Best MMA Gloves Review

Planning to become the next McGregor and want a quick and comprehensive guide regarding the Best MMA Gloves. You are in the right place because we have here for you all the details that one needs as a beginner and even as a professional in the field. Don’t look anywhere else when this informative article is the pit stop for all you MMA fighters and beginners!

Let’s dive in and find out what’s good!

How to Select the Best MMA Gloves for Beginners?

All those people looking to purchase MMA gloves for beginners, you may be quite confused. Before you look into your options, we have listed a few things that you need to consider before looking into the best MMA gloves for beginners, or the best gloves for heavy bags. It’s important to know your hands are secured and your knuckles are protected. Grabble and punch using the right gloves!


Safeguarding is important when choosing the best gloves for MMA because it helps in ensuring that you are buying high-quality gear that will last and protect your hands during practice and competition. They should be able to handle the rigor that comes with practicing and training for beginners. 

The Price You Have to Pay

The price is a very important factor that helps people to decide which gloves to buy. Several factors affect the price of MMA gloves, such as the materials used, the technology used, and brand name. Since you do have a price of the pay, make sure you do get the best ones out there. 

How Durable they are

Durability plays an important role in the selection process when choosing the best MMA gloves because you have to consider how long a glove will last before you need to replace them. This means that your gloves should be able to withstand heavy wear and tear such as being punched, kicked, or hit with a stick or other object.

The durability of a glove also depends on how it was manufactured. Some manufacturers use better quality materials such as leather, vinyl, and synthetic leather. 

The Comfort They Provide 

The level of comfort in choosing the best MMA gloves depends on the individual user’s needs. Some people prefer a glove that is light and thin while others prefer a glove that has more padding or a double layer design for more protection.  The majority of people tend to think that comfort is only about how soft or how cushioning the glove is. However, it’s not just about how soft or cushioning it feels; it’s also about how well the glove fits on your hand and its overall feel when you’re wearing them. So this is an important aspect when choosing your gloves!

The Mass of the Gloves

The weight is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a pair of MMA gloves because it determines how well they will protect your hands and wrists while you grapple or strike your opponent. The gloves should be light enough to allow proper movement and still have a strong grip on your opponent. While some may prefer heavier gloves because they will be protecting you during a fight.

7 Best MMA Gloves Review

1. Hayabusa MMA Gloves

T3 MMA Gloves are a show stopper and one of the best gloves to get especially if you want to get the best sparring, grappling, and fighting experience. They can be an excellent edition especially if you are planning to widen your collection and want to add more MMA gloves. 

Hayabusa MMA Gloves


  • You get to choose from the 6 different colors
  • It has anti-microbial technology, preventing the growth of bacteria hence minimizing the odor in the gloves. 
  • It even has a pre-curved style that helps you in the prevention of hand fatigue. 
  • Best MMA Gloves for both starters and professional fighters. 


  • Takes time to wear and break-in. 

2.Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

They are also known as the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves and have an open palm design. These gloves are functional and keep your hands comfortable as well as cool after a good MMA fighting and training session. 

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves


  • Dual X-wrist, and providing the MMA fighters with the maximum protection around their wrists 
  • Generate a good amount of power with their Hayabusa AG fabric
  • X-Statix XT2 is a popular feature that keeps all the germs and bacteria away and prevents any odor. 


  • Like the other Hayabusa mma gloves these also take time in breaking-in and opening up for fighters. 

3. Everlast MMA Gloves 

One of the most reliable brands to choose from is Everlast. The gloves are quite good, made out of premium quality synthetic leather. You get two colors to choose from!

Everlast MMA Gloves 


  • They have EverDri technology which makes the gloves a good source to keep your hands cool and comfortable. 
  • The gloves are durable and quite functional, making them worth the price!
  • Quite good in assisting you with grappling. 


  • Aren’t the best mma gloves 2021

4. RDX MMA Gloves 

These gloves are known to be one of the best MMA gloves! They stand out and have multiple advantages to offer, especially their shock-absorbent capability. Use them for sparring and even grappling. Get them if you are a beginner and even a person that needs them fr professional fights! They are made out of original and authentic cowhide. Making their premium!


RDX MMA Gloves


  • They have gel-tech padding which provides the triple amount of protection
  • Great value for money
  • Has good padding over the wrist joint area, which is good for people looking out for the best MMA gloves with wrist support. 


  • They have a long break-in type and may take some time to fit in. 

5. Venum MMA Gloves 

These challenger MMA Gloves are made using semi-leather. You get to choose from 5 different colors and can easily get the best foam protection to keep your hands secure during MMA fights. 

Venum MMA Gloves


  • Quit affordable especially in what you are getting 
  • Has a double closure system for a good fit during fights too. 
  • High quality protection for high protection 


  • Don’t have the maximum palm protection

6. Venum 2.0 MMA Gloves

Popularly known as the Venom dispute! These are updated and newly made gloves, designed to cater to maximum MMA glove needs. They come in 8 different colors to choose from. This is the new version making one of the best MMA gloves!

Venum 2.0 MMA Gloves


  • Premium handmade MMA gloves 
  • Good fit and comfortable during grappling, and even while throwing a good solid punch.
  • Has one hand closure in mma gloves


  • Break-in time is more

7. Combat MMA Gloves 

These are combat sports MMA gloves, which are excellent for all the people who are beginners and looking to get started. They offer over 8 colors for MMA gloves to choose from. 

Combat MMA Gloves 


  • The gloves are 5oz and have 3/4inch padding which is excellent for protection.
  • If you are someone who competes professionally then these gloves meet the state regulations. 
  • Good gripping and grappling gloves with open palm area


  • Aren’t the most durable MMA Gloves 

MMA Gloves and The Right Usage

Using MMA gloves for the right purpose is imperative, let’s find out some of the MMA gloves size essentials to make the most of the MMA gloves. 

What size MMA gloves for sparring?

Sparing is mostly done to practice movement and defend yourself in the best way possible. But it’s essential to have the right-sized MMA gloves for sparring so eventually you end up doing good in your fights too. 

The recommended size of gloves for sparring is 8oz, this helps land a good punch and assists you in defending against your opponent. 

What MMA gloves are used for training?

When training for MMA it’s important to use heavier gloves so you can have a great workout too. On average, a male requires a 14oz glove for MMA training, and a female on the other hand requires a 10oz to 12oz glove for training. For further assistance, you should check if the gloves are appropriate or not. Just to make it even more convenient, an average MMA fighter needs 8oz to 10oz MMA gloves for training. 

MMA Gloves for Women: Which Size is the Right One For You?

Women’s MMA gloves are designed to fit the contours of a woman’s hand. They are often made with lighter materials and smaller sizes. However, different brands may have different sizing standards. It is important to find the right size for your hands and get a good fit so that you can enjoy the sport without any pain or discomfort.

When it comes to choosing a size, it is important to consider your hand size, waist circumference, and arm length. If you have big hands or long arms, then you should choose a larger-sized glove as they are more forgiving in terms of fit.

What is the best way to measure my waist circumference?

The best way to measure your wrist circumference is by using a measuring tape and measuring it at its widest point.

MMA Gloves for Men: Which Size is Right For You?

The biggest mistake that most people make when buying gloves is to buy the wrong size.

The size of MMA gloves for men is quite different from other sports such as boxing. For example, the standard boxing glove size is 10-11 inches in diameter and the standard MMA glove size is 10-6 inches in diameter.

The first thing you should do before buying a pair of gloves is to measure your hand. If you have a long or large hand, you should probably go for a bigger size, and if you have a small or shorthand, then you should go for a smaller one. 

How to Choose the Best MMA Gloves for Small hands?

Choosing the best MMA gloves for small hands can be a daunting task. There are plenty of factors to consider such as size, weight, and brand. The most important factor to consider is the fit of the glove.

The first thing you want to do is find out what size your hand is in inches or centimeters. You can also find out if your hand has a natural curve or if you have flat fingers and long nails. You can even measure how long your wrist and forearm are in inches or centimeters and compare that with the length of the glove you’re considering buying. Make sure you follow this technique to get the best MMA gloves for small hands!

3 Tips to Get the Best MMA Gloves

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind when setting your mind to get the best MMA gloves 2021, but some things that need to be kept in mind before getting the best MMA gloves. 

Let’s delve into the right tips to provide you with the assistance you need! Keep reading. 

The Type of Gloves

MMA gloves fall into fall into three categories:

  1. Competition Gloves 
  2. Training Gloves 
  3. Sparring Gloves 

All of these serve a different purpose and are used for a specialized reason, if you need gloves to compete then choosing competition gloves will be right. But when it comes to grappling or training then go for training gloves because they have a good amount of padding. Whereas sparring gloves are designed with less padding, so choose accordingly or get all to service all your needs!

The Material and Quality of MMA Gloves

The material and quality of the MMA gloves have been a topic of debate for years now. Some people believe that it is important for the gloves to be made out of leather while others think that they don’t need to be made out of leather. Some things you need to remember!

  • Padding: MMA gloves use one of the most common types of padding, while some brands may use layered foaming some use regular foam. This changes the game of quality inside the gloves completely. Cheaper material makes the gloves cheaper and their quality deteriorates, while good material makes the gloves stand out in terms of material and quality. 
  • Leather Gloves vs Synthetic Leather Gloves: Leather is an excellent material especially if used in the making of MMA gloves. Some of the best MMA gloves are made using leather. But of course, since leather is expensive some brands resort to using synthetic leather to make the MMA gloves cheaper for people. The difference between both the materials can be felt but if it serves the purpose some MMA fighters don’t mind getting the synthetic ones too!
  • The wrist wrap: It is essential to get a glove set with a good wrist wrap around them. A solid velcro wrist wrap amps up your game and makes your gloves preferable as they become the best MMA gloves with wrist support. These gloves are most preferable and make the quality of your gloves better. 

MMA Gloves vs Boxing Gloves

When it comes to the comparison between both MMA Gloves and Boxing Gloves, both are quite different. To find out more we have listed a few differences about it the ma gloves vs boxing gloves, Let’s dig in!

The Fingers of the Gloves 

The most significant difference between MMA gloves and boxing gloves is how the fingers are treated in the gloves. When it comes to wearing boxing gloves you can easily wear them on like mittens. They easily get wrapped around whereas MMA gloves are quite similar to regular glove sets and have a separate set of fingers, leaving the knuckles and fingertips of your hand exposed. What makes these gloves different is the fact that the fighters shouldn’t have any hindrance during their fights, especially when they are making the grappling move. 


The cushioning inside the gloves play a different role when it comes to both of the gloves. In MMA gloves vs boxing gloves, the amount of cushioning present in the MMA gloves is quite thin. They are much sleeker and thin compared to the thick and massive boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are heavily padded from the inside, to facilitate the number of punches that can be thrown altogether. 

The padding is less in the MMA gloves because not only do the fighters have to punch, they have to grapple and even kick, so all of this is kept in mind when designing the gloves. 

Closure of Gloves

When it comes to traditional boxing gloves, these usually get wrapped around the forearms of the fighter. On the other hand, MMA Gloves do not cover the wrist from the top completely, they even have velcro wrapping strips. Making them a bit different from the boxing gloves. 

The Hand Wraps

When it comes to hand wraps, they are mostly for boxers and not used by MMA fighters. You may have seen how boxing gloves have the capacity to cover a hand even though it is hand-wrapped. Whereas, the MMA gloves are compact and have little to no room for the wrap as there isn’t any space between the fighter’s hand and the MMA gloves. 


What are the best MMA gloves?

When choosing MMA gloves for yourself, you want the best MMA gloves out there. One of the best MMA gloves for beginners out there is Everlast gloves, they have the right padding, are comfortable, and have a huge range to choose from. 

What gloves do MMA fighters use?

MMA fighters use the following gloves according to different situations, instead, they have gloves for sparring, competition gloves, and even gloves for training and grappling. 

  1. Gloves for Training: Grappling gloves also known as training gloves are mainly used for practicing to develop tolerance against grappling. These don’t have a lot of padding or cushion inside and each finger can be moved on its own to allow a decent grappling. 
  2. Gloves for Sparring: In general, when purchasing sparring gloves make sure they are around 7 ounces because this is the ideal size. Sparring includes throwing punches on a heavy bag and then sparring with an individual for practice. During sparring your knuckles need to stay safeguarded at all times which means, a well-padded glove would be the best. The 7oz tells us how much cushioning is there inside the gloves and of course the weight of the gloves as well. 
  3. Gloves to Compete: For all those who have their professional competitions, some may have to wear 4 oz gloves but it’s widely advised for amateur fighters to wear 6 oz gloves while fighting. As instructed by the UFC, you can wear large gloves between the range of 4 oz to 6oz. 

Is it ok to hit a heavy bag with MMA gloves?

MMA gloves aren’t preferred as much when heavy bag training, but for all those people who are heavy bag training. Here’s a tip: Avoid heavy bag training without a wrap and protection around your knuckles. This helps prevent injuries to your fingers and even your wrist. 

What kind of gloves does Conor McGregor use?

Conor Mcgregor used the Everlast Gloves for his MMA times. The reason behind this is how famous everlast gloves are when it comes to premium quality gloves that do not compromise on quality and deliver exactly what they promise. Connor was known to be a heavy puncher. And the gloves that he got customized from Everlast were a little less padded from the knuckle area and lighter to provide him with a helping hand in landing a solid punch. 

What oz MMA gloves should I buy?

When fighting professionally you need a good set of MMA gloves to go on. They are usually lightweight. For all the professionals, you may be asked to use 4oz gloves and those just entering the MMA profession will be advised to go with the 6 oz ones that include a good amount of padding if compared with the 4 oz ones. 


You now have the right information about the best MMA gloves, and what measures need to be taken to choose the best ones! Now make informed decisions and choose the best MMA gloves for your usage. From beginners to professionals, grab accordingly!

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