Best Kickboxing Gloves

You require specialized and combat-based boxing gloves for any boxing training or boxing. Not only that, you need quality gloves even while playing kickboxing or doing a MUAY workout. So, the importance of the best kickboxing gloves keeps a high impact among sportsmen and sportswomen. Other than that, you have to find out what makes a pair of gloves best for kickboxing or combat training workouts.

At this point, the only way to get the best solution is to research well. But, if you think you don’t have enough time to research, be with us. We will give you a top list of the 6 best kickboxing gloves that will be the best for quality, features, brand, and price.

You can easily use these gloves for aspects like boxing training and combat-based performance. Even these gloves are suitable when you intend to make your gymnasium at home. Therefore, having these quality gloves will make you confident whether you are a beginner or a professional. So, let’s check what we have on our top list for you.

Types of Kickboxing Gloves

You will get three main types of gloves in terms of kickboxing purposes. These three types of gloves come in some categories. Well, here are the three types of gloves given below-

Competition Gloves

When you compete, you need these types of competition gloves. It would help if you bought your competition gloves considering the padding system. Gloves that come with good padding inside, you should buy them.

Training Gloves

The purpose of training gloves is to hit the weight bags that will help you increase your stamina. But, it works in two different ways- heavyweight and lower-weight gloves. You should use softer weight gloves with around 12 oz in your learning period.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are primarily perfect when you need to practice with your friends or partner in the gym. It will protect you from any unexpected accidents during your practice time. That is why we recommend you wear gloves of 16oz weight. It will allow you to get well protection.

How to Measure Gloves for Perfect Approach?

To deliver the punch speedily, you need good hand protection, which means proper measurement directly. Reviewing your gloves size for heavy bags depends on some critical factors. First of all, reflect on your body size. Ideally, to grab a heavy bag, wear lightweight gloves that come between 10 to 12 oz. But, here, the height range of your body should be 5ft 7 Inches. 

However, if your body weight is above 200 pounds, you should choose gloves with 14oz. Besides your body size, you should also focus on your hand size. We strongly recommend you avoid trying small-size or too-tight gloves in terms of your large-size hands. Confirm your hand size, then buy it. And, once you can measure the gloves, you will get your perfect match easily. However, let’s make it clear by checking out the measurement chart below-

The Measurement Chart for the Beginner

Boxer’s Weight Hand Circumstance Weight Size
Above 84 kg 14 oz. 8.5inche – 9.5ince
54-68 kg 10 oz. 6.5inch – 7.5 inch
68-84 kg 12 oz 7.5inch – 8.5inch
40-54 kg 8 oz. 5.5inch – 6.5inch

6 Best Kickboxing Gloves for All Levels of Users

The gloves we took to our list were based on the customer’s reviews, performance, features, and budget. These are the best kickboxing gloves for beginners and professionals as well. Go through the reviews below; you can understand the quality and the necessity-

1. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves 

Key Features

  1. It has the natural curve of a human fist
  2. An exclusive breathable mesh for good ventilation
  3. Coating with anti-wear PU leather
  4. Outstanding grip bar for better positioning
  5. For convenient wearing, hook and loop closure

While you need to take your present boxing level to the next level, you need well-chosen combat-friendly wearing. Well, the Liberlupus boxing gloves are the best kickboxing gloves for heavy bags that we are talking about. Once you wear these pairs of gloves, you will understand that Liberlupus is exactly what boxing gloves should be.

1. Liberlupus Boxing Gloves 

Wearing these gloves will provide you with the utmost comfort and flexibility in terms of its premium leather shell. Also, the leather coating shell will make sure quality and durability. And this leather coating will not tear or crack after using for a long time.

You will get wrist support to continue your job with enthusiasm. The well-padded design of these gloves will make your hands fit perfectly. Folding a thumb over the other finger is tough in a fist. But, if you wear the Liberlupus gloves, you can easily fold your thumb over your fingers perfectly in your fist. 


  • The easy cleaning system will not kill plenty of your time.
  • It is highly fashionable to maintain your gravity.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • This set of gloves will be a good fit for both tiny and big-sized hands.
  • It is multi-functional towards boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and other relevant workouts.


  • Wearing these gloves can create a skin problem if you have an allergy problem.

2. Venum Contender Boxing Gloves 

Key Features

  1. It has come with an anatomical shape
  2. Premium leather coating
  3. It has a Velcro enclosure with a large size
  4. These gloves are Multi-density foam for high-quality shock absorption

 A set of cardio kickboxing gloves means many safety things, especially while wearing them for your wrist support. Well, in this case, the Vennum Contender gloves will be your best choice for the boxing training session.

Although these Venum Contender gloves seem to work out for boxing, you can use them for string training, fitness boxing, and mitt work as well. The triple-density foam is ready for shock absorption to protect and extend the boxer’s hand during training. However, the Venum boxing gloves are also the best gloves for cardio boxing.

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves 

The Venum gloves will play a vital role in ensuring a perfect striking technique. Therefore, you can easily enhance your performance and prevent the risk of injury. However, affording a pair of gloves with synthetic leather is quite costly. But, the Venum gloves will be affordable for you, and also they will offer a long-time service.


  • These volume boxing gloves have come with great versatility.
  • It is a good fit for beginners and advanced users.
  • These gloves have a full attached thumb to prevent the twisting risk.
  • You will get it available in two stylish colors, blue and black.
  • It is incredibly lightweight to carry with joy.


  • The inner lining will fall apart unless you take care of them properly.

3. Sanabul Gel Boxing Gloves 

Key Features

  1. The material is faux leather.
  2. Hook-and-loop closure strap.
  3. Protective, soft, and comfortable foam padding.
  4. Multi-layered thickness.
  5. Skin-friendly nylon liner.

No debate, choosing suitable gloves is a complicated task for boxers. But, while it is a matter of Sanabul Gel Boxing gloves, you will find no question beyond. Sanabul Boxing Gloves is ideally an excellent example for male or female boxers. The manufacturer makes the outer shell of Sanabul with synthetic microfiber leather. So you will get better flexibility. Also, this PU leather resists tearing and cracking or surface abrasion.  

Its breathable mesh provides you with superior comfort. These mesh holes help ventilation sweat and keep your hands dry. So, you feel relaxed, dry, and comfortable while wearing them. It is better to protect your wrist and knuckles with these fantastic gloves. 

Sanabul Gel Boxing Gloves 

The most convenient feature is that they are stretchable. Additionally, you can get these super fashionable gloves in good shape. So, they are well-fitting for tiny hands and more extensive hands. The wrist straps are so supportive that they completely wrap and secure your wrist with no slip. While punching, they will reasonably allow our hand configuration.


  • Its weight is perfect. You can conveniently put it on or take it off its wrist strap.
  • You can keep these Liberlupus gloves with easy care. You need a wet towel to clean them.
  • Its inside texture and thick padding are so far excellent, and it feels better.
  • The openings in the palm let the gloves dry faster.


  • Not suitable for an allergic person. May cause a rash.

4. Trideer Boxing Gloves 

Key Features

  1. It has multi-layered foam padding. 
  2. These gloves are available in 8 oz to 16 oz sizes.
  3. It has come with synthetic leather material.
  4. Pre-curved anatomic fist.

If you are looking for something multi-functional, here are the Trideer boxing gloves, the best boxing gloves for you. Indeed, the multi-functional Tridder gloves are excellent for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, sparring training, and fitness workouts. So, it is an excellent recommendation that boxers should keep Trideer Boxing Gloves in mind while buying gloves as boxing equipment. Because when you put these super comfy gloves on, you will love them.

Without a doubt, the high-quality mesh is a great assistance to ventilate sweat and keep your hands dry. So, you will be free from the annoying odor. Another vital feature is its protective inner padding gloves which give your knuckles enough protection. Additionally, you will get a nice and snug fit with its good grip that secures your hands.

Trideer Boxing Gloves 

With its super capacity of easy hook-and-loop closure, you can operate it to put on or take off the gloves straightly. It is easy to take care of. Without any hassle, you can easily clean the gloves just with the help of a wet towel. As a whole, we can say that you would be satisfied with these quality gloves.


  • The wrist strap is with hook-and-loop to ease your hand to put on and take off.
  • You will get super comfortable with its breathable mesh.
  • Great gloves in a stylish and friendly carrying plastic strap case. 
  • They fit your hands well.


  • Sometimes the rubber smell gets irritating.

5. RDX MMA Gloves  

Key Features 

  1. The Maya Hide leather
  2. EVA-Duration sheet
  3. Reinforced stitching
  4. Infused Shock Dispersion Sheet
  5. SpongeX Padding

We should thank RDX MMA gloves for being decent with eye-catching style. When you start to put on these RDX MMA Gloves, you will get stuck with them. Also, you will come to a quick realization of how boxing gloves need to be.

Not only for kickboxing, but you can also use them for burpees, push-ups, or mountain climbers. The tremendous dual quick EZ hook and loop closure secures your hands with compact wrist support and gives you better alignment. Plus, it is accessible on and off with them.

You would be surprised with its D.Cut Curved open palm structure because its improved grappling attitude gives you a natural grip. Its Tri-Slab PC3 padding is highly appreciated for providing protection and resistance.

RDX MMA Gloves  

Its super comfy open palm and inner texture satisfactorily help airflow. So, your hands would be ventilated and dry nicely. Overall, you would be happy with them and their considerable price.


  • Its wrist support is amazing.
  • These gloves are easy to slip on overhand. Plus, you don’t need to take them off to hold anything.
  • Most effectively, it can cover all of your knuckles that need protection.
  • Additionally, its breathable and ventilated formation assists in keeping your hands dry.  
  • The reinforced stitching represents the durability of the structure of the gloves.


  • Sometimes causes size complications.

6. Liberlupus MMA Gloves 

 Key Features 

  1. Thickening 10mm EVA fist padding.
  2. Wide hook & loop closure strap.
  3. Durable 0 .8 mm premium leather.
  4. Double-fitted long wristband.
  5. Faux leather, Polyurethane material. 

You can use these grappling MMA gloves in different activities. They are superior for MMA, UFC, Sparring, Grappling, fighting heavy bags, Kickboxing, Sanda, or many more activities. It is no wonder that the improved thickening 10mm EVA fist padding is highly excellent. They better protect your wrist and knuckles from shock impact during your martial arts or boxing training.

Without a doubt, the lasting 0.8 mm Premium synthetic leather is the symbol of durability. It provides maximum damage and tear protection. These sparring MMA gloves will make you satisfied when you prefer to hit the bag bare-fisted. Additionally, you don’t need to use over-padding because it has excellent wrist support. 

Liberlupus MMA Gloves 

Indeed, the hook & loop closure strap is wide enough to protect your wrist and keep it stable while punching. Plus, no need to waste time wrapping your hands. More effectively, the breathable airflow is sufficient enough that it lets your palm dry. It can even keep your hands free from foul odor for a long time.


  • The cross-cut design of the back fits the hands appropriately and keeps the wrist flexible while grappling. 
  • The durable material is easy to clean. 
  • Attractive 12-Month warranty for replacement.     
  • The gloves have a palpable look and pretty reasonable prices. 


  • The edge of the finger openings is hard, for its plastic-like cover may hurt the fingers.

How Can You Wrap Your Hands for Kickboxing?

It is easy to wrap your hands around kickboxing once you learn it. Well, to wrap your hands, start it with a loop of your thumb. Once you have finished, you have to cover the wrapping cloth around your wrist. And, make sure you wrap it three times altogether. 

Circle the knuckle of your hand and come around again along with the wrist to make a cross shape. 

Again, circle the wrapping cloth around the thumb and do the same as before. And make another cross shape. While you have finished making two cross shapes, start circling the cloths around the ring finger, middle finger, and index finger. 

But, remember, you have to wrap the cloth between the index finger and the thumb each time you wrap around your fingers. And, again, you have to make a final cross as same as you made in the first phase and end up.

Kickboxing Gloves: Buying Guide

When participating in kickboxing training, the essential material for you is a pair of quality kickboxing gloves. The boxing gloves do not have the same design, quality, material, and occasional purpose.

So, you have to choose them based on some essential factors. In this section of our article, we will share the most important factors that will assist you in selecting quality gloves for you. Let’s see!

Types of Gloves

There are different types of boxing gloves on the market. But, these are not the same. Based on the category of your boxing, you have to choose which type will be perfect for you. Read the “Types of Kickboxing Gloves” above that we have discussed in detail. It will help you understand well about the types of boxing gloves.


If you can choose the material of your gloves tactfully, your gloves will be long-lasting. Here, the preferable material can be vinyl, leather, etc. Also, the gloves that come with a thick combination of materials will give you a long-time service.


The feature is another significant fact beyond all questions while you buy a pair of gloves for your kickboxing training. Not all the gloves on the market will give you the same features. So, you have to be aware of the fundamental features. And then you have to choose your gloves.


Price is essential because the price will determine the quality of gloves. If you want to buy high-quality gloves, you have to be concerned about a big investment. But, still, you can buy quality gloves at a low price. In this case, you have to research carefully which brand offers the best budget-heavy bag gloves.


You might understand how important a brand can be. Consequently, choose a recognized brand that will offer you quality and fundamental features. We have selected all the quality gloves from all the renowned brands. Therefore, you can choose our product with no confusion.


And the last important factor is a review from the users. If you go through the customer’s review, you can understand whether the gloves you want to buy are good or not. Because the customers leave their reviews based on their product using experience. So, read the review suspiciously.


Do I Need Hand Wraps for Kickboxing?

Yes, you need it. Wearing a hand wrapper will protect your knuckles because it creates a large barricade between your gloves and hands. Therefore, your hand will get good protection from being injured. 

Also, the wrapper will help you save your wrist and minimize any unexpected damage to your hands. That is why we recommend you wear a hand wrapper while in a training session or fighting.

Should I wear tight kickboxing gloves?

Yes, but you have to make sure the gloves are comfy. Because if you wear extremely tight gloves, it will create problems closing or opening your fingers.

So, choose gloves that are not too tight or not too loose. Also, choose gloves that can be comfortable and snug with your fingertips.

How will I feel wearing boxing gloves for the first time?

You will feel your hands swelling at your fighting time. But it is a typical feeling that happens from sweating. If you feel your gloves are tight so much, keep wearing them and carry on for a while. It will be easier after passing some time in your training or fighting session.

How can I punch a fist perfectly?

Well, curl your fingers into the palm that will start with your little finger. Now, enclose your fingers with the thumb. Nevertheless, keep your thumb behind and over the fingers.

To Wrap Up

There are many notable brands, and they have their gloves on the market. And these gloves are commonly suitable, but you have to find out the best kickboxing gloves for you by researching well. It is essential to research well before buying your gloves for kickboxing training.

However, we have prepared the best kickboxing gloves article for all users, from beginners to professionals. So, if you can read our review section and the buying guide section, you will win, we guarantee. We have chosen those boxing gloves that have outstanding features and customer satisfaction. So, why not try any one of those gloves?