Best Nitrile Gloves For Mechanics

A mechanics’ job is always messy as it involves fixing under the hood. It includes changing the oil or leaving you with messy hands. Look for disposable best Nitrile gloves for mechanics; it leaves your hands messy. Several brands are selling in different disposable gloves and slap promises. The trouble is in finding the related gloves for plumbing, mechanics, construction, medical fields, food processing, and other professional trades.

The reason for mechanics choosing disposable gloves is they are an affordable and better option to keep hands clean and safe. However, keep in mind to sort out suitable nitrile gloves mechanics in terms of customer satisfaction or performance.

4 Best Nitrile gloves for mechanics

1. Venom Steel VEN6544 Nitrile Gloves

Venom Steel Nitrile gloves are the best choice of mechanics gloves that comes with 2 layers of protection. It offers incredible tears, rips, chemical resistance, and puncture. Venom Steel Gloves keep your hands safe from grime, grease, oil, dirt, nicks, fuels, and scrapes. These gloves are disposable heavy-duty gloves made of nitrile rubber with 2 layers. These gloves are fully textured and powder-free for better grip.

Venom Steel VEN6544 Nitrile Gloves - Rip Resistant

Venom disposable nitrile gloves save money, time, and frustration. They are disposable, premium, black nitrile gloves and they are thicker by 70% than traditional gloves proving to the puncture, tear, rip, grime, grease, fuel, and oil resistance. It is great for mechanical, automotive, industrial visits, or even to use around the house. It offers frequent glove users better value.


  • Heavy-duty, premium, industrial nitrile
  • Thicker by 70 percent than standard nitrile gloves
  • Powder and Latex-free
  • Fuel, oil, grime, grease, rip, puncture, and tear-resistant


  • The box flaps come unsealed.

2. Grease Monkey Disposable Nitrile All-Purpose Gloves

Grease Monkey Disposable Nitrile gloves are latex-free affordable nitrile gloves. They come in a pack of 12 or 15 and are offered in a size to fit the majority of users. Bear in mind to make of note of your large or small hands. The nitrile-dipped fingers and palm provide good grip and the backside of the glove featuring knit allows breathing and prevents debris from reaching the wrist.

Grease Monkey Disposable Nitrile All-Purpose Gloves- Affordable

Grease Monkey Disposable Nitrile gloves are a great option for people working on a car and are looking for something of HD quality than disposable nitrile gloves.


  • Rubber knuckle protectors
  • Provides finger dexterity
  • Extra grip for palms
  • Features a perfect fit with a strong Velcro strap


  • Does not last long on regularly used for heavy tasks

3. SAS Safety raven powder free nitrile disposable glove

SAS Safety disposable latex gloves feature progressive latex technology designed explicitly to maximize grip strength and to handle precise tactile control of the task. These latex gloves are to the highest quality standards to exceed or meet FDA requirements in medical applications for barrier protection.

3. SAS Safety 66519 Raven Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Glove- textured fingertips

Mechanics prefer SAS Safety disposable latex gloves as it is resistant featuring 7.0 mil thick gloves. It features the proprietary grip technology because of textured fingertips. These disposable gloves are the ideal layer beneath duty gloves. It is used in heavy and medium- duty applications and its thickness is appropriate for light and medium applications.


  • 7.0 mil extra thick for heavy-duty jobs
  • Natural 100% latex rubber
  • Fingertips fully textured to maximize grip


  • Not latex-free

4. AMMEX GLOVE WORKS Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves 

Ammex Gloveworks Black nitrile gloves are specific pairs of gloves for a car. It is best to buy disposable gloves and it is handy for others to use in the house. It is available in different sizes, small, large, medium, X-large, and XX-large. It comes in a box of 100 or 1000.

AMMEX GLOVEWORKS Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves- Available in varying ranges

These professional gloves are made from 8-mil heavy-duty thick nitrile and offer a fully textured grip. The nitrile gloves of Ammex are industrial-grade and offers excellent elasticity, while it is resistant to chemicals and punctures. These latex-free gloves are appropriate for people allergic prone to natural rubber latex. It has a raised diamond texture and is ideal for disposable gloves for single use.


  • Available up to XX-large sizes
  • Powder and latex-free
  • Chlorinated


  • Non-sterile

5. Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves, One Size Fits Most, Black, 100 Count

Venom Steel Nitrile gloves are a protective item performing well in different environments and situations. This glove fits the need of workers who do not mind doing hard and dirty work but wants to ascertain her or his hands to receive absolute protection from harm.

Nitrile gloves from Venom are heavy-duty designed. It is suitable for people doing hard work. The construction is strong and tough; giving assurance 100% and it withstands tough and rough jobs. It offers a better grip, while you can do the job without harming your hands.

Venom Steel Nitrile Gloves, One Size Fits Most, Black, 100 Count- Unmatched versatility

The unmatched versatility is that these gloves are flexible to fit most jobs such as automotive, cleaning, or other job ensuring hand protection. It features two protective layers to resist rips, punctures, chemicals, and tears. It prevents hands from getting exposed to grime, dirt, grease, nicks, scrapes, oils, and fuels.


  • Can withstand tough and rough jobs
  • Strong and heavy-duty construction
  • Prevents grime, dirt, and grease from entering your hands.


  • Some inaccuracies and sizing issues

Informative Section

Things to consider before buying disposable gloves

Deciding to buy a safe product such as the best nitrile gloves, check its functionality and quality. Use these items to suit sensitive works. Buying low-quality products will increase health risks.

Disposable gloves are the actual protective equipment. Ascertain the gloves have proper approval from relevant organizations. However, check the factors while buying disposable gloves.

Buying the best disposable gloves for mechanics is most important such as nitrile gloves. It helps find perfect disposable gloves; however, it is a must to buy a few factors to help in buying ideal gloves. The top factors in picking the best nitrile gloves for mechanics are:

Purpose of Use

Review the gloves for mechanics so that it works around the garage and on your vehicle. Besides, how do you wish to use the gloves? Do you consider wearing it to clean the house, in the kitchen, or cook?

The nitrile gloves e industrial-grade or medical-grade. The nitrile gloves for the medical grade are useful in the garage, kitchen to prepare food or wash utensils. They are medically safe to handle food as they are free from harmful substances and harsh chemicals. As these is industrial-grade, using them around while painting or in the garage is useful.

Size and Color

The size and color are other factors to bear in mind as you pick for mechanics disposable gloves. The color is not an important factor to deal with, but the size matters. You may look for gloves that fit your hands without feeling tight or loose. It is best to try a few samples of the best nitrile gloves that are a sure pick. Do not buy it in case the gloves are too loose or tight.

Buying nitrile gloves for mechanics implies going for the one suitable to your preference. Nitrile gloves mostly are in blue, while the best color is black for mechanical tasks. It is because black conceals grease, oil, and grime. Ensure to choose the gloves in the right color.

Finish and Texture

Using gloves in the right material is important so that it is not slippery. It requires handling items around the garage, while most jobs are slippery and wet in mechanical jobs that you need gloves paired in proper texture so that there is a good grip.

The gloves come with a finish in full texture, while others have the texture suitably in the fingertips, fingers, and palm area. Ensure the glove’s texture offers a strong grip at all times, not alone in wet conditions.

Gloves Thickness

The gloves you pick are thick enough that it does not get punctured or torn. Choosing the level of thickness relies on the intensity of work. The thickness is rightly measured and it is a must to ensure you pick the appropriate thickness level.

Thickness is measured based on light, the thickness of 5 and 6 mils are ideal for medium-duty projects. However, if you wish to buy nitrile gloves to handle heavy-duty projects, it is best to go with 7-8 mils level thickness. Choose as per the project demands, ensure to consider the thickness of 5 mils for mechanical tasks.

Glove materials

The first thing is the material to produce disposable gloves. The gloves intend buying to contain quality materials. Do not compromise with quality. However, it should suit the purpose of use.


The gloves fitting are essential. The gloves you buy are an appropriate size. Glove’s proper fitting gives comfort, flexibility, and breathability to your hands.

Service grade

Bear in mind to check the disposable gloves service grade. Different gloves are a variety of purposes. Bear in mind to buy and choose as per the need.


The glove’s color is the prime consideration. The different colored gloves include blue and white gloves. Black gloves are in many industries as they conceal the stain easily and give a professional look.


The key purpose is to buy gloves set to ascertain protection. Check the thickness, strength tensile, and resistance to puncture and tearing.


Several brands are in the market. The price differs as per the quality they provide. Compare from different traders the cost and choose a favorable one.


What type of gloves do car mechanics use?

Car mechanics use disposable gloves. However, before considering you should be aware of the disposable gloves in nitrile rubber as it is much better than latex gloves. However, here are a few reasons to get disposable gloves for mechanic tasks:

  • It is easy to dispose of as it saves washing time.
  • The gloves help in fixing cars
  • They are cost-effective to non-disposable gloves
  • They are form-fitting and chemical-resistant

If you choose disposable gloves, ensure you know the material to use in association with the drawbacks and benefits of each disposable gloves type.

What are disposable gloves?

Disposable gloves are the gloves to use and discard. These items are essential to safeguard the health and keep hands clean from hazards. They help to stop the germs and infection from spreading to the surroundings.

Why are nitrile gloves the toughest?

Nitrile gloves are stronger than latex gloves. They are more durable. They offer a comfortable feel and fit. Besides, they are ideal choices for people allergic to natural rubber. These gloves are easy to sterilize and it helps to use in handling food around the kitchen. You can wipe the external part using an antibacterial cloth or wipes. You may soap the cloth or wipes in a disinfectant before using them to wipe the glove’s outer layer. Do not sterilize latex gloves using alcohol as it may result in tearing.

What are the Nitrile Gloves’ advantages and disadvantages?

Nitrile is resistant to oils and provides extra protection to people working with motor oils, petroleum-based lubricants or chemicals, and adhesives such as epoxies. Nitrile gloves offer advantages and it includes:

  • High touch sensitivity
  • High chemical resistance
  • Great fit, long-lasting flexible, and durable
  • Breathable and lightweight material
  • Can be worn for a long time

The disadvantages include:

  • The costs are higher and it is expensive, not biodegradable, though it is changing.

How long do nitrile disposable gloves last?

The best Nitrile disposable gloves remain strong and handle heavy tasks. They last for a longer time and rely on the way to use them. Ensure you store it away from heat or direct sunlight, Store in a dry and cool place to promote shelf-life.

Final Words

You may use disposable gloves as a mechanic. It comes in handy to fix on the road and make fast repairs. These mechanic gloves are meant to work in your garage or at home. You can use these pairs around the landscaping or house. Choosing the best disposable gloves is important and now that you have the information it may help in choosing the Best Nitrile Gloves for Mechanics.

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