Best Ice Climbing Gloves Reviews

Ice climbing gloves are the most important part of your climbing kit. When you are out there on the ice with your team you have to have complete trust in your equipment, without that trust you may have to climb up the mountain and back down again if you can’t find your way back. Putting your trust in your ice climbing gloves is a great first step.

They help keep you warm, allow you to grip the ice better, and also protect your hands from any damage. If you are serious about learning how to ice climb, then you need to make sure that you have the best ice climbing gloves available.

The primary purpose of ice climbing gloves is to allow people to climb in the winter without getting frostbite. Some of them are also suitable for mounting other types of walls and mountains.

They are pretty different from other gloves. They need to be thin, so you can hold the ropes and other equipment, but at the same time, they need to offer the warmth that you need when climbing in freezing temperatures.

The main difference between different gloves is the material they are made of. Some are designed to be thin and lightweight, while others are thicker to offer more insulation. The most significant advantage of specific gloves is that they give you the best grip. You can’t climb without a good grip, especially on pieces of Ice.

We have selected a wide range of products that you can choose from. The list covers a range of features and prices, whether you are just starting, a starter looking for your first pair, or an expert looking for some new gear.

We tried to include a few gloves in each price range, and factors like durability and insulation were also considered. Here is the list of the 8 best ice climbing gloves on the market.

1. Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves

Climbing gloves are an essential part of any climber’s gear equipment. Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves are a popular, multi-purpose glove used in multiple scenarios. The best part is that they are incredibly budget-friendly climbing Gloves.

Black Diamond Crag is a lightweight glove that is made of leather. It has two pull-on straps and is made of elastic mesh, which allows the glove to be breathable and non-sweaty. The lightweight leather makes the glove easy to carry. Its full-grain leather provides sufficient protection.

Its knuckle padding and excellent padded leather grip provide safety and further protection. The glove fits perfectly for small hands and can be used by men and women.

Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves

They are CE certified to EN 420 and EN 388 They are highly durable, light in weight, and provide sufficient protection.

It is a perfect choice for ice climbing and can be used for other activities. It is available in different sizes to make sure the glove fits perfectly. These are a great pair of gloves for climbers and are highly durable.


  • Made of Synthetic Leather
  • Pull-On closure
  • Breathable stretch mesh fabric to avoid sweating
  •  knuckle padding
  • Waterproof
  • CE certified to EN 420 and EN 388
  • Highly Durable


  • Light in weight but provide sufficient protection
  • It comes with an excellent padded leather grip for safety
  • Breathable mesh provides ventilation and removes sweating
  • Great fit for small hands
  • Best budget-friendly durable gloves
  • Well designed and highly comfortable


  • Wrist straps tend to come loose for some users
  • It can be tight for some users
  • choose size carefully

2. Glacier Glove Perfect Curve

Don’t leave your hands behind when the temperature drops. Take them along for the ride. The new Glacier Glove Perfect Curve gloves have everything you need to maintain the warmth of your hands and dry when the temperature dips and the weather gets cold.

If you love being out but hate having cold hands, the Glacier Glove Perfect Curve gloves were made for you. They are completely waterproof and feature a seamless palm design for a precision fit.

The unique pre-curved fingers make for a perfectly shaped glove to keep snow away from packing into your palms. The two-millimeter fleece lining inside feels fantastic and with the back of the handcuff to secure the warmth, your fingers will stay cozy for the whole ride.

Glacier Glove Perfect Curve

These gloves come with maximized dexterity for a hassle-free experience. The Pro-Strap makes for easy on and easy off and ensures that you always have an easy way to take your gloves off and put them back on.


  • Seamless palm design
  • Perfectly Designed to keep you warm and dry
  • 100% waterproof
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • 2mm fleece-lined neoprene
  • Pro strap
  • Imported


  • Best cold weather gloves for Climbing
  • It comes with maximized dexterity
  • fleece lining inside feels amazing
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not abrasion resistant
  • Not quite rugged enough for some users
  • Can be a Little bit sweaty for some

3. Savior Heated Gloves

Make your outdoor winter sports more enjoyable with these Heated Gloves. They are the perfect choice for skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, bike riders, hikers, gardeners, and outdoor enthusiasts.

These Outdoor Gloves come with three heating wires, which can be controlled independently to produce different temperatures on each finger. The heating wires are made of copper and are entirely safe.

The gloves are also touch screen compatible, so you can operate your iPhone and other smartphones without removing the gloves. They are water and wind-resistant, so you can leave them outside without worrying about getting wet.

The gloves have a rechargeable lithium battery and come with a one-year warranty.

The Savior Heated Gloves are the perfect solution to your cold and harsh weather problem. They are windproof and water-resistant, plus they provide the ideal balance of warmth and comfort.

If you’ve ever needed an extra boost in your hand warmth, you know how important it is to have a pair of gloves that keep you comfortable. Now you will never have to worry about what the weather will be like because you can always make sure you are prepared with the Savior Heated Gloves.


  • Water-Resistant, Windproof & Breathable
  • Rechargeable Battery-powered & Adjustable Thermal Control
  • Anti-Slip
  • Perfect for Outdoor Sports
  • Comes with Warranty


  • Worth the money
  • Decent heat providing quality
  • warmest fingertips
  • Comfortable and easy to charge


  • Not well-calibrated battery warning
  • Average battery life
  • Barely adequate for some users

4. Black Diamond Punisher Cold Weather Gloves

So, you’re standing at the foot of a steep rock wall, a reasonable distance away. Still, you can see well enough that a few good handholds and some not-so-good handholds. The sun is out, and you’re feeling warm. You reach into a pocket and pull out a pair of Black Diamond Punisher Gloves to get the job done.

The fixed nylon shell with 4-way stretch is durable to provide maximum protection for Climbing. You can move your fingers free with a fixed nylon shell, 4-way stretch, and elastic cuff. The elastic cuff prevents snow and wind from entering the glove.

The subtle design and solid black color give a fashionable look. The fixed lining with 100% waterproof Dry insert has excellent insulation and is soft, comfortable, and warm. The fleece lining absorbs sweat, making your hand dry and warm all day.

What’s more, the Punisher Gloves have high-quality fabric along the back of the hand to provide even more protection than before.

Black Diamond Punisher Cold Weather Gloves

These Black Diamond Punisher Cold Weather Gloves are the perfect choice for climbers to wear in cold weather. The Punisher gloves are warm, and durable and will make it easy for you to keep your grip as you climb up your next icy mountain.

If you are looking for a pair of cold weather climbing gloves to wear this winter, the Punisher gloves are an excellent choice for you.


  • Fixed lining with 100% Dry waterproof insert
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Fixed 100 g fleece lining
  • Imported
  • nylon shell with 4-way stretch


  • perfect for extreme cold weather
  • warm and comfortable
  • protects fingers
  • pretty good dexterity


  • hands can be sweaty under warm weather
  • check size accordingly while buying

5. Glacier Glove Ice Bay

Cold weather makes it harder for us to do even the simplest things. If you are a climber, you know how frustrating it can be to try and climb in the bitter cold. The cold affects your grip, making it hard to hold on to the handholds, and your fingers can become numb, making it difficult to feel for the holds.

Glacier Gloves Ice Bay is 100% waterproof and provides mobility and warmth. Rain or water does not penetrate the fabric and provides the dexterity and warmth of a bare hand. It is an ideal product for caved anglers, climbers, and hunters to keep their hands warm, dry, and flexible during cold-weather conditions.

In addition to providing warmth and dexterity, Ice Bay gloves are lightly insulated for cold-weather use and feature a blind-stitched and glued construction for added durability.

Glacier Glove Ice Bay

The 2mm fleece-lined neoprene is warm, comfortable, and soft against your skin. At the same time, the sharkskin textured leather palm offers a good grip in wet conditions and provides exceptional durability. In contrast, the blocky synthetic leather fingertips offer added grip and protection against wear and tear.

To help combat the cold and maintain the warmth of your hands, you will want to wear a pair of Glacier Glove Ice Bay gloves. They are the best climbing gloves for freezing weather.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Seamless palm design
  • Sharkskin textured
  • Blind stitched and glued
  • 2mm fleece-lined neoprene


  • Rain or water does not penetrate the fabric
  • Provides mobility and warmth
  • Pretty Durable
  • Smell proof because of breathable mesh


  • It can feel humid if worn for long hours
  • Rigid fabric
  • Run tight for some users

6. Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove

If you are an Alpinist or climbing enthusiast, you may want a pair of gloves that offers you a highly dexterous and highly articulated feeling. These gloves provide you with these particular feelings.

Designed with a low profile, they are form-fitting, exceptionally lightweight, and windproof. They also offer you total freedom of movement, making your hands feel free while gripping your ice tools and other climbing accessories with the help of premium climbing gloves.

They feature premium components and materials, as well as a molded palm and articulated fingers and thumbs, giving you an excellent grip on ice tools. The palm has a low profile for dexterity.

The back of the hand has a thin windproof, abrasion-resistant inner membrane, which keeps you nimble, while the outer material a specially developed and is lightweight, breathable, and windproof.

With these Arc’teryx Alpha SL Gloves, your hands will be kept warm, protected, and out of the cold. These super lightweight and precise gloves offer you the freedom of movement to assist you in your climbing sessions.


  • Highly dexterous and highly articulated
  • Superlight materials and design
  • Completely Wind stopper


  • high-quality product
  • Lightweight and precise
  • Premium climbing gloves
  • Offer excellent grips on ice tools
  • extremely dexterous


  • can be expensive for some users
  • tight fit
  • do not offer much insulation

7. Outdoor Research M’s Revolution Gloves

Whether your hike is a casual romp at the local state park or a hardcore expedition to Nepal, or for climbing purposes, it’s essential to be prepared. Wake up in the comforts of home and embark on your day, feeling confident that your Outdoor Research M’s Revolution Gloves are up to the task.

They’re warm, waterproof, and wind-resistant, with a leather palm for a secure grip and a reinforced synthetic panel for durability. The back of the hand is made of textured fabric for extra grip, and the glove is topped off with a breathable mesh for moisture management.

You’ll also like the warmth without bulk that these gloves provide, along with the removable leash and bright colors, so you’re easily visible to nearby friends and strangers.

Overall the Outdoor Research Men’s Revolution Glove is a reliable glove that will keep you warm and dry. Made from waterproof, windproof fabric, and breathable fabric, these gloves are built to keep your hands dry under extreme circumstances.

The Revolution Glove also features a durable leather palm that is great for everyday use. These gloves will keep you warm and dry for years to come, available in several sizes.


  • Ladder-Lock Wrist Cinch
  • Soft and Tactile Leather Palm
  • Imported
  • Removable Leash
  • Soft Nose-Wipe on Thumb
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Breathable


  • Flawlessly comfortable
  • Warmer and extremely weather-resistant
  • Sturdy


  • A little stiff
  • Gauntlets could be longer
  • The leashes are not comfortable

Important things to consider while buying ice climbing gloves

Many factors need to be considered before buying the best ice climbing gloves.

They include insulation, waterproofing, durability, and agility. The insulation of the gloves is essential to provide warmth to the climber’s hands.

The waterproofing should prevent the fingers from contact with the water as otherwise it will make them wet and reduce the grip.

The gloves should provide a good grip while climbing, which can be achieved only with high-quality leather.

Lastly, the glove’s durability matters a lot as the climbers want to do the same activity again and again with the same pair of gloves.

Now we are going to explain these and some other factors briefly:

Material type

Before buying the ice climbing gloves, you have to make sure what material gloves are made of. Primarily used materials are nylon and leather because they are durable and of good quality.

When you are buying ice climbing gloves, the first thing you have to check is whether the material is wearable or not. Otherwise, you will get some problems with your hand and fingers.

So, it is necessary to check and buy ice climbing gloves made of good material.

Water Resistance and Water Proofing

If you plan to use or buy gloves for ice climbing, then one of the most important things you will have to make sure of is that the gloves are completely waterproof.

This is because water is the number one enemy of the gloves. The water will affect the functioning of the gloves, but at the same time, it can even make the gloves slippery. This can hamper your performance while wearing the gloves and even cause accidents.

Proper Insulation

You must be appropriately prepared for a climb. To begin with, you need to select the right equipment. Use a pair of ice climbing gloves for warmth and protection.

There are different types of gloves available in the market, so you need to make sure that you pick the suitable gloves best suited for your needs. The primary function of ice climbing gloves is to provide warmth to the hands and make sure that they are not exposed to the cold.

When picking a pair of ice climbing gloves, make sure they are well insulated. Ice climbing gloves are designed to provide warmth to the hands, and you don’t want to end up freezing your hands in the middle of the climb. Proper insulation also protects your hands from getting injured.


Before purchasing new ice climbing gloves, it is essential to check that they should be made of quality material and durable.

The gloves should be able to grip the Ice and protect your hands from the harsh winter elements and allow you to climb the mountains and explore your surroundings while still providing maximum mobility to your fingers and hands.

Most of the time, the gloves should have four or five fingers to protect your hands and fingers from cold. Some of the best ice climbing gloves are the ones that are flexible, thick, and have very comfortable straps. The gloves should also fit well. If a glove is too bulky, it can interfere with your ability to use your hands.


Ice climbing gloves can be somewhat expensive if you’re not familiar with how they work. Some people may buy a pair of gloves that fits their hands well and has a lot of agility, but the real reason why this is a problem is that they sacrifice insulation.

What’s worse is that you’ll go through a lot of pairs of gloves in a concise time. If you choose something that’s more dexterous, you might not be able to maintain the warmth of your hands in cold weather.

So to find something suitable for ice climbing, you should try to find something that has both skill and sound insulation, and you’ll have a glove that will last for a long time.

Sizes Availability

A common problem for ice climbers is finding the right pair of gloves. While there are a lot of different gloves in the market but most of them come in one size so always look out for such that come in different sizes.

Finding gloves that fit exactly can sometimes be tricky. Some people might struggle to find gloves that both look good and feel great. While some are made in more customized sizes, they’re typically quite expensive and are outside the price range of most casual climbers.

Look out for those gloves which come in different sizes so that you can find the right pair of gloves for your ice climbing journey.

Secure grip

Apart from other responsibilities, you must also look for gloves to provide you with the most pleasing and secure grip. You might find quite a lot of gloves, which seem good, but when your hands get wet, they start slipping, so you need to look for the ones that can provide you with a secure and firm grip.

Wearing gloves with valuable features is an important activity that lets you play, enjoy and do various tasks.

If you are looking for gloves that can stay in your hand, you should always buy gloves made from the best quality material and should provide you with a secure grip, which is the most essential feature during Ice climbing because it can save your life.


Here we have enlisted some of the frequently asked questions about the cheap and best-heated ice climbing gloves:

What gloves do you use for Ice climbing?

I use Black Diamond Punisher Cold Weather Gloves when I go ice climbing. I like how they’re easy to put on and take off. They’re also easy to move around in when I’m climbing. Plus, they keep my hands warm and protected from the cold.

What gloves are best for Climbing?

We have made a detailed and in-depth review about the best Ice Climbing Gloves according to the customer reviews and research and are mentioned below also:

  1. Black Diamond Crag Climbing Gloves
  2. Glacier Glove Perfect Curve
  3. Savior Heated Gloves
  4. Black Diamond Punisher Cold Weather Gloves
  5. Glacier Glove Ice Bay
  6. Arc’teryx Alpha SL Glove
  7. Outdoor Research M’s Revolution Gloves

Which gloves are substance both waterproof and sturdy?

Nylon and leather are used in ice climbing gloves because these materials are light, which is essential for climbers to get a better grip on their handholds. Nylon is also strong and flexible, which helps with gripping onto the Ice. The leather is strong yet flexible and is used to protect the hand from the Ice. Both of these and some other fabrics are used to make ice climbing gloves to help climbers get a better grip on their holds and protect their hands from injury.

How do Heated Gloves work?

If you have to go through freezing temperatures while ice climbing, you’ll find that heated gloves can provide some comfort to your hands. These gloves work by using small wires heated by an electric current built inside the gloves. There is a range of gloves in the market. You can find them in leather, acrylic, nylon, or other fabric.

What is the minimum temperature such gloves can be worn in still maintaining warmth?

The minimum temperature is -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s best to have them tested before use. Make sure you know what the temperature is like and plan action if it gets too cold. It’s also essential to have the fitting helmet, crampons, and rope; they are just as crucial as your gloves.

How should Ice climbing gloves fit?

It’s essential to get a good fit from your ice climbing gloves. If they’re too big or small, you could injure yourself. If they are too small, your hands can get numb from how constricted they are. If they are too big, the gloves will move around, putting you at risk of losing them. If you want to make sure you get the right fit, it’s a good idea to try them on before buying them.

Can you Ice climb in mittens?

We do not recommend that you try these while Ice climbing. Although these are very light, they probably won’t be enough to keep your hand warm enough. You might end up hurting yourself quite a bit. We hope you have a better time ice climbing in your ice pick, so you can scale icy rocks and get to the peak of Everest.

Do you need gloves for scrambling?

Gloves are not the best solution for scrambling handwear because the continual exposure to rock will cause most to deteriorate quickly and cost you a great deal.

There is a significant lack of rock-climbing gloves made with quality materials that are durable and have extra features.

Scrambling gloves are designed to reduce the chances of getting blisters, scrapes, and broken skin from the unexpected jutting rocks, but the lack of proper material makes it challenging to achieve this.

What do you often see people get wrong about choosing gloves for ice climbing?

The best gloves for ice climbing are simple, high-quality leather or wool mittens. The best materials to have on your gloves are a goatskin palm and a polar fleece backing or a wool-lined leather palm under the fleece. These materials will maximize how functional your gloves are; prevent you from over-gripping as well as keep you warm.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed reading this review. These gloves appear to be a perfect choice for various reasons, especially for your climbing expeditions.

The gloves are designed to be very protective and protect your hands from rope burns, cuts, and abrasions. They also have a more flexible fabric which allows for a better grip on the rock.

These gloves will prevent you from the extreme cold and make you feel cozy.

Wearing these gloves will keep your hands safe from scratches and bruises. These gloves are very comfortable and are easy to get on and off. They are available in different sizes and colors. These gloves are also available for both men and women. The best thing about these gloves is that they are not very expensive.

The best-heated ice climbing gloves have a breathable lining and will ensure your hands are warm. The gloves from the list are the best gloves for climbing that you can have. When looking for these things, make sure it has a padded palm that is durable and should have thermal properties.


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