Best Youth Softball Gloves

Softball is a team game very similar to Softball Gloves but played in smaller dimensions and with different equipment. Unknown to many, it is an activity in full swing in many countries outside of the US, most notably in Japan. In fact, this game was included in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!

Softball is a sport practiced by many people around the world, especially women and youth, both in professional competitions and at the amateur level. Its origin comes from the need to play baseball in a closed field to avoid the adversities of the weather, although today it is done outdoors.

Bearing in mind the increasing popularity of this game around the world, here are some recommended models for young people and a quick guide on how to choose your first gloves.

1. Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth Softball Glove

In this fantastic Mizuno series, you can choose whether to buy a left-hand or right-hand throwing glove, as well as the size between 10″, 11″, and 11.5″, all of which are perfect for young people.

Speaking of choices, you can also choose the color patterns between black/silver, grey/white, and white/black/pink. In other words, these are gloves for both left and right-handed boys and girls.

The gloves are made of high-quality leather, both on the front and the back of the glove. The front is made of full-grain leather while the back is made of pigskin. Leather gloves are always sturdy enough for fast-pitching and durable enough to last long.

In addition, PU and MZO lining are included around the palm area to improve the feel and ventilation of the hands. In other words, these are flexible, sturdy gloves that disperse perspiration and keep the hands dry and intact.

These gloves were made in collaboration with the legendary Jennie Finch, who won many medals throughout her career. Can’t be bad, right?

It should be noted that these gloves are for kids under the age of 10.


  • Made of high-quality leather for better impact absorption.
  • Linings are made to keep the glove flexible and breathable.
  • Great feel.
  • Made in collaboration with one great softball player.


  • Only for under-teenage kids.

2. Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series

A newer model from Rawlings has shown to be quite good for young softball players. The Sure Catch gloves are suitable for boys and girls of various age groups since the gloves can come in 10″, 10.5″, 11″, 11.5″, 12″, and 12.5″ sizes! Of course, you can choose whether you want a left-hand or right-hand throw glove.

The glove color patterns might suggest these gloves are preferably for girls because they come in purple/grey/white, pink/grey/white, and teal/grey/white combinations. But they can be used by the boys as well. Speaking of design, it is one of the nicest gloves we’ve seen.

The company advertises these gloves to be suitable for kids from the age of 4 to 11, and by the variety of sizes offered, it just might be true. It all depends on how big or small your kid’s hands are.

These universal gloves are suitable for all positions, making them perfect for kids who are still undecided on where they will play on the field. Being universal, they need to be flexible, strong, and of regular size in order to cover all the positions. And they are.

Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Softball Glove Series


  • Universal gloves for both left and right-handed boys and girls.
  • All-leather material.
  • Flexible, durable, reinforced where needed.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Fully closed gloves.

3. Rawlings Fastpitch Series 11.5″ Softball Infield Glove Mitt Left Hand Throw

Another model from Rawlings, only this time it is not universal but rather has a specific purpose, as could be said from the name.

This is an 11.5-inch glove made for right-hand throw. Although it has many similarities in looks to the previously mentioned model, this glove is made for infield positions. Maybe the color brown, the color this glove is made in, suggests the infield play (the color is close to that of dirt).

The whole glove is made out of leather, making it sturdy, durable, and great for ball catching. The whole palm area is doubly reinforced in order to absorb ball hits better. The leather material is always durable and these gloves should last as long as your kid can wear them (kids often outgrow 11.5” gloves around the age of 6-7).

But being leather also means that they are flexible enough to comfortably grab the ball and release it when needed to be thrown. This is great as young ones will need to learn basics in time and this glove mitt will provide just that feel the child needs.


  • Lightweight, durable, sturdy, flexible.
  • Made of real leather.
  • Palm lining improves grip control.
  • Easy to take on/off.


  • They come in one size and are therefore of limited use.

4. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves

Much like all the gloves on this list, Franklin Sports Fastpitch gloves are made for both right and left-hand throwing. They come in sizes from 11” to 13”, making them suitable for a wide range of kids.

They come in three color combinations – black with lime, black with pink, and white with gold. The first is quite popular with boys, the second with girls, and the final one is unisex, and honestly, our favorite.

But unlike the previously mentioned models, this glove is not made of leather but mesh. This technical material is specifically designed to create the best performance suitable for baseball/softball. It is lightweight and flexible, just what pitchers need.

The glove is perfectly cut for all 5 fingers and the wrist closure will allow better tightness. The palm area is both sturdy and soft, meaning the player won’t get hurt by catching fastballs but will feel the ball entering the glove and have a great grip as well.

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves


  • Mesh material for better elasticity and feel.
  • Lightweight and perfect fit.
  • Great wrist close mechanism.
  • Suitable for both boys and girls who play infield positions.


  • Lacks reinforcement and padding.

5. Louisville Slugger 2019 Diva Fastpitch Glove Series

Last but not least, here is one more great glove for infield girl players. This one comes in just one size, and that is 10.5″, which can only be worn for a while. Being pink and grey, it is also quite popular among girls only.

But its limitations aside, this one is a great glove from Louisville, a well-known company in the baseball and softball world. It comes either for a left-hand throw or a right-hand throw. It is made of pigskin leather for a softer touch and a Mesh material on the top for better flexibility and ventilation. The combination seems magnificent and it is, based on various positive feedback around the world.

The web design, apart from being flexible and breathable, is also eye-catching. The combination with the color pink adds to the overall fantastic appearance.

The wrist straps will fix the glove onto your hand and there will be no slipping off. The reinforced palm area will keep bruises away.


  • One of the best softball gloves for girls.
  • A combination of mesh and leather for great performance.
  • Looks awesome.


  • The size is easily outgrown.

What to look at before buying a Youth Softball Gloves

If you decide to work on softball in earnest in school club activities, the first thing you want to get his gloves. However, those who have no experience with softball have too many choices and get lost.

When buying gloves for softball, you will need to know basic recommendations. In further text, we will introduce points on how to choose recommended softball gloves to ease your concerns. The points will include the differences between baseball and softball gloves, the characteristics of the gloves depending on the position, and how they should feel. It is very important to find a glove that suits your style to best improve your softball skills.

Choose softball gloves

If you buy softball gloves, you don’t want to fail. However, when you purchase for the first time, you don’t know what and how to choose them. When choosing a softball glove, it is recommended to be aware of the following points.

  • Determined by the ease of grip.
  • Determined by thickness.
  • Determined by the material of the glove.
  • [Junior only] Choose a slightly larger size.
  • Determined by length and pocket depth.
  • Choose a typed glove.
  • Choose the model of your favorite player.
  • Determine by position.
  • Choose by color and design.

Determined by the ease of grip

When choosing a softball glove, the feel of the fit is important. Even if the glove is in the same position, the shape when gripping it will differ depending on the glove. Therefore it is a good idea to ask a clerk at a sporting goods store to try it on and open and close it before selecting it.

Determined by thickness

The role of the glove is to protect your hand from the impact of catching a ball but it is not enough to just choose a thick one as it will be heavier and less operable.

If you don’t like the pain, you can choose thick gloves, but if you want to emphasize the feeling and lightness of your hands, we recommend choosing thin gloves.

Determined by the material of the glove

There are three main types of glove materials: natural genuine leather, artificial leather, and mesh. Natural genuine leather is especially recommended, and the more you use it, the more you will get used to it. Also, since the mesh material is light, it is recommended for those who prefer speed-oriented play.

Choose a slightly larger size [Junior only]

For juniors, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger glove. Especially from the lower grades to the upper grades of elementary school, the size of the hand tends to change. It is economical to not make it too small.

Determined by length and pocket depth

The length of the softball glove and the depth of the pocket is also important when choosing. Long gloves can catch a wider range of balls, and deep glove pockets can catch even a little irregularity.

However, long gloves and deep gloves make it difficult to change the grip of the ball, which may slow down the speed from catching to throwing.

Choose a typed glove

If you want to use it immediately in a softball game, we recommend gloves that have been softened from the beginning. On the other hand, if you want to take the time to tailor the gloves to suit you, we recommend hard gloves.

However, even if you choose hard gloves, you can also use hot water at a sporting goods store to soften them.

Choose the model of your favorite player

One way is to choose the gloves of a famous player model. If it is a pitcher, the glove of the pitcher legend in the softball world will be on sale.

Also, even if the dedicated model is not on sale, the manufacturer and type of gloves used on the HP of the team to which you belong may be listed.

Determine by position

The gloves and mitts that are suitable for each position will differ. Know the type of play required for each position before choosing a glove.

Also, if you are just starting with softball, we recommend choosing an all-around glove for all positions, if you don’t want to spend big on several different gloves, which is also recommended if you are financially able to do so.

Choose by color and design

If you are buying a softball glove for the first time, you want to use it with emotional attachment. It is also recommended to choose gloves with a design that you like with an emphasis on design.


What are the characteristics of softball gloves and positions?

When choosing a softball glove, be aware of the characteristics of each position. The play required for each defensive position is different, such as catching a ball hit by enormous force and a quick change of grip. It is recommended to choose the glove that suits your position.

What is the difference between baseball and softball gloves?

Do you know what the characteristics of softball gloves are in the first place? In fact, there is no big difference between softball and baseball gloves in terms of functionality and design.

You can use baseball gloves in softball games, but the biggest difference is the size of the glove pockets. Softball uses a ball that is two times larger than baseball. Therefore, it is possible that the ball cannot be caught by the baseball glove and the ball may be dropped. Get your softball gloves as soon as possible.

What are baseball and softball ball sizes?

The No. 2 ball used in the junior class of softball is 9.1 cm in diameter, and the No. 3 ball used by junior high school students to working adults is 9.7 cm in diameter. You can see that softball uses a much larger ball than a baseball ball with a diameter of 7.2 cm.

Who uses gloves and who uses bats?

The offensive team is the one that hits the ball. The players only do it once per turn and for this, they use a bat. After hitting the ball with the bat, the player must run to the first base and go around the rest. The defensive team will wear gloves and try to catch the hit ball and complete their job faster.

Why is important to have a good softball glove?

Gloves are a very important piece of equipment because a defensive catch must be safe and fast, and time is everything here. A good defense will lead to softball hitters and runners being eliminated, and a good defense needs good gloves. The ways to eliminate hitters and runners are:

  • If they catch the ball in the air: if when hitting the ball it is caught by a member of the defensive team before it touches the ground, the batter will be eliminated.
  • When the runner is touched with the ball: If the runner is touched with the ball before reaching a base, he must leave the field.
  • If they land the ball on the base: If a defensive player catches the ball and touches the base with it before the runner arrives, it is nullified, so the player will be eliminated.
  • Three strikes: hitting the ball badly, not hitting it, or throwing it outside the delimited lateral zones, is a strike, and when there are three in a row the participant is expelled from the game.

Final Words

A softball glove is the player’s best friend on the field. With the right glove, they can line up more balls and get the ball out of the glove with ease for a quick shot. It is important to choose the correct style, size, and type of softball glove so that the player can reach their full potential on the field.

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