Best Gloves For Pulling Pork

Do you have a BBQ night coming up and badly need gloves for pulling pork? Well, we got your back!  The article below lists some of the best gloves for pulling pork to easily help you run our BBQ nights smoothly.

These gloves provide maximum comfort with heat resistance to ensure the safety of your hands and are long-lasting so that you do not have to worry about them wearing out after a few wears. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Who Is This Glove Guide For?

If you are new to hosting BBQ get-togethers, you likely do not have the must-haves for one. Although there are numerous things you need for a BBQ, one absolute essential is a good glove for pork pulling.

You will need something functional and comfortable. Otherwise, you might burn yourself or cut yourself while handling a sharp knife. Moreover, uncomfortable gloves will give you sweaty palms or might not be suitable for handling wet or greasy food items.

Additionally, since we are talking about handling food, if you do not get a good quality glove, there is a high chance that it will contaminate your food. And, if the glove is not made of good quality materials, cleaning will be a chore you do not want to have. You might even need to throw them out, and buying a new one is not always realistic!

This is where this guide comes to help you. If you need gloves for BBQs because you want to serve the best-pulled pork your guests have ever tasted, this guide will help you navigate which ones to buy and what to steer clear of.

How To Know Which Material Fits Your Cooking Style

Food-grade gloves come in various materials, some suitable for certain people, while others not so much. With the variety available for you, you just have to select what you need and what will suit you best.

Some of the materials that are primarily used in cooking are:

  1. Polythene- Polythene gloves are quite good for hygienically handling food. However, they are incredibly wasteful. You have to throw them out after every use, which can cost a massive amount of money. Not to mention the harm it does to nature and turtles!
  2. Latex- Latex gloves are used for handling food as well. However, not only are they wasteful, but they cause allergic reactions for some people. Additionally, like polythene gloves, they are not good for handling greasy and hot foods, so it is better if you refrain from using them for BBQs.
  3. Rubber- Rubber gloves are probably the best type of gloves for BBQs as they do well with heat and do not restrict you from diving into some greasy and oily food. Hence, this is the material that will fit you the best when making pulled pork.

Types of Gloves

Apart from the materials, you will need to know the types of gloves. Except for the cotton or woolly ones you wear during winter, or the leather ones you wear to stay guarded against injuries, there are multiple types of gloves to choose from. While some of these are food safe, most of them are not.

Among the different types of gloves, some are made of rubber, while others are made of latex, vinyl, polythene, etc. However, only some of these should be used regularly since the others are often made for one-time use only.

So, when looking into gloves for cooking and BBQs, you need to search for the kind that is easy to clean and does not wear out quickly so that you do not have to throw them out easily and so that you do not have to keep buying them often.

Why Not Just Use Tongs?

You could argue that perhaps using tongs might be better for BBQs. After all, that would mean not having to deal with the trouble of getting gloves in the first place.

However, we would argue that pulled pork, at least, is best done with hands. Using tongs just ruins the fun of it! Not to mention, the pork does not get shredded properly when not done with hands. So, if you want some of the best pulled pork ever, you will have to get your hand (or your gloves) dirty!

Top 6 Best Gloves For Pulling Pork Review

Since no one likes to deal with hot and greasy foods with their bare hands, it is best if you get your gloves on. But, which one?

Here is a list of the top 6 best gloves for pulling pork so that you do not have to look aunty further!

1. Rapicca Bbq Grill Oven Gloves

The Rapicca Bbq Grill Oven Gloves are undoubtedly among the best gloves for pulling pork and handling hot and greasy foods. Why do you ask?

Well, firstly, the gloves are flame resistant. They are made of food-grade neoprene coating that is resistant to melting against fire, meaning that it protects your hands like no other. Whether you are hosting a BBQ night or cooking at a campfire, this glove will save you from a fire hazard.

1. Rapicca Bbq Grill Oven Gloves

In addition, they are great to be used around boiling water and steam as you will not even feel the heat on your hands while using them. They are 14 inches in length, and they will keep your arms protected if you need to put them in an oven or over steam.

Moreover, they have one of the best designs ever! They are water, fire, and stain-resistant and are insulated enough to keep your hands from sweating too much. What’s more, is that these functionality-meets-comfort gloves are extremely easy to clean. Just wash your gloves with some soap and water, and voila, you are good to go!


  • Sleeves are 14 inches long
  • Can resist heat up to 932°F
  • It has double-layered insulated cotton lining
  • Oil and water-resistant
  • Has textured palms to make grabbing things easier


  • Only comes in 2 sizes: 14 inches and 17 inches

2. Geekhom BBQ Gloves

The Geekhom BBQ Gloves are one of the greatest options for you looking for heat resistance, comfort, and excellent design. These gloves are made of BPA Free silicone which can resist from 104°F to 446°F.

2. Geekhom BBQ Gloves

These globes are also entirely eco-friendly and fit snugly without being uncomfortable. They are insulated, and moisture-wicking and they provide maximum protection around grills, steam, and boiling water. These gloves are quite long; they are 14 inches in length and give protection to your entire arm.

They are made of non-slip material and have a textured surface, and they are waterproof, meaning you will not have to change them every time you are trying to wash something. Also, to put a cherry on top, these gloves have a rope at the end and can be hung to a hook when not in use.


  • Made with waterproof materials
  • Can be machine washed
  • The sleeve length is 14”
  • Heat resistance is up to 446°F
  • Has insulated cotton lining
  • Has a hanging loop
  • Made of non-slip material
  • It comes in multiple colors


  • These gloves are heat resistant, not heatproof, so do not keep in contact with fire

3. Artisan Griller BBQ Gloves 

Another functionality-meets-comfort cooking glove on the list is the Artisan Griller Bbq Glove. These 14 x 7 x 2 inches in dimension gloves are perfect for you if you want to make pulled pork. They have an FDA-compliant EN407 neoprene coating which makes them flame-resistant, and they can help you work along with high temperatures without melting.

3. Artisan Griller BBQ Gloves 

They provide maximum protection from boiling water and steam and have a rubber coating over them, making them waterproof, stain proof, and easy to clean. Moreover, they have soft jersey cotton liners to help your hands stay cool while working. And they are easy to put on and get off, so you do not have to struggle with them.

Also, their textured palms make them perfect for pulled pork, which makes ripping apart the meat and working with grease much easier than usual.


  • One of the best gloves for smoking meats, pulling pork, baking, pickling
  • Has premium neoprene coating
  • Heat and water-resistant
  • Has textured palms
  • Lined with soft cotton
  • Easy to clean


  • Can be hand washed only
  • Users claim they tear easily

4. Kitchen Perfection Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves

If bright and colorful is your style, get yourself the Kitchen Perfection Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves to step up your pulled pork game.

With a length of 11 inches, these gloves can provide the ultimate protection for you against temperatures as hot as 500 degrees! So, whether you are grilling some meat with your hands or pulling hot pork meat with them, these gloves will always protect you.

4. Kitchen Perfection Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves

The gloves are also well insulated to ensure your comfort during work and are exceptionally well-designed, and have durability like no other. They can last you ages and even come with a lifetime warranty if you do not think they are suitable for you.

Also, they are non-slip grip, one-size-fits-all gloves that you can use to handle greasy foods, and even hot pots and pans.


  • It has a double silicone exterior for enhanced protection
  • Waterproof and durable
  • One size fits all
  • Heat-Resistant up to 500 Degrees
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with 2 Sticky Hangers


  • Limited size options
  • A little bulky

5. Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves

Another contender for the top best gloves for pulling pork is the Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves. These gloves can resist heat up to 425 degrees and are perfect for people working with grills. They are well insulated and can provide you with extraordinary grip.

These 10-inch gloves are waterproof and dishwasher safe, meaning they can be machine washed, and they repel grease and sauce so that you can clean them easily.

5. Cuisinart CGM-520 Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves

Moreover, they are flexible and can provide mobility and control when handling hot foods. They also follow the one size fits all trend, so you do not have to worry about getting the wrong size and having to return them.


  • Can resist heat up to 425 degrees
  • Provides control and flexibility
  • Has texturing palms for non-slip effect
  • Can be machine washed
  • Worth gifting a friend


  • One size fits all does not include all
  • Not quite durable

6. Lanon Heat Resistant Liquid Silicone Gloves

The Lanon Heat Resistant Liquid Silicone Gloves are highly recommended if you want a liquid silicone pair of gloves. These gloves are extremely temperature resistant and capable of withstanding 100°F to 480°F for an extended time, up to 570°F if used for no more than a few seconds.

6. Lanon Heat Resistant Liquid Silicone Gloves

The gloves are durable and can be used every day. And not only that, but they are lined with 18 gauge seamless CoralAir, making them breathable, flexible, and dexterous. Additionally, they are latex and BPA-free, so if you have sensitive skin, you do not have to worry about a rash.


  • Waterproof and well-insulated
  • Odorless, stain-resistant, grease resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • It can handle up to 570 degrees
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Can only be hand washed
  • Not the most slip-proof

What to look for before buying the best gloves for pulling pork

When you buy a glove for BBQ nights to make pulled pork, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Some of these include:


When buying a glove for BBQs, you need to make sure they are heat resistant, easy to clean, and durable. They should give you the dexterity to work and provide a good grip on things. Hence, you need to keep an eye on the materials used to make the glove.

Try to buy gloves made of silicone or rubber as they provide the most grip. Also, check if they are insulated; kitchens are already hot, and you do not want sweaty palms.

Heat Resistance

Without heat resistance, both you and your glove will be at risk. The heat of flames and steam can burn you or injure you brutally without protection. At least with a heat-resistant glove, even if you feel the heat, it will not be unbearable.

Additionally, your glove could burn and melt if it is not heat resistant. Be sure to keep track of the temperature limit your glove has. Otherwise, you will risk melting it and burning yourself.


You already have a massive pile of pots and pans you need to clean, and a pair of gloves is the last thing you would want to add to that. Hence, make sure you purchase something easy to clean.

With most waterproof gloves that repel grease and sauces, you only need to clean them with mild dish soap and water. So, when you wash your hands, be sure to wash them.

Glove Size

One size fits all does not always fit all. This is why you will need to buy something with multiple sizes available. If you buy something too small, it will limit your movement, and if you buy a glove size too big, it will keep falling off. So, check the sizes before you buy your pair.

Another aspect of it you will have to check is the length. If it does not cover most of your arm, you risk spilling something and burning yourself. So, when you are buying your gloves, try to buy them within 14-17 inches.


What are the best heat-resistant grill gloves?

For grilling, our top recommendation is the Rapicca Bbq Grill Oven Gloves. This is because these gloves are flame-resistant, and are made of food-grade neoprene coating. It’s resistant to melting against fire and is best for protecting your hands around boiling water, fire, and stains.

How to clean pulling pork gloves?

Most waterproof gloves repel grease and sauces, so you only need to clean them with mild dish soap and water! Just wash them when you are washing your hands, and you are good to go.

Can you use welding gloves for grilling?

Technically yes, but it’s an overkill. Welding gloves are extremely heavy-duty and can handle up to 2000 degrees, which is way more than you would need for a BBQ. If you are hosting a BBQ glove for one night and have a spare welding glove lying around, you can use it, but do not buy a welding glove just for the BBQ.

What kind of gloves are used by the pitmaster?

Pitmasters use Nitrile. Nitrile is a material that is slightly heavier than the other materials, which means they are more durable and makes handling hot meat easier.

Are pulling pork gloves worth it?

Yes, they are! Pulling pork gloves provides comfort and functionality. They are waterproof and heat resistant which comes extremely handy when hosting BBQs.


If you are looking for the best gloves for pulling pork, our recommendation is the Rapicca Bbq Grill Oven Gloves. However, other gloves are worth trying out.

So, if you are looking for a glove for BBQs and pulled pork, give the products on the list a shot!

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