How to Clean Golf Gloves

All those people who play golf are aware of how easily golf gloves get dirty. A few rounds with friends, and you will see your gloves getting dirty with the marks of grass or maybe it’s because of your sweat. As soon as you get done, the first thing you probably do is take them off. 

If you’re an occasional player, you may sometimes even end up wearing the same dirty golf gloves you used with friends. Cleaning golf gloves is quite easy and convenient. The process requires a few steps that need to be taken and you will easily get fresh smelling and clean-looking golf gloves for your next Golfing Sunday.

How to Clean Golf Gloves? Follow The Steps!

How to Clean Golf Gloves

Did you know that dirty golf gloves become quite slicker and this can be a hindrance in getting the right grip? To avoid any of this and to find out what you will need and how to clean golf gloves. Keep reading!

What Will You Need?

  • Mild liquid wash
  •  A small  scrubbing brush
  • A plastic bucket
  • Lukewarm water
  • A towel

Cleaning & Drying Golf Gloves in 9 Easy Steps!

  1. Before putting your gloves under tap water, make sure you clean them when they are dry. Start by brushing off all the debris. After you are done brushing now focus on getting all the dirty little spots out by pouring liquid soap or wash.
  2. Rub your gloves gently on the areas where you find all the spots. 
  3. For stubborn stains, you can use a small scrubbing brush, and rub all the harsh stains properly. Make sure you keep a lighter hand and avoid rubbing harshly.
  4. Now fill up a bucket with lukewarm water and add soap to it to make it a bit soapy before you add the gloves in. 
  5. Swish your golf gloves in the bucket and let them soak in the soapy water. 
  6. Pull them out and scrub the palm of the golf gloves properly to get rid of any dirt and stench of sweat. 
  7. After it is thoroughly washed and done, take the gloves out and run them underwater.
  8. Now using a terry cloth towel, keep the gloves in the middle and fold both the ends of the towel, and press on the gloves gently to absorb all the excess water inside the golf gloves. 
  9. Now pull each finger of the gloves and make sure they return to their normal shapes. 

After you are done lay the golf gloves in a ventilated area to dry, but make sure it is away from the heat!

Machine Washing Golf Gloves: A Yes or No?

Machine Washing Golf Gloves

For all those people looking to get a quick and sweet escape, stop! Machine washing your gloves may easily get them ruined instead you can choose to hand wash them easily. In case you have leather gloves, the roughness and the tumble inside a washing machine can be a really bad combination and a recipe for disaster. With synthetic gloves, it’s still a little better but not advised. 

So all in all you have an idea that using a machine especially to wash golf gloves isn’t exactly a good idea! Avoid them and wash your gloves prior to golfing days so you can have fresh gloves awaiting you instead of hurrying and using the machine. 

We can now conclude with ease that machine washing golf gloves are a big fat No!


Can you wash your golf gloves often?

When cleaning golf gloves ensure that you don’t get them as dirty but if you do end up getting them dirty then use water. Leather gloves will easily become bad and get ruined if washed with a lot of water and soap. So when getting the golf gloves for yourself make sure you get material that works with your usage. 

How to take care of golf gloves?

Taking care of golf gloves is necessary, and you can do that by keeping them in zip lock bags. Avoid cleaning your clubs, sweat, and ball with it. Avoid getting a white golf club because these mostly get dirty pretty quickly and require more cleaning. 

How many rounds does a golf glove last?

A golf glove can easily last you up to 8-10 rounds if used excessively. But make sure you always keep an extra pair with you when going to play. Always remember the number of balls you hit affects the life of your gloves. 


Cleaning may sound like a lot of work but if done following the correct steps it becomes pretty easy. Knowing what works and doesn’t helps you regulate the process in the right direction so your gloves stay intact and become clean and fresh. Follow the tips and get cleaner-looking golf gloves before your next game!

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