Best Football Lineman Gloves (Ultimate Review & Guide)

Being a lineman in a football team means embracing crucial tasks in offense and defense on the field line. The football game could be very competitive and it’s possible to shift into an aggressive one.

At this point, it’s very important to get the best football lineman gloves to support your playing style on the field. With tons of products available in the market, you’d need proper product suggestions and buying guides to get the best lineman gloves. Keep reading this article and find your answers.

6 Best Football Lineman Gloves Review

1. Seibertron Lineman 2.0

Seibertron Lineman 2.0 is a football receiver glove with a padded palm. It’s a lineman glove with ambidextrous hand orientation. Coming with an extra size range, Seiberton Lineman 2.0 apparently also offer wearers more advantages that can support their tasks in the field. Most importantly,  Seiberton Lineman 2.0 comes with dual protection which is very important for linemen.

Padded palm and Flexible TPR Impact Protection

The palm side of the gloves is padded to allow your hand to resist vibrations coming from the ball. This feature not only gives you a better grip but also improves your endurance and overall performance for active tasks.

Seiberton Lineman 2.0 comes with patented flexible TPR impact protection to secure the wearer’s back of the hand. They’re also designed to be soft to provide more comfort when worn in the field. At this point, Seibertron Lineman 2.0 covers protection for both sides of your hands which is a big deal if you’re an active lineman.

Secure and Adjustable Fit

Despite providing sizes that can fit your hands, Seiberton Lineman 2.0 comes with an injection molded rubber tab, hook, and loop. These allow you to adjust and achieve secure fitness when wearing gloves in the field. This feature also helps you avoid hazardous performance with the gloves from slipping off.


  • Double protection: palm and back of the hand
  • Perfect grip
  • Adjustable fitness with hook and loop
  • Adult and youth sizes are available


  • Apparently not suitable for offensive and defensive linemen

2. Cutters Lineman Gloves

Cutters offer football gloves for linemen that come with enhancements on the construction, materials, and designs. It’s still a padded lineman glove but with a more streamlined and engineered design. Cutters lineman gloves have met SFIA for NFHS/NCAA play which makes it ideal for college or high school football play.

C-Tack for perfect grip

Cutters Lineman Gloves already use C-Tack material on pivotal parts of the gloves to enhance both the player’s grip and protection. You can find the material is implemented on the palm, thumb, and finger patch. These allow you to have perfect grip when playing on the field as the lineman. The particular material is actually versatile because it can provide both a nice grip and plays as a protective property.

Securely fit

We can also adore the fitness of the Cutters Lineman Gloves since the manufacturer has carefully thought about the design. It’s very important that linemen have securely fit gloves to maintain their best performance and prevent hazardous actions. Cutters Lineman Gloves achieve this secure lock with a double wrist strap which is also adjustable.

Enhanced protection

On the glove’s lower back of the hand, you can find the compressed foam installed to enhance the protection further on this part. These would absorb or at least cushion the back of your hand for any possible hit. At this point, you can minimize unexpected injuries driven by your tasks as a lineman.


  • C Tack material
  • Securely fit wrist
  • Great overall design
  • Double protection
  • Nice grip


  • Only adult sizes are available
  • Not strong enough for aggressive use

3. Adidas Scorch Destroy 2

Adidas Scorch Destroy 2 is a well-engineered football player made from complex ingredients to provide the best lineman performance in the field.

Unparalleled grip

As you might have known, unparalleled grips are essential for lineman tasks. That’s what Adidas Scorch Destroy 2 can do for you. It comes with Adidas’ GripTack palm technology to achieve exceptional gripping performance. No more slipping and you can definitely improve the accuracy on controlling the ball as a lineman in the game.  

Full impact protection on both sides

Adidas Scorch Destroy 2 is designed for an aggressive lineman with the fact that it comes with full impact protection on both sides of the gloves. On the palm side, you can find the high-density injection molded jam pad that would also improve comfort and durability.

The back of the hand is also padded but in a more strategic way. The upper side of the palm was padded in three parts while the fingers were padded individually. This particular setting not only gives back of hand decent protection but also allows you to keep a range of motion in the field.

Securely fit

Adidas Scorch Destroy 2 securely fits all hands with the proper size. It comes with an injection molded rubber band that allows an adjustable yet secure fit. The custom-fit is also supported with techfit back of hand base layer. These would allow your gloves to remain intact even if you’re in an aggressive match.


  • Exceptional grip for linemen
  • Well-engineered
  • Securely fit
  • Comfortable
  • Full protection on both sides


  • Durability issues
  • Only adult sizes are available

4. Adidas Freak Max

Adidas Freak Max is another lineman glove product that comes with an exceptional impact absorption feature. It’s slightly bulky than the previous product but the gloves actually offer more advantages you may consider for playing in the field. Again, Adidas just came into the market with a well-engineered product. 

Adidas Freak Max

Back and palm protection

Just like the previous product, Adidas Freak Max comes with high-density molded padding installed on the palm and the back of the hand side. These pads are engineered and strategically applied so it can absorb most of the impacts while still giving the motions you need to perform as a lineman.

The ultimate fit

Regardless of the bulky design, Adidas Freak Max offers an ultimate fit with the four-way back of hand compression fit. This allows you to securely fit the gloves with your hand to keep them intact in the game but still also provides you with a comfortable fit. You can also expect ultimate wrist support with the whole construction of the gloves.

All-Weather lineman

As a lineman, there’s no excuse to play in dry, wet, or whatever weather it is. Adidas Freak Max comes with wicking material for the outer and inner sides. We’ve found that Adidas Freak Max would keep your hands dry regardless of the temperature and humidity of the field. At this point, you keep the best performance in the game as the lineman.


  • Nice grip
  • Full protection and optimum impact absorption
  • All-weather compatibility
  • Semi-professional grade
  • Not sticky, perfect for lineman


  • Not washable
  • Adult size only
  • Some QC Issues

Tips for making football gloves more sticky and clean your football gloves easily

5. Cutters game day

Cutters Game Day is another padded football glove product for linemen on our list. It’s also listed as a football glove for all-purpose players which is also a sign that it’s not strictly designed for the linemen. However, Cutters Game Day actually comes with perks that you may turn out beneficial for lineman’s tasks on the field.

Superb linemen grip

When it comes to linemen’s performance, Cutters Game Day comes with grip enhancements. We can say that it has a lineman-man tacky grip that is adequate to hold and control the ball but not too sticky like the receiver’s gloves. It has a so-called Speed grip silicone palm that technically narrows the gap between your hand touch and the ball. At this point, you can expect a more responsive performance even though the aggressiveness is still questionable.

Ultra fit and comfort

Cutters Game Day gloves are certainly not a bulky glove product probably because it’s also tagged as “all-purpose” gloves as well. The skin-tight fit design allows a streamlined motion and enhances the grip a little bit further. This setting also allows Cutters Game Day gloves to keep the lightweight design while providing comfort to your hand with the consistent airflow on the design.

Range of compliance

The gloves comply with SFIA standards that allow you to wear the pair for higher-level games. At this point, Cutters Game Day gloves are ideal for college and semi-professional games. While it does appear convincing on the paper, unfortunately, many players experience tears and wear pretty soon. 


  • Nice grip with speed enhancement
  • Comfortable and good fit
  • Semi-professional grade
  • All-purpose design
  • Streamlined design


  • Has less lineman sense
  • Durability issues for aggressive wear

6. Adidas NastyFAST

Adidas NastyFAST is tagged as an adult football lineman glove coming in two sizes for adults. The hook-and-loop construction isn’t the only attraction of the gloves, because the pair actually bring several advanced technologies from Adidas. Generally speaking, the gloves are designed for performance and protection which are two crucial elements for linemen performance.

Adidas NastyFAST

Tough construction

Adidas NastyFAST could have been the most heavy-duty lineman gloves in this list, thanks for the use of lycra shell material. It’s applied to the sectional paddings on the gloves so you can expect exceptional comfort and protection. This allows direct contact absorption that reduces the chances of being injured.

Exceptional grip

Adidas NastyFAST already comes with GripTack technology on the palm sides which is ideal for linemen. You can expect an improved grip and control over the ball regardless of the weather conditions during the matches. Most importantly, it does provide you with a cutting-edge gripping performance that isn’t too sticky.

Ultimate wrist support

The wrist support in Adidas NastyFAST works to provide not only aid but also a perfect fit. It certainly keeps you from injuring your wrist during the game. The gloves would help you thrive in more competitive football games as the linemen with these supports.


  • Engineered palm, back of the hand, and wrist support
  • High performance and comfortable
  • Ventilated material for all-time dry and cool hands
  • Durable material
  • NOCSAE compliance


  • A little bit bulkier
  • Only adult sizes are available

Difference between lineman gloves and receiver gloves

Protecting your hands while also providing you with an extra grip to control the ball helps you perform better on and off the field during football season. The best football lineman gloves should provide either more protection or more grip, depending on your requirements when playing on the field. Other variables to consider are weight, flexibility, and the fitness of the gloves which also affect the general performance of each player.

Lineman Gloves

Linemen receive the most damaging hits on the field, therefore it’s important that their gloves be designed sturdy to protect their hands and fingers from injury, abrasions, and hyperextension when playing football. The following are common characteristics of lineman gloves:

  1. They’re designed to prevent the fingers from bending back when holding back the other line, rigid frames and finger stays are used in conjunction.
  2. The tackiness on the palm side is very minimal or even absences
  3. Materials that are heavier and more durable than receiver gloves, allowing them to resist it more.
  4. Protection from hits or hard contacts has been improved on the palm and backhand of the glove.

Receiver Gloves

Receivers gloves are essential for the particular positions

The gloves for receivers need to be able to control and hold onto the ball while remaining lightweight and improving their agility in the field. A number of features are included in gloves made specifically for these players:

  1. The palm grip is way more improved than lineman gloves
  2. Tack that is extended from the palm, around the fingers, and up the thumb.
  3. The back of the hand has a light padding to protect it from impacting something heavy.
  4. Construction of the gloves must be both lightweight and adaptable.

How To Buy Football Lineman Gloves

To choose the greatest lineman football gloves, you’ll need a good resource. You can only perform at your best if you use high-quality gloves. This information will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a football glove. Gloves, like the linemen, are critical to a lineman’s performance, and as such, you deserve the greatest quality available to help you achieve your goals in your football career.

Straightforwardly Lineman Gloves

Football gloves for receivers and linemen are distinct, as should be noticed. If you buy improper gloves, you may not be able to control the ball as well. There are certain manufacturers who clearly label their products as either a receiver or a lineman’s glove. You can straightforwardly go for lineman gloves and start from there.

Pay Attention to Size Chart

Size is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a lineman glove. Your performance as a lineman is greatly influenced by the fit of the gloves you use. Despite the fact that most gloves have a degree of flexibility built-in. Make sure that the product is available in the right size for you before making a purchase. To determine the proper glove size, you’ll need to take measurements of your palms and thumbs accurately.

Durable Materials

If you want to receive your best, you’ll need breathable gloves. It increases your range of motion and allows you to move freely. The material should be able to keep your hand warm in the winter as well as keep the heat trapped. The entire approach ensures that you get the best products available.

Tack Capabilities and Specification

Football receiver gloves must have an excellent grip in order to be effective. Advanced technologies were employed by several manufacturers to improve the grip of their items. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to test the gloves in person, you can still read the product reviews or customer feedback. Check to see if the gloves are water-resistant.

Perfect Fit and Adjustability

Lineman’s tasks in the field could be rough and aggressive, the gloves must not only have a nice grip but should be also adjustable to achieve the perfect fit. Lousy gloves can decrease the performance and also increase the injury possibility.

The Structure and Design

The general design and structure of the gloves can also be taken into consideration to ensure that you get the best product. Consider, for example, what the glove’s manufacturer has done to address typical challenges encountered by linemen in the field. The construction must be able to absorb shock and protect your hand in addition to providing a superb grip.


You can now select a budget for lineman football gloves after considering all the technical factors. Gloves can be inexpensive or expensive depending on your budget, but the most important thing is that you know what you’re getting and that you’re getting the most bang for your buck by purchasing the perfect product. In addition, it is important to note that pricing may vary depending on the size of the product, even if they are the same.


How do football lineman gloves protect the player?

Football gloves protect the hands of players from a variety of potentially hazardous conditions in the field. Their padding can help prevent hand and finger injuries or damage from snagging on any direct contact with the opponents, equipment, or other possible damages.

Can a lineman use football receiver gloves instead?

Lineman gloves will be the thickest you can find in the market. They typically appear bulkier than receiver gloves. Lineman gloves have thicker or even double wrist straps, whereas receiver gloves have smaller wrist wraps to promote flexibility. These are essential for preventing a lineman’s wrist from hyperextending on impact during each play, especially on aggressive and highly competitive matches.

How do you size football lineman gloves?

Generally speaking, you’d need to measure the palm circumferences, fingers, and thumb. Always use the size chart provided by the manufacturer or seller to match up your measurement. Unless you’ve purchased the product from the same manufacturer, it’s also recommended to up by one size.

Final Word

It can be concluded that the best football lineman gloves are the ones that allow proper control with moderate tackiness and a low level of stickiness. It’s very important to get the actual lineman gloves instead of compensating with all-purpose or receiver gloves.

The size, construction, protection(back of hand, and palm), grip, and other factors need to be considered to purchase the lineman gloves. Despite the preferences, you must only choose the perfect, securely fit gloves.