Best Hockey Gloves

So you’ve decided to play hockey? Congratulations! You’ve made a great choice. Playing hockey is one of the best ways to have fun and stay fit at the same time. But before you start racking up penalty minutes, you’ll need some equipment. Hockey gloves are a key piece of equipment for every player.

They’ll help protect your hands from pucks and slashes, while also giving you better stickhandling skills. In this guide, we’re going to review the best hockey gloves on the market. We’ll help you choose a pair that fits your needs and budget.

Types of Hockey Gloves

Hockey gloves are the types of gloves that players put in when they play hockey. They are designed to be used in ice hockey and field hockey.

These gloves have a special design so that the players can get a good grip on their sticks and be able to control the ball. The fingers of the gloves are usually padded for protection against injuries.

Some types of hockey gloves are:

  1. Palm protector: This type of glove has no palm at all. It is designed with a flexible plastic shield that is attached to the stick. This gives protection from the impact of a stick or puck hitting the palm of your hand while you play.
  2. Finger guard: This type of glove is designed with padding around each finger and thumb area to give added protection against injuries caused by a stick or puck hitting your hands while you play.
  3. Finger gauntlets: These types of gloves have large, heavy pieces of fabric attached to the inside of each finger which are used as protection against impact injuries caused by pucks or sticks hitting your hands while you play.
  4. Foam Hockey Gloves: Foam gloves are typically used by players who are just starting out in hockey. These often come in sets with other basic pieces of hockey equipment, such as pads and skates. Foam hockey gloves are typically made with a thin fabric shell and a light foam padding on the inside that absorbs shock if you get hit by a puck or stick. These types of gloves are not recommended for use by players over 12 or 13 years old because they provide very little protection against injury or cold temperatures.
  5. Pro-Style Hockey Gloves: Pro-style hockey gloves provide much more protection than foam gloves do because of their thick padding. These types of gloves are sometimes also referred to as “old school” hockey gloves because they were popular when pro league players first wore them in the 1920s through 1960s.

Top 3 Hockey Gloves Review

Hockey is a fun sport, but takes a lot of equipment to play. One piece of hockey equipment that is sometimes overlooked is gloves. Gloves are an important part of a hockey player’s equipment, as they protect the hands from injuries and can even improve the player’s performance. The trick to buying the right hockey glove is finding one that fits you properly, as well as being sturdy and offering enough protection. Take a look at our reviews below of the top three hockey gloves on the market.

The best hockey gloves are the ones that don’t interfere with your game, and help you score more goals. With that in mind, we set out to find the best hockey gloves on the market. We tried out various models in a variety of conditions, and were able to narrow down our choices to these six based on their comfort, durability and range of motion.

We recommend trying on several different styles of gloves before making a final decision. Some players like the freedom provided by minimalist hockey gloves while others prefer a bit more protection.

Our top three best hockey gloves are presented to you in the table below to help you compare them on various parameters, including size, material, color, and so on.

Let’s present you with detailed review of each product.

1. Terramar Adult Thermasilk Glove Liner

This glove liner is the most popular glove liner on Amazon and other online retail shops. With an average rating of 4.2 in a 5-star scale, it is clear that users love this product.

Terramar Adult Thermasilk Glove Liner helps to keep your hands warm and dry during cold weather. It is a comfortable, soft glove liner that can be worn alone or as a base layer underneath a pair of gloves or mittens.

It is made out of 100% natural silk. Silk is an ideal material for cold weather wear because it has the ability to absorb sweat, keeping your hands dry. At the same time, it prevents the evaporation of moisture, thus providing warmth and comfort.

Terramar Adult Thermasilk Glove Liner

The glove also works well as a standalone product for mild weather conditions because it is extremely thin and lightweight. These glove liners are designed to fit snugly on your hands. They have elastic cuffs to ensure they do not slip during use.

The Terramar Adult Thermasilk Glove Liner is available in three colors: black, grey and white. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. The glove liners are machine washable but you need to make sure that you only use mild detergent for washing these products so as not to damage the fabric.

Many users love to wear these when playing golf in the winter time, or going for walks. They have a very soft feel to them and they wash up very nice in cold water with any gentle soap or detergent.

Main Features

  • Ec2 Quick-Dri Thermoregulation Comfort Technology
  • 100% Pure Silk
  • Moisture control, breathable and quick drying
  • Lightweight for versatile use
  • Made in USA, machine washable and dryable
  • Thermal properties of silk and warmth of performance fibers
  • Naturally regulates temperature, moves moisture away from the skin and dries quickly
  • High performance fiber wicks moisture, keeps you warmer in cold conditions
  • Blended with performance fiber for extra warmth in cold conditions


  • The fit is excellent
  • Thermasilk body
  • ClimaSense technology
  • Improved durability
  • Tactel nylon finger tips
  • Silky feel
  • Excellent moisture wicking properties
  • They do not get sweaty
  • Excellent gloves for the price


  • Some customers find them too tight and small
  • Sizes run small

2. OZERO Winter Gloves Ski Mittens 3M Thinsulate Insulated Snow Work Heated Glove

Built for warmth and protection in cold weather conditions, OZERO Winter Gloves Ski Mittens 3M Thinsulate Insulated Snow Work Heated Glove Thermal for Men and Women is a great choice. It’s seam-sealed and waterproof to ensure your hands stay dry in wet weather. It also has a breathable membrane that wicks moisture to keep your hands cool when it’s warm.

The OZERO Winter Gloves Ski Mittens 3M Thinsulate Insulated Snow Work Heated Glove Thermal for Men and Women are hands-down the best gloves out there. They’re so well insulated that you can lose your hands in them completely, and they’re so comfortable that you almost don’t care.

It even offers UPF 50+ sun protection to protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays. It’s equipped with soft leather palm pads, thumb patch, and grip dots to protect your hands from injuries, abrasions, and burns.

OZERO Winter Gloves Ski Mittens 3M Thinsulate Insulated Snow Work Heated Glove

These gloves are perfect for any outdoor activities including motorcycle riding, skiing, shoveling snow and more! They’re very thick yet flexible so you can use your phone while wearing them. They feature a slip-on elastic cuff with an adjustable wrist strap to keep the snow out. They also have a drawstring closure at the top of each arm to adjust tightness as needed.

Simply put, this is an ideal winter accessories for skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, running, driving and other outdoor activities or work in cold winter days.

Main Features

  • Made of 100% nylon that has strong water repellency but can’t be soaked in water for a long time
  • Comes with 1 pair of gloves and 1 pair of mitten cover.
  • Made of premium windproof soft shell fabric and breathable waterproof membrane with microfiber palm for extra comfort
  • The thickening TPU membrane and the top quality thermal cotton provides perfect warm for the hand in cold winter days. The heat level is about -30°F.
  • The adjustable buckle strap at wrist provides a snug fit while keeping snow out of gloves. Mitten cover allow the user to use fingers freely while protecting hand from cold wind.


  • Durable, flexible and comfortable to wear
  • Ergonomics design and seamless palm make it easier to grip items
  • Easy on/off design
  • Excellent thermal Performance
  • Reflective print on the back of gloves helps keep safe
  • Adjustable wrist buckle makes the gloves easy to put on or off
  • These gloves come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • OZERO tops for easy size identification


  • They are little bit bulky but if you buy smaller than you need they are too small
  • They are not waterproof

3. Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves

The Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves are the best protection you can get for your hands when playing street hockey. The gloves are made from nylon and synthetic leather, so they are lightweight but tough. They also have a reinforced finger area for added protection.

The gloves are more than just protective; they are comfortable too. The inside has a soft PE foam padding that makes them very comfortable to wear during long games. The gloves also have a handy wrist wrap that keeps the gloves in place while you’re playing.

The Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves come in many different sizes and colors, so they will fit most kids between the ages of six and thirteen.

If you’re looking for great protection without compromising comfort, these are the right pair of gloves for you.

Main Features

  • Size: Junior
  • Color: Black, with white and silver accents
  • Shell: Durable nylon
  • Palm: Absorbent nylon mesh
  • Cuff: Padded with a hook and loop wrist closure
  • Design: Embroidered team logo, team name and player number on the back of the hand, embossed NHL shield on the cuff, Franklin Sports logo embroidered on the cuff


  • Lightweight, but sturdy enough to be durable.
  • Great for beginners who are just playing street hockey for the first time.
  • The gloves are well-padded, with a double-thick layer on the back of the hand and knuckle area
  • The cuff is also wide and somewhat stiff, offering decent wrist protection
  • The palm itself is made of vinyl, which is what you will find on most street hockey gloves, but it also has some extra padding
  • A reinforced thumb and palm area, which helps to protect the player’s hands from injury
  • Specifically designed for street hockey and feature an ergonomically fitting design that is easy to adjust and helps to ensure a comfortable fit


  • The wrist protection isn’t as good as some other gloves in this price range
  • These gloves are quite long (this isn’t necessarily bad), so if you have short arms you may find that your hands end up well above your elbows when you wear them

How To Buy Hockey Gloves

There are many important elements to consider when buying hockey gloves. In this section, we provide a simple guide to help you find the best gloves for your needs.

Consider the material

The first thing to consider is the material that your gloves are made out of. You want to make sure that they are made out of a quality material, such as cowhide leather, or synthetic leather. Synthetic leather can be better than real leather because it is more durable and it is less likely to stain or get dirty.

Frequency of Use

Next, you need to think about whether or not you will be using your hockey gloves on a regular basis. If you play hockey often and need to keep your gloves in good condition, then you may want to invest in some better quality gloves.

Focus on Protection Abilities

You also need to think about what kind of protection your hockey gloves will provide for you when playing the sport. If you do not play hockey often, then there is no need for you to buy expensive protection, but if you plan on playing every week then you may want to consider investing in some better protection.

Go for Perfect Fit

Finally, it is very important that you choose a pair of hockey gloves that fit properly! Quality and fit are the two most important things when choosing any type of glove for any type of sport


How do I size the Gloves?

The best way to size hockey gloves is to measure from the tip of your middle finger, to the base of your wrist, and then add about an inch for comfort. When trying them on, make sure that you will have room to flex your hands, as well as enough space for a little bit of wiggle room.

Do I need to Protect my Fingers?

A lot of people will wear finger protection underneath their gloves. This is good if you are playing in a league with a lot of slap shots or wrist shots. The protection will help reduce the risk of a broken bone. If you are playing with a few friends at the rink once or twice a month, it isn’t really necessary.

Should I get Gloves with Palm Protection?

If you are going to be using your gloves for street hockey and roller hockey, then yes! There is no padding on the stick in roller and street hockey, so having padded palms will save you from some pain when you block shots or take one off the hand. If you are using them for ice hockey, then it is personal preference. Some players like having the extra padding since they tend to put their hands in front of slap shots more often than not.

What are the best Hockey Gloves for Forwards?

It’s fair to say that most hockey players are searching for more mobility and flexibility when they are on the ice, especially forwards who need to be able to move their hands around quickly, so when shopping for gloves it would be good to focus on these two aspects as well as finding something that is lightweight and durable, as well as breathable. You don’t want your hands getting too sweaty or hot during play because this can affect your comfort level and ultimately your performance as well.

Final Words

At the end of the day, your choice will come down to personal preference. We’ve tried to provide reviews that give you a good idea of what each glove is like and some of the things it does well and doesn’t do well. If you ask us which one is the best, we’ll say that depends on your budget and what you’re looking for.

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