.

Rinse the off

Next, open the stopper for the dirty water to drain. Rinse the sink properly and shut the stopper again. Open the tap and allow cold water to run into the sink. Put the gloves inside the clean cold water and rinse away the remaining soap. You can repeat the same process till you get a perfect result.

Dry the gloves

Once the soap is washed away, gently squeeze the gloves to get rid of as much water as you can. Air-dry them on drying racks, clean flat surface, or line. Note

  • Excessive heat can ruin the gloves; avoid throwing them into a dryer. You could dry them with other mild heat sources, such as a hand hairdryer.

Care after Washes

Your football receiver gloves must get the best treatment at all times. After each match, make it a priority to naturally dry out a sweat before it becomes hard to clean. While you pull off your glove, add a tea bag or newspaper to absorb the moisture and bad smell.


Do washing football gloves cause any damage?

Not, the dirt and grunge that sticks to your gloves during the gaming period can lead to loss of stickiness. Washing your gloves helps maintain tackiness.

Are football gloves meant to be tight or loose?

Football gloves would not be too tight or loose. When choosing a football glove, look for something that will snug into your hands without leaving a space around the tips of your fingers. Tight gloves can restrict flexibility and freehand movement, making catches a bit difficult.

What is the lifespan of football gloves?

They can serve for about four years if you maintain them well. However, you are expected to get a new pair every season on how to clean your football gloves.

Do football receiver gloves lose grip?

Yes. Football gloves lose grip over time, especially if you break the maintenance rules or purchase the inferior ones.

Good Bye Words

Now that we have highlighted how to clean your football gloves, it is vital to take the necessary caution. Avoid washing your football receiver gloves too often. Instead, wipe and dry them immediately after sport as it prolongs the lifespan and saves cost.

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