Best Gloves For Snow Shoveling

A thick layer of snow creates a beautiful wonderland in the winter season. But how do you feel when you find it on your sidewalks and driveways? It is undoubtedly dreadful, as you cannot drive your car until you remove the snow. gloves for snow shoveling snow may not be an easy task.

Still, you can reduce your stress by wearing some comfortable gloves. Buy the best gloves for snow shoveling and keep your hands safe. The right pair of snow shoveling gloves will also ensure protection.

However, it is time-consuming to find premium quality snow shoveling gloves.

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9 Gloves For Snow Shoveling Review

1. Ski & Snow Gloves – Waterproof & Windproof Winter Gloves 

These affordable gloves will keep your hands warm while shoveling snow. We have placed them on the top of the list due to their innovative design and distinctive features. Ski & snow has used synthetic leather to design the palm side of these gloves.

Moreover, you can grip your shoveling tool while wearing these gloves. The cuffs are long to save your hands from the cold air. The dual-faced leather has also made the gloves abrasion-resistant.

These water-resistant snow-shoveling gloves prevent moisture from getting inside. It is not easy to shovel the snow with cold fingers. That is why you must have these gloves with you.

There is no issue with the durability of the snow shoveling gloves. The reinforced design has nylon on the outer side. Furthermore, the gloves have dual seams to ensure a high level of strength. The TPU membrane plays an important role in preventing sweat and moisture buildups. While throwing the snowball and shoveling your driveway, you can put on these gloves.

The wrist buckle is adjustable to ensure that the gloves will fit properly. You can pull the drawstring to keep the snow out. There is also a nose wipe on the thumb of these winter gloves. You do not need to remove your gloves.

Another interesting feature is the anti-loss buckles, which reduce the risk of losing your gloves.


  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Hidden elastic straps
  • Cold-resistant design


  • Need a better waterproofing design

2. MMlove Electric Heated Gloves for Men and Women

MMlove has designed a pair of reliable snow shoveling gloves with quality materials. It has chosen some heating elements to cover the fingers and backside of your hands. Those with arthritic problems and low blood circulation can put on these gloves.

While other gloves have synthetic materials, these gloves have authentic cotton. You will feel comfortable throughout the chilly winter day.

The best part is that the gloves include 3 temperature settings to ensure warmth to your hands. The highest setting is 140F. After buying the gloves, you must charge the batteries for at least 10 hours. When the batteries are 100% charged, you will find a green signal. Initially, you must set the temperature to high for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you may adjust the setting.

The touch sensors of these battery-operated gloves are on the index finger and thumb. You will be able to operate your touch-sensitive mobile screen while wearing the gloves. However, it is vital to ensure that batteries are working correctly.

Due to the multiple-layer lining, the gloves have a waterproof design. You may also put on these gloves on rainy days. Manufacturers have used sponges and cotton for the lining to create an insulated structure.


  • High-quality lithium-polymer battery
  • Thermal retention
  • Non-slip design
  • Touchscreen fingertips


  • No size options

3. Men’s HydraHyde Winter Work Gloves

Several customers have chosen this product as one of the best gloves for snow shoveling. Made of synthetic leather, these winter gloves will keep your hands warm. These snow shoveling gloves are also useful for some other purposes. You can use them while dealing with construction jobs on the cold winter days.

To design the palm section, manufacturers have used heavy-duty leather. That is why there is minimal risk of wear and tear. The most important thing is that these HydraHyde work gloves have a breathable and water-resistant design. This HydraHyde leather has gone through a special tanning process, and that’s why it is different from standard leathers.

As the backside has spandex, it has a stretchy design. Moreover, the wrist closure is adjustable, and thus, you will have a proper fit with this pair of gloves.

The insulated gloves for the snow shoveling task have Thinsulate materials. The fleece lining is also heavy, and you will feel comfortable due to the breathable glove insert.

Another exciting thing is the reflective tape, which is useful in a dimly light environment. While you are shoveling the road under dark conditions, the reflective piping will ensure safety.


  • Treated leather
  • Touchscreen glove technology
  • Heavy-duty palm patching


  • Slightly bulky

4. SKYDEER Genuine Deerskin Leather Snow Shoveling Gloves

SKYDEER gloves provide your hands with an optimal level of protection. You can save your hands from the harsh winter conditions. Up to -40F, the gloves will keep your hands warm. To deal with snow shoveling tasks and other winter activities, you can wear these gloves.  High-performance gloves are also the right choice for winter sports lovers.

The use of deerskin leather has made these gloves comfortable to wear. Use clear water to wash the leather without the risk of losing color.

However, the genuine deerskin is also durable, and it can resist vibration and impact. As it is a skin-friendly material, it will not irritate your skin. The gloves have moisture-wicking layers to keep your palms and fingers sweat-free.

SKYDEER has paid special attention to the insulated design of the gloves. It has added multiple thermal preservation layers to every part, including the interior and backside of the gloves. The weight of Thinsulate Insulation materials is about 150g. The special lining will protect your hands on the coldest days.

The thermal materials comprise 5 layers, and that’s why you will find superior protection. While you are shoveling snow, these gloves will resist impact and vibration.

Like other snow shoveling gloves, SKYDEER gloves include a strap to snug them around your wrists. The strap is also important for deterring snow, wind, and other weather elements from entering the interior of the gloves.

Overall, SKYDEER winter gloves are stylish and enable you to beat the cold in unfavorable weather conditions. The combination of black and golden shades has created an elegant look.


  • Adjustable closure
  • Skin-friendly
  • Waterproof bladders
  • Breathable design


  • Need better construction

5. N’Ice Caps Men’s and Women’s Snow Shoveling Gloves

N’Ice Caps has designed snow-proof, waterproof, and windproof gloves. Truly, it is the most suitable choice for snow shoveling professionals. The high-quality gloves are made of 3M Thinsulate materials (around 100 grams).

In icy and snowy conditions, these gloves will keep your hands dry. You can comfortably remove the snow with the shoveling tool. The winter gloves have a lengthy gauntlet cuff that includes a lock. You may tuck your gloves under the coat sleeves. Due to these cuffs, snow will not get into your coat.

The specially designed gloves include grippers in the palm section, fingers, and thumbs. You can grip the tools without any issue. The fingers are slightly curved to ensure an ergonomic design.

The wrist part of the gloves has an elastic for a comfortable fit. Like other winter gloves, there is also a hook and loop closure for easy adjustability. Based on the wrist size, you may adjust the closure of your gloves. Although we have picked these gloves for the snow shoveling process, you may wear them during your snowboarding trips.

N’Ice Caps gloves have pleased several users, as they have softer fabrics. While the regular waterproof mittens are much stiff, these gloves are more comfortable to wear.


  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Good grip
  • Comprehensive weather protection
  • Waterproof


  • No compliant

6. Alpine Swiss Mens Waterproof Gauntlet Ski Gloves

Alpine Swiss snow shoveling gloves are best for those looking for an affordable option. We have found no problem with the quality and insulation capacity of the gloves. The waterproof and windproof gloves have 3M Thinsulate materials. However, the amount of insulation materials is about 40g, and it is lower than what we find in other winter gloves. Still, you will find these gloves useful for snow shoveling purposes.

Another reason for feeling warm is the soft interior fleece. You will feel cozy and like to wear these gloves for a longer period.

Alpine Swiss has claimed that these gloves have moisture-wicking capacity. While shoveling the snow, your gloves have a chance of getting wet. However, you will not find this issue with Alpine Swiss gloves. The palm side of these gloves has a TPU membrane to create a waterproof design. The 150 D polyester material is also durable, and you will get the optimal value from the gloves.

The outer side is breathable, and you will feel comfortable. But the interior side of the gloves will not lose the warmth. There is also an elastic strap to fit the gloves to your wrists.


  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof palms
  • Durable outer shell


  • Need better stitching

7. Ozero Winter Gloves -30°F Cold Proof Deerskin Gloves

We have picked one of the best snow shoveling gloves from Ozero. These reasonably priced gloves will protect your hands from the snow and other weather elements. There is no risk of getting your hands wet. The TPU membrane has made these gloves waterproof.

These gloves will keep your hands warm, as they have special Heatlok insulated cotton. The high-quality insulation materials will retain the warmth of the hands. Moreover, manufacturers have added soft polar fleece, which is soft napped insulating fabric.

We have checked the durability of the gloves made of genuine-quality deerskin suede leather. The best fact is that the deerskin has anti-slip properties, and thus, you will be able to grip the snow shoveling tools firmly. Manufacturers have perfectly designed windproof and waterproof designs. These gloves work best when the temperature ranges from 23F to 41F.

Due to durability, Ozero winter gloves are abrasion-resistant. Moreover, you will have no problem with the breathability of the gloves. The sweat-resistant gloves will make you feel comfortable.

One of the unique features is the double locking thermal material. Furthermore, the elastic material will fit your wrists tightly, and you will feel cozy. The knit cuff length is about 2.5 inches, and it ensures that the cuff will prevent the access of snow into your sleeves.

You may also wear these gloves while playing winter sports.

Ozero Winter Gloves -30°F Cold Proof Deerskin gloves for snow shoveling


  • A good level of thickness
  • Fleece lining
  • Easy to secure
  • Super thick windproof


  • Masculine design- Not really gender-neutral

8. Carhartt Men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt has earned fame for manufacturing high-quality winter gloves. As you cannot avoid shoveling the snow on your driveways, you may invest in these gloves. The Cold Snap gloves have a FastDry lining to prevent moisture buildup on your hands. You can continue shoveling snow for a longer period.

The moisture-wicking properties of these gloves have pleased several users. The material has built-in capillaries to absorb moisture. Thus, your hands will stay dry when you do some intense work.

The gloves have a durable poly tex shell, which is resistant to wind. However, they are also breathable and waterproof. The palm side has strong material that enables you to grip the tools properly. Nonetheless, the thumb and finger parts are made of goatskin. You will find them soft and smooth.

One demerit is that the wrist part may cause problems. There is no elastic band in the cuffs, and thus they are not insulated. You will feel the cold wind in this part. You can find buckles near the wrist.

These winter gloves are perfect for those who already have some additional skin liners. Users have claimed that they are roomy, and it is easy to insert the liner.

The logo across the knuckles has added a style to the gloves. There is also a nose wipe near the thumb panel.


  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • High-quality polyurethane


  • No elastic band

9. Golden Scute Waterproof Freezer Winter Work Gloves

We have chosen a pair of low-profile gloves with a minimalistic design. The latex coating has made these gloves waterproof, and you can keep your hands dry. The heavy-duty gloves also have a sandy finish. The sturdy gloves with solid texture are resistant to abrasion, puncture, blade cuts, and wear and tear.

The interior side of the winter gloves has acrylic fleece. Moreover, there is a good level of insulation to make you feel comfortable. The windproof gloves let you do any task easily.

The knitting technology is innovative, and the gloves are engineered to create rounded, smooth fingertips. The cuffs are perfectly knitted and ensure a tight fit. Although there is no drawstring, you will find no issue with the size and fit. Moreover, you may wear these gloves while removing debris and dirt.

Golden Scute Waterproof Freezer Winter Work Gloves for snow shoveling


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • High longevity


  • Small

What to look for before buying the snow shoveling gloves

Choosing the best pair of snow shoveling gloves is important. The versatile gloves are useful for several other purposes like skiing, ice climbing, and snowboarding. You can prevent your fingers from getting frigid.

Before purchasing your gloves, you must identify your purpose. It will enable you to find the right choice for your needs. To buy the right product, you have to focus on some questions.

What materials are used for your snow shoveling gloves?

Snow gloves have more than one material to provide the desired warmth to your hands. You will find multiple layers in the gloves. The outer one is the shell, which is highly durable. In most cases, the shell materials combine with durable leather for the palm side. Also, there are inner lining and insulating layers. Synthetic insulation in gloves dries very fast, and they have moisture-wicking capacity.

Are the gloves breathable and waterproof?

Due to adverse weather conditions and cold surroundings, you need to put on waterproof gloves. So, breathability and waterproofing properties are the most critical aspects of your snow shoveling gloves. You may feel discomfort when your gloves become wet. Cold and damp conditions of your hands will prevent you from shoveling snow for a more extended period.

Some gloves have highly engineered fabrics for preventing cold.

Gore-Tex and Omni-Tech are some common waterproofing materials used for the gloves. They also have tighter weaves to resist wind. Breathability is necessary to prevent the escape of moisture from your hands.

Have you chosen gloves of the perfect size?

A proper fit is one of the significant aspects for glove buyers. Your hands will stay comfortable and warm with gloves of the correct size. Gloves that are big for your hands may not give your warm feelings. Moreover, you cannot easily hold your shoveling tools, ski poles, and other items.  On the contrary, too small gloves will restrict your hands’ movement. While making a fist, you must not feel tight. You need to check the manufacturer’s sizing details to buy your winter gloves.

What are insulation materials used for gloves?

The two most common types of insulation are-

Down- One of the best insulators is down, which is lightweight, costly, long-lasting, and easy to compress. However, down can lose its potential to insulate while it becomes wet. That is why snow glove manufacturers do not like to use down for their products.

Although some gloves have used it, manufacturers have added a waterproof shell to keep the material dry. Snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts can choose gloves with down.

Synthetic insulation– It is more affordable than down, and in most cases, glove manufacturers use it for their products. Although your gloves have become wet, the synthetic insulation materials will retain their performance.

When choosing your snow shoveling gloves, you can choose one with synthetic insulation. However, one demerit of the insulation material is that it is weighty.

What liners have the gloves used?

On the chiller days, you will get the best protection. Glove liners provide you with a good level of warmth, as they fit inside of your gloves. Synthetic liner and thin wool-silk can provide additional protection. Polyester is a thick liner with considerable insulating properties. They also have the potential to absorb moisture. Snow gloves also have a fleece lining for your comfort.

Are the gloves compatible with touch-sensitive screens?

It is distressing to remove the gloves every time you receive phone calls and browse something in your smartphone. Thus, manufacturers have understood this issue, and thus, they have made the gloves compatible with the touchscreen. Mid-weight to lightweight gloves have touchscreen compatibility. You can control your smartphone without any problem.

What is the cuff length of the gloves?

Cuff lengths are of 2 types. The short one will be up to the base of the wrist. Another option is the longer cuff length that gets inside your jacket’s sleeve. You can prefer the longer cuff length to get better protection against the snow. But some customers say that the shorter one is perfect for mobility. Rely on your personal preference to find the right one.

Additional features of snow shoveling gloves

  • Leather palms– You may have checked the materials of your winter gloves for snow shoveling. However, make sure that the palm side is made of leather to feel the best grip. The durable leather is also capable of fighting against abrasion.
  • Zippered pockets– The backside of some snow gloves have zippered pockets. You may put your hand warmer packets into them. Moreover, these pockets also work as vents of your gloves.
  • Long gauntlet cuffs-The cuffs can reach up to your jacket sleeves and prevent the cold air from getting inside.
  • Thumb wipes– The thumbs of premium gloves for snow shoveling have soft materials. You can wipe your nose with this part.
  • Wrist cinches-These cinches play a role in snugging the gloves at the wrists for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Wrist cords- Gloves are one of the important accessories of snow shoveling professionals. To avoid losing them, you can secure these gloves to your wrists.


Is 3M Thinsulate a good insulation material?

While buying winter gloves, you may have encountered the term- 3M Thinsulate. Thinsulate is a type of warmest insulation material. It is better than other thick insulation materials. 3M Thinsulate comprises fine microfibers, which work together to retain the warmest air molecule. Your hands will build up heat, and Thinsulate will trap the warmth effectively. It also results in the evaporation of moisture through the outer membrane.

As Thinsulate traps air molecules, the insulation can block out the access of the cold air outside.  That is why your hands will feel warmth in the blizzard conditions.

Can mittens be an alternative to winter gloves for shoveling snow?

Some users have claimed that mittens make them feel warmer than gloves. Thus, gloves are the better option for your snow shoveling needs. Mittens Vs Gloves, which one is perfect for you? However, you will not have a good grip while wearing these mittens. You can grab your tools while wearing winter gloves.

Can I waterproof my winter gloves?

Nowadays, the best gloves for snow shoveling have waterproofing properties. Manufacturers know that gloves can become wet while dealing with snow. So, they add a special membrane to the snow gloves. Still, you have some other ways of waterproofing your gloves.

The first step is to wash your gloves and dry them. You can buy a waterproofing solution for this purpose. The solution works best with clean gloves.  Shake the container of the solution and use an applicator. Apply the solution evenly to the gloves. But, you must focus on the stitches and seams, as water may seep through them. Leave your gloves for 2 to 5 minutes and then wipe away the solution with a damp cloth.

However, we think that it is better to purchase gloves with waterproof membranes.

Can I put my snow shoveling gloves into my dryer?

It is good to avoid using a dryer for your snow shoveling gloves. Choose a warm and dry site for your gloves. Also, air drying is the safest option for your snow gloves. You may hang them from their fingertips. Wait until they become dry naturally. You can also check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and drying your gloves.

Are the snow gloves machine washable?

Some winter gloves are friendly to washing machines. Based on the type of gloves, you will need to clean them properly.

How will I purchase snow shoveling gloves of the correct size?

Every manufacturer shows a size chart to help customers. The size can range from small to large ones. Measure the palm circumference and the overall length of your hands. It is better to use tape to find the correct measurement.

Do the gloves have a battery for heat generation?

Some manufacturers have designed heated gloves with an integrated rechargeable battery. These gloves provide optimal warmth on cold winter days. In most cases, they have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which perform their functions at different levels. Although they are slightly costlier, you will get the best value from them. The heat may last about 4 to 8 hours, and then you have to recharge your gloves. Are heated gloves safe??

The best way to keep hands warm is to wear gloves. However, as you do not like to use them all the time, we have some tips for you.How do I keep my hands warm in snowy conditions?

  • Stay warm- You have to put on your jacket while wearing gloves. It will warm up your body, and thus, your hands will also stay warm.
  • Keep your hands dry- Your hands will feel cold when they are wet. Thus, you can try to look for waterproof gloves. These gloves will also prevent your hands from getting wet.
  • Block the cold wind- The cool breeze will freeze your fingers and shiver your spine. That is why you can put on windproof gloves.
  • Do not wear tight clothing- Too tight gloves, shirt cuffs, and wristwatch bands may affect your blood circulation. Ultimately, your hands will become cool.
  • Move your hands- While shoveling snow, you cannot keep your hands motionless. Naturally, they will get warmer due to continuous movements. Blood will flow to your fingers and warm them up.
  • Add heat- You can buy some hand warmer packets for warming your fingers. Your cold fingers will become hot within a short time. But then again, you may also rely on gloves with heating elements.

How do water-resistant gloves differ from waterproof gloves?

Water-resistant gloves repel water splashes, whereas waterproof ones ensure 100% protection. While you dip your hands in water, these waterproof gloves will be the right choice for you.


You are now familiar with the best gloves for snow shoveling. Each of the pairs has some pros and cons. But you must check the overall quality to make your purchase decision. Snow shoveling gloves should keep your hands warm. But they must not interfere with your maneuverability. You have to be able to grip your tools with your hands. To make the decision quickly, you may check our comparison table.

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