Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Youth

Youth soccer is more than just about having fun. It’s an opportunity to get in the game and practice over and over again so that when it comes time for high school, you’re ready for the challenges ahead.

One of many areas that significantly improve with practice is goalkeeper skills. Without a doubt, one needs quality gloves to accomplish this goal. As you look around at different products, keep some factors in mind: what are your selection criteria? How much are you willing to spend? Do they have the features needed to make you successful? Keep reading our buyer’s guide below!

If youth soccer has taught us anything, it’s that every kid on the team must do their part. This same rule applies to goalkeepers. Even the best ones started small and needed proper gear to help them become successful. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best goalkeeper gloves for youth players.

1. Sport out Goalie Gloves

There is no doubt that goalie gloves play a big role in goaltenders’ performance and confidence. The higher the skill level, the more significant glove selection becomes to overall performance. They are specifically designed for goalies and provide us with great advantages when playing the game of hockey. This is an incredible feature because they offer durability and protection when we play in hard areas of the ice. These goalkeeper gloves will protect your hands and fingers but still feel light like a regular pair of street hockey gloves.

The Sportout Goalie Gloves are a great choice for goalies at any level. They have a nice closure system which helps to keep the gloves snug against the hand and prevent pucks from slipping through. The palm is also durable leather reinforced with extra padding in key areas. This will help to reduce wear and tear on the gloves, prolonging their life span.

Best of all, these goalie gloves come at a very reasonable price tag compared to other high-end brands on the market. So, if you are looking for an affordable and quality pair of goalie gloves, be sure to check out the Sport out Goalie Gloves.

Sport out Goalie Gloves


  • Nice closure system
  • Durable leather palm
  • Lightweight and protective
  • Very affordable price tag


  • Sizes run a bit small, so order one size up from what you normally wear.

2. Blok-IT Goalie Gloves

The backhand is where the Blok-IT stands out. It has a unique padding system that covers not just your hand but your wrist as well. This entity helps prevent injury due to puck impact and adds some comfort when catching pucks or crossing them into the pocket of your blocker. It is made of high-quality materials, with very dense foam padding throughout for maximum protection. Wrist protection comes in the form of hard plastic inserts on each side of the glove without hindering movement at all.

The fingers are also well-protected, with extra padding around the tips and a strong cloth covering over the top. These are designed for durability and protection rather than flexibility and grip. The palm is a durable synthetic material that provides a good grip on the puck. It is not quite as grippy as latex, but it lasts much longer without showing wear.

The closure on these gloves is made of high-quality materials, which give you great support for your wrists when making saves or catching pucks while driving around at full speed. It has several different adjustable straps all around it to tighten it up against your wrist for maximum stability while using it.


  • Excellent protection for backhand, wrists, fingers, and thumbs
  • Durable construction will last for years
  • Grippy palm material


  • High price tag

3. Renegade Goalie Gloves

Renegade goalie gloves are custom-fit goalkeeping gloves that protect against hand injuries. They are designed with a triple layer of protection over the ulnar, median, and radial sides. This extra padding helps to reduce pain from hand injuries, including fractures, dislocations, sprains, and breaks. The unique design also provides greater wrist support compared to standard goalkeeping gloves.

Renegade goalie gloves are available in multiple materials, including neoprene, leather, or PU-coated fabrics, depending on your preference. These materials combine to offer increased resistance against wear and tear caused by the stick’s movement when making saves.

Renegade goalie gloves come in various sizes to suit players from junior through adult. You can select your glove size by age or the length of your hand from the Renegade sizing chart.

There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all purchases made directly from Renegade Glove. This means that if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. Renegade goalie gloves also come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Renegade Goalie Gloves


  • Extra padding to reduce pain from hand injuries
  • Triple-layer of protection over the ulnar, median, and radial side
  • Greater wrist support compared to standard goalkeeping gloves
  • Multiple materials and construction combinations are available


  • Limited sizing options may not suit everyone’s hands

4. Jalunth Goalie Soccer Gloves

The Jalunth Goalie Soccer Gloves are a great choice for goalkeepers who want to improve their game. They are also very affordable, making them a great value for the price. These Goalie Soccer Gloves are designed to give you a good grip on the ball. They also allow great finger flexibility, which is important for goalkeepers who need quick reactions.

Jalunth Goalie Soccer Gloves come in various sizes and three different color combinations. They are sized to fit everyone from youth to adult and feature a closer tab with Velcro fasteners, so they don’t slip when you move your hands. Jalunth Goalie Soccer Gloves have ventilation holes for keeping your hands cool while you play. They are lightweight, supportive gloves that offer an easy grip on the ball.

Jalunth Goalie Soccer Gloves are durable synthetic leather flexible enough for all pitches. They protect your palms during shots at goal, absorbing impact without being bulky or awkward to wear. These gloves are soft on both sides, offering comfort and protection against the elements of grass and dirt.

Jalunth Gloves carry the NFHS and NCAA approval in official games, but they are also appropriate for practice. They offer great grip and flexibility at a very reasonable price, making them a good choice for any goalkeeper.


  • Thin and flexible materials (synthetic leather)
  • Easy to put on/take off,
  • 3 different color combinations to choose from,
  • Ventilation holes for hands’ breathability,
  • Absorbs impact of shots without being bulky or awkward to wear


  • Not latex-free, so that some people may have allergies to these gloves

5. Vizari Junior Keeper Glove

The Vizari Junior Keeper Soccer Gloves are a wonderful addition to any goalie or player’s gear. The synthetic leather palm and fingers give you the confidence you need to catch those hard shots, while the relaxed fit allows for more natural hand movement.

Another great option is using these gloves as either main gloves or under gloves. With Underglove having a thin, almost second-skin-like material that helps keep your hand dry and cool during extreme weather conditions, it makes them very versatile and economical.  So whether you’re wearing them to a game by themselves on a hot day or with another pair on a windy, cold one, they’ll stand up to whatever challenge comes their way. Think about picking some of these up as secondary gloves for those who might not have the budget for more expensive gloves or a great starter glove for young keepers.

The Vizari Junior Keeper Soccer Gloves come in black/white, red/white, and blue/white. They are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large. You can purchase these gloves at most sporting goods stores and on the Vizari website.

Overall, the Vizari Junior Keeper Soccer Gloves are a great affordable option for a quality glove. They’re versatile, can be used in multiple weather conditions, and have a relaxed fit to allow natural hand movement. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced goalie, these gloves are worth checking out.


  • An affordable option for a quality glove
  • Versatile and can be used in multiple weather conditions
  • Have a relaxed fit to allow natural hand movement


  • Not as durable as more expensive gloves

6. Adidas Predator Pro

The Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper gloves are one of the best goalie gloves. The fingers and palm give great grip and do not slip at all, and will not rip or tear easily. You can palm a soccer ball from point-blank range with maximum effort, and the ball won’t budge an inch, so you don’t need to worry about your catches slipping through your fingers like many other brands of goalie gloves. The closure is secure but easy to take off quickly when needed; this comes in handy during penalty kicks when the goalie needs to replace gloves quickly.

They are a type of goalkeeper gloves that have been designed to provide an extremely good adjustment to the hand. They also have a special grip on the palm, which is meant to help keep the ball under control. The gloves feature a unique closure system on the fingers, ensuring a tight and comfortable fit. This is combined with a special grip on the palm, which helps keep the ball under control.

The feature of the glove is finger protection, including padding around finger joints for comfort and better grip, along with a backhand TPR overlay for added durability. Cuff offers great wrist support by adding more latex around the cuff area. The closure type is a wraparound strap with a pull tab for easy on and off. It is made up of 100% latex with a 40+ palm cut.

The gloves have been designed to give the goalkeeper the best grip possible in all weather conditions. The latex used is of high quality and makes sure that the ball does not slip from your hands easily. The backhand TPR overlay protects your hands from any impact while playing and increases the gloves’ life. An entrapment palm gives you better control over the ball, no matter where it hits your palm.

The Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper glove is a great pair of goalie gloves with amazing grip and durability. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with high performance, these gloves should be your first choice.]


  • Affordable and durable
  • It offers great palm cuts and sizes
  • It comes with seven different color range


  • No ventilation, so the fingers may become sweaty

7. Uhlsport HyperAct SuperGrip

The Uhlsport HyperAct SuperGrip soccer gloves have a great grip, one of the best goalie gloves. They have a nice fit and are very comfortable to wear for extended periods. These goalkeeper gloves also come with a single-layer palm durable for goalkeepers who play regularly but are still soft enough to get the most out of the ball.

The cut on this glove is called ‘Gel Grip 4-way Flex,’ and it seems that this may be the difference between wearing these over other brands such as Nemeziz or Predator Pulse since they do not offer this option. So if you’re looking for a good pair of goalie gloves with a slightly different grip, look into this model.

The price is fairly standard for most good quality and durable goalkeeper gloves on the market today. If you’re looking to buy a great pair of soccer goalkeeping gloves without breaking the bank, look no further than this product.

The Uhlsport Hyperact Supergrip goalie glove is one of the best pairs with exceptional durability.


  • Good price
  • Spacious single layer palm
  • 4-way cut Gel Grip


  • A bit bulky
  • Few color options

How To Buy Goalkeeper Gloves for Youth

A huge part of soccer has the right equipment. Whether you play for fun or are looking to make a career out of it, here are some tips for buying goalkeeper gloves.

Type Of Material

When choosing gloves, it is important to consider the type of material that they are made from. The type of material that the goalkeeper gloves are made from will affect their performance and durability.

PVDC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is a chemical that is sometimes used to manufacture latex foam padding inside football gloves. However, concerns have been raised about the production of this chemical which can cause health problems. Inhaling the fumes can cause dizziness, headaches, and chest pains.

Many of the top brands of goalkeeper gloves now use synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester in their construction. These materials are very durable and can withstand any wear and tear. They are also lightweight and allow the goalkeeper to move his hands more easily.

Latex gloves provide the best grip and are the most popular choice among goalkeepers. Vinyl gloves are cheaper but less durable than latex gloves. Synthetic leather gloves are the cheapest option and offer the least grip and durability.

Choose The Right Ones

Goalkeeper gloves are not all created equal. As a result, you must select the right pair for your needs. Not all gloves are designed for use in cold weather. Make sure to check the product description before making your selection.

Pricing can vary significantly from one product to another. It is important to find gloves that fit your budget without sacrificing quality.

Selection Criteria

Before you shop around, make sure to check your local league rules about what kind of gloves other players can wear. Some leagues require that all players have the same color gloves, while others ban certain colors. Since you’ll need lots of practice time in your new pair, selecting a style that will be allowed makes sense.


Youth goalkeeper gloves are smaller than normal-sized gloves. They’re made to be adjusted easily by parents and coaches during practices, scrimmages, and games.

It would help if you remembered that there is no difference between youth goalkeeper gloves and adult goaltenders’ gloves other than the size of the glove itself and how it’s designed. It comes down to the preference of the goalkeeper.

Gloves come in various sizes, so it is important to find a pair that fits perfectly. Goalkeepers should wear tight enough gloves to provide a perfect fit but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. The goalkeeper can adjust most high-quality pairs of goalkeeper gloves using an adjustable wrist strap.

Level Of Protection And Thickness They Offer

Another factor to consider when shopping for goalkeeper gloves is the level of protection they offer. Some gloves have extra padding on the knuckles and fingers to help protect against injuries, while others have extra padding on the palm to help absorb impacts from shots.

Another factor you should consider when choosing goalkeeper gloves is their thickness. Goalkeeper gloves come in two different thicknesses: 5mm or 7mm. Some manufacturers offer various levels of thickness within one pair of goalkeeper gloves by using different types of foam inside the glove itself.

Generally, 5mm gloves are better for warm weather, and 7mm gloves are better for cold weather. However, you will need to try different thicknesses to see which one is most comfortable for you.

Styles And Designs

Goalkeeper gloves come in different styles and designs, unlike other football gloves. The most popular style is the trapezoid design which features four separate sections for each finger with nothing connecting them at the base knuckles. This allows for more flexibility when catching the ball by allowing the fingers to move freely over one another.

Additionally, taper cut keeper gloves taper slightly toward the wrist opening, making it easier for goalkeepers to catch balls thrown at an angle. Finally, negative cut goalkeeper gloves have a more curved shape, allowing for a better fit around the hand.


How to wash goalkeeper gloves?

When washing goalkeeper gloves, it is important to use the correct detergent. A good quality detergent will help remove any dirt or stains from the gloves. It is also important to rinse the gloves thoroughly after washing them, as any soap residue can cause them to become stiff and difficult to use.

How do I pick the right goalkeeper gloves?

When you’re a youth goalkeeper, it’s important to have quality gloves. Not only do they improve your grip on the ball, but they also protect your hands from possible injuries.

How do you measure for junior goalkeeper gloves?

While youth goalkeepers are smaller than adults with smaller hands, they don’t necessarily mean smaller hands. This means that youth should probably stick with regular-sized goalie gloves and not Youth-sized gloves.

How often should you change your goalkeeper gloves?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on several factors, such as how often the gloves are being used, the weather conditions, and the type of gloves. However, it is advisable to change goalkeeper gloves every two to three months as a general rule.

Wrapping Up

Picking the right gloves for your team can be a daunting task. As you’ve seen in this blog post, many factors to consider when making such an important decision. But don’t worry!

We’ve created a buying guide that will help give you all of the information you need to know before purchasing goalkeeping gloves. This article will show you how to choose the best gloves based on specific needs like size, selection criteria, type of material, and more.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of goalie gloves, then this is your lucky day. This blog post has seven different options to choose from, and all will be sure to meet your needs. Whether you are searching for a new pair or want some help choosing, we hope that our guide can make it easier for you! Stop by today and browse through these great options – there’s something for everyone here.

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