Best Baseball Gloves for Dads

No kid around us doesn’t like to play with their dad. And, when it is the matter of baseball, they find no question behind it. Yet, baseball gloves are the supreme sports component for the young and the old athletes. So, it is sensitive to choose the best baseball gloves for dads. While you select the best one from the market, it will ensure the utmost comfort for you. Your gloves will then become the critical equipment for your game. However, if you find it pretty tough to decide on the best pair of gloves, we still found some significant ways out for you.

We have selected the 4 best budget baseball gloves that are the most popular components in the present market. And these top 4 gloves have come with the apex features, durability, material quality to enhance your confidence. Also, we have added a significant guide to our article to help you buy the best gloves. You will get answers to the most asked questions that remove your puzzlement. Read on!

4 Best Baseball Gloves for Dads Review

1. Rawlings Player Glove Series

Here is the list of our top and the best baseball gloves for 2022. Go through the details to understand and find suitable gloves for you. You can choose them according to your playing requirements and demand. So, let’s see what they are-

Every single patents, especially a father of a family, likes to spend time with their kids while free. The fathers stay busy doing outside jobs that make them more responsive to their kids to give them time.

However, while you need to give time to your kids, you too take good preparations as your kids. In this sense, the Rawlings player glove series will be your best choice because it is the best baseball gloves for adults. This glove is an excellent choice for all kinds of recreational games with your kids, for instance- baseball, softball, etc.

Rawlings Player Glove Series

The pitch of this glove is ½ inch slow so that it perfectly fits the adult hands. Besides, it will ensure your palm padding with zero shocks to protect from the increased impact during your catching time. Due to its improved padding design, you will feel comfortable. Users found it the best baseball gloves for pitchers.

On the other hand, wearing these gloves will get you ready with an easy and quick breakthrough with its pro micro lining. As a result, you need no extra time to be ready while you intend to play with your kids. What is more, it has a conventional back with a comfortable Velcro strap of a flex loop to adjust easily. Consequently, you will find these gloves incredible through all their fantastic features.


  1. Leather material coating. 
  2. Well suitable for adults
  3. Synthetic leather lining
  4. Right hand throw hand orientation


  • You can play in any position you wish while wearing these gloves.
  • It is perfect for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professionals.
  • Scooping up the grounders and grabbing the flying balls is relatively easy.
  • You can fit and adjust your gloves with their customized fitting traits.
  • Plenty of various series can expand your limit of choice.


  • Its thick leather will keep your hands more than warm, and your hands will start sweating.

2. Rawlings T-Ball Gloves

If your kid is a first-time player who needs extra care costumes, the Rawlings T-Ball gloves are for him. According to its name, you may understand, this set of gloves is the best suit for T-Ball players. And, as per the reputation and popularity of the Rawlings brand, the quality is

It is the best fit for youth and beginners. This set of gloves has 9 inches of player series to offer fundamental defensive play for your kid. Here, you will get the highest safety way out that is urgently needed for the kids.

Rawlings T-Ball Gloves (For Kid)

Besides, it will give you a right-hand through with a left-hand glove and vice versa. Also, it will feel effortless to catch the flying balls and scoop up the grounders in terms of its soft shells. It will never make you hurt on your palm while catching due to its softness and basket web shapes.


  1. Multiple Variant color
  2. Suitable for 3 to 5 years kids
  3. Flexible lining and shells for the most comfortable
  4. The material is leather coated
  5. Lining description has come with Vinyl


  • The Rawlings T-Ball Gloves are lightweight to carry for a longer time.
  • You can use them for a long-term solution to utilize your investment.
  • It has a vinyl design to add optimal balance while catching the ball.
  • Wearing these gloves will make them feel easy to close.
  • It has the features of a training ball with a soft core.


  • Way too small for a 5-year kid. So, you have to be sure about the size before ordering online.

3. Mizuno MVP Prime SE8 Baseball Glove Series

If you are looking for a legit set of gloves, I want to assure you that the Mizuno MVP Prime SE8 will be the top of what you will invest in. It is top-quality baseball equipment for supreme functional comfort-ability. The most pretty and impressive accessories you will get at this tier.

However, the bio soft leather of this glove has all the professional balance of softness and oil. Therefore, it will make sure an exceptional feel while playing. Besides, it is well suitable to fulfill your firm’s controlling demand. In a word, it is the best baseball gloves for adults. 

  Mizuno MVP Prime SE8 Baseball Glove Series

Besides, the color settings have a pop design for a stand-out look in the field, making you feel the same as a pro-level player. The gloves have got the professional and durable lace with embroidered logo. And, it is another reason to make your gloves a premium and rich look.

It’s a requirement for gloves to get good stability for your thumb comfort-ability. The Mizuno MVP Prime SE8 has a solid and prime edge design that will help you create more stability.


  1. Coating- Leather lining coating
  2. Maximum size- 1250
  3. Hand Orientation- Right-hand throw orientation
  4. Model Year-2019


  • It is the gloves for dads who want a set of gloves throughout their kids’ careers.
  • This set of gloves will give you a ready feel all the time.
  • Its sided padding system will ensure shock-absorbing benefits.
  • The size of these gloves is pocket-size and you can easily carry them in your pocket.
  • It will offer you enhanced transfer functionalities.


  • Its string can break after use for some days. That is why we recommend you check out the strings carefully before you buy them.

4. Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Gloves

When you need a set of gloves as a dad, you need them for both indoor and outdoor to fill your kid’s demand. In this case, the Franklin baseball gloves will exactly be what you are looking for. It will make your way easy and risk-free during your catching and throwing time, no matter whether you are in indoor or outdoor games.

What is more, these gloves have the features of two in one. For instance, you can easily use them for baseball and T-Ball. So, you need not buy another pair of gloves for a T-Ball game. It is a pretty money-saving accessory. Needless to say, it will help you increase your throwing and catching skills as well.

Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Gloves

However, we notify you to wear your right hand while using the left-hand throwing gloves. And, while using the right-hand throwing gloves, wear them on your left hand. However, the unique color scheme of these gloves separates them for boys and girls. As a result, you have the option to choose whether your kid is a boy or a girl.

Most importantly, these gloves can be your great assistance as a beginner. For that reason, you will get your comfort in the field that will allow you to be stress-free in the field.


  1. It has come with a PU spongy foam ball
  2. Perfect for the adjustability of wrist
  3. Its RTP will allow you to play right from the shelf
  4. Play a vital role as the starter


  • It is incredibly lightweight to carry for long-time games.
  • It combines PVC to let you play with ease and maximum comfort.
  • You will not have any break-in-time while fielding wearing these gloves.
  • The super-soft materials will keep your palm stress-less.
  • You can make a trouble-free fielding any time you start your game.


  • It is a bit uncomfortable for big size hands.

Standard Measurement in Baseball Gloves for a Good Position?

You will get five different leading positions in the baseball game. And, you have to be aware of these five positions while playing. These positions are- infielder, outfielder, pitcher, catcher, first baseman. In this case, recognizing your position before choosing your gloves is very important. This will make your way easier for what type of glove you need. We will give you a quick idea of the gloves’ measurements for different positions. 

Let’s see:

  • Infielder- 11.75″ maximum for a standard size.
  • Outfielder- 12.75″ maximum for a standard size.
  • Catcher- 32″ maximum the catcher’s mitt size.
  • Pitcher- 11.75″ maximum
  • First Baseman- it should be 13″ long at least.

How To Buy Baseball Gloves for Dads

The baseball glove’s build quality is essential to get long-term use-ability. Besides, you must consider the glove’s deliberate position. There are many vital sides to recognizing quality baseball gloves. Let’s see what you should focus on-

Identify the Position

Your field position is important, though; it is also tough to determine. It is because the type of gloves that you need depends on the position. It means that different positions need particular gloves. In this case, you have to identify your position first.

Identify the Types

There are 5 main types of baseball gloves. Among these 5 types, you have to identify which type you require. Let’s introduce the types with you.

  1. Infield Gloves
  2. Pitcher’s Gloves
  3. Outfield Gloves
  4. Utility Gloves
  5. Catcher’s Gloves

Parts of Gloves

A baseball glove comes with all the significant parts that mean for various purposes to catch the ball. You should know which parts require what purpose to meet your playing needs. Let’s see which features are for which purpose-

Web– This part will help you connect your fingers and thumbs to control the ball. Check out the web properly while buying your gloves.

Palm– It will give you paramount protection through its paddle.

Heel– The heel is the bottom part of gloves that is existed in the palm side. It will help you determine the break.

Lacing– This part is vital for offering perfect shapes. We recommend you choose leather here to get the ideal lacing.

Hings– Check out the things whether it is flexible enough to close and open with ease. These 5 parts are essential to make sure of quality gloves.


Material is another essential factor to get quality accessories, durability, and comfort. In the case of baseball gloves, materials play a fundamental role. At this point, we recommend you choose synthetic leather to get the most lightweight feature for your kids and also for you. It is even easy to carry.

But, if you want to get an easy break-in, you have to take oil-treated leather. Pro or premium leather, on the other hand, will ensure top quality, durability, craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort.

Fitness and Style

Commonly, choosing a perfect glove depends on three critical measures. These are age, field position, and personal preference. Still, we have the following instructions for you to follow-


You have to make sure the gloves you have chosen fit strongly. Don’t buy your gloves oversized because it will hinder your performance.


While your glove makes you feel stiff, it will enhance your strength for quick control and responding. So, here, you have to focus on the stiffness.


Choose an elegant style that will give you an excellent feeling of confidence.


How long can a set of baseball gloves with leather last?

It completely depends on how many sessions you will play using the same gloves, besides how you will take care of your pair of gloves. But, at rest, there is a specific answer like you can use your pair of gloves for 5 to 6 sessions. But, you must keep it with proper care, or else your gloves will dry out, and it will also be creaked.

How big/small should I choose my baseball gloves for my kid or me?

Whether you need to buy the gloves for your kid or you, there is a specific size measurement policy. Determine the tip from the finger along with palm to heel. If you require a catcher’s mitt, the sizing should be between 32.5 to 34 inches maximum. Most of the big-size gloves come with more than 12.5″ bigger.

Besides, while choosing for kids, you can again measure the size indicating their age. For instance, 5 to 6 years of kids require 10 to 10.5 inches gloves. At the same time, the measurement stands on 11 to 11.5 inches for a 12 years kid.

How often does a pair of gloves require conditioning?

Well, approximately four times conditioning is perfect for each season that will keep your components top-notch the whole year. But, make sure you are not over conditioning your equipment because your over caring can make the pair of gloves detrimental.

What is more, wipe all the dust using a soft brush or a piece of clothes following each use. And, we suggest you store it at a standard room temperature that will make sure a dry place. 

What is the best way to store gloves for an extended period?

While you need to store your gloves for a long time, you have to keep them in a dry place. And, you shouldn’t place it in your equipment bag along with other components. If you see the gloves getting wet, let them dry naturally in the air. Avoid placing it around the heater because the different temperatures will damage the gloves faster than usual.

How can I dry my baseball glove fast?

Following several practical steps, you can dry faster easily. Follow the steps given below-

Step-1 – To immerse the moisture, you can use a heavy towel.

Step-2– You can keep it under your fan for faster drying.

Step-3– Rehydrating is another way to dry the gloves faster. In this case, you can use glove oil to help you rehydrate quickly.

Step-4– You should ignore using heat.

To Wrap Up

You never want poor-quality baseball gloves while playing with your youngsters as a dad. So, we anticipate you have found our article useful with all the essential information for the best baseball gloves for dads. Indicating the quality, you will get our top selections perfect for you. And, it will help you save time from searching in so many sources as we have made a concise but helpful top-list.

The top products we have selected are budget-friendly as well. Therefore, if you have a tight budget, you need not worry. You can afford any of our baseball-chosen gloves with simplicity. All the best to you and your kid!