Best Archery Gloves Review

Archery is one of the most popular sports all over the world. Archery players need to use their bows and arrows to play the game. However, without wearing the protective gear, their hands will feel fatigued. Thus, buying the best archery gloves is highly important.

In some cases, your hands may get stuck between bowstrings. High-quality gloves can save your fingertips from blisters and weariness. So, you can continue playing the game without compromising your performance. But, which are the most reliable archery gloves?

We have picked some tried-and-tested products for your purpose. Several archery enthusiasts have chosen them. So, you can read our reviews and buy the right ones.

1. ArcheryMax Handmade Brown Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves

The ArcheryMax Three-Finger gloves have grabbed the top position in our list. The protective glove gives the ultimate comfort to your fingers. Due to the thin, soft design, you will get the feel of the bow’s string. Both left-handed and right-handed archers can use these gloves while playing archery.

Indeed, the hand-made cow leather gloves are highly durable, and you can use them for several years. The cowhide is abrasion-resistant, and it makes your fingers feel warm. Moreover, these high-end leather gloves are resistant to fire and flame.

Another positive aspect of the cowhide is that it can resist water and dirt. Thus, you do not need to be concerned about caring for these gloves.

Available in different color schemes, ArcheryMax gloves have maintained the best quality. Although the leather is resilient, the gloves are lightweight. Your hands will not feel bulky while playing with bows and arrows.

These gloves are available in 4 different sizes. But, before buying the gloves, you have to measure your fingers’ width and palm length. It will enable you to find the perfect size for your hands. However, the best fact is that these gloves have an adjustable Velcro strap. Thus, the gloves will tightly snug your wrist. They will not come out of your hands.


  • Higher longevity
  • Reinforced tips
  • Adjustable strap
  • Lightweight
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • A chemical odor

2. OMP Mountain Man Leather Shooting Glove

October Mountain has designed a high-quality archery glove with a 3-finger design. This glove looks almost like the Damascus glove. It also ensures the ultimate protection to your ring finger, pointer, and middle finger. The top section of your hands does not have coverage. Still, the overall design will secure your finger when you are playing the game of archery.

The handcrafted glove is made of premium cowhide. That is why it is very soft and gives comfort. However, the most notable part of the glove is the reinforced construction of the fingertips.

The OMP glove has different sizing options ranging from small to large ones. Moreover, it includes an adjustable strap, securing your wrists for a snug fit.

The versatile design suits both left-handed and right-handed archers. Thus, you can try out the glove during your shooting session.


  • Real leather
  • Minimal break-in period
  • Feels like second-skin
  • Long Velcro-strap


  • Thin finger padding

3. Seektop Archery Gloves Shooting Leather Three Finger Protector

Jker Tech archery gloves can be the right choice to perform best during your archery hunting activities. The elastic polyester fiber ensures the optimum elasticity of the gloves. Also, manufacturers have shown attention to every detail to minimize friction. You can move your fingers freely without feeling any restriction.

The 3-finger gloves also have a lightweight design. Moreover, these durable gloves have high breathability. While playing archery, your fingers will not feel sweaty.  Reinforced stitching and double-thickened finger seams have added resilience to the gloves.

We have chosen a versatile product, which is compatible with both male and female archers. You can wear it on any of your hands.

Like other archery gloves, it also has a Velcro strap to ensure tightness. You may adjust it to your wrist’s size. Hence, you will feel comfortable while wearing these gloves.

Sizes of the gloves can range from small to large. Users who need perfection in dimensions can invest in these gloves. The smaller size is best for those who desire a tight archery glove.

Jker Tech archery gloves work best for novices who use lower poundage bows. You will not get discomfort and pinching sensation due to the non-slip pad near the tips.


  • High-quality nylon fabrics
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Highly elastic


  • Not best for professional archers.

4. Damascus Doeskin Shooting Glove

Damascus is a highly reputable brand providing you with the best protective gear for your hands. The shooting glove looks stylish with a tactical black leather. It provides optimal protection to your hands. Besides, the glove covers the palm side of your 3 fingers and the rear side of your hand.

As Damascus has used thinner leather, the glove looks different from other products. It has a gender-neutral design, which includes a Velcro strap closure to tightly hold your wrist. The functional and scientifically tested design ensures high comfort.

Bowhunters and archers can use the shooting glove for their needs. They will find accurate targeting with these gloves. Made of doeskin, the glove is hardwearing. Moreover, the doeskin has a soft, smooth, and leather-like appearance. You will notice a lustrous sheen in the glove. The medium-weight fabric has a tightly woven structure.

The shooting glove is perfect for both the right hand and the left hand.


  • Heavy-duty glove
  • Supple doeskin leather
  • Reinforce fingertips
  • Velcro strap closure


  • A bit costlier

5. NEET Suede Leather Glove

The suede leather glove is a favorite choice for several archers. However, NEET has made its product different by creating an open design. The suede leather upper includes leather panels. You can easily put your fingers into these panels.

The unique design ensures partial coverage. Still, it protects different parts of your finger. Moreover, due to the adjustable closure, the glove secures properly to your wrist. You will feel the desired comfort with the glove. The elasticated backside is another noticeable part of the archery gloves. The reinforced tips are thick and durable, and they protect your fingers from injury.

You can put on the glove on any of your hands. The sturdy glove can endure your regular usage. In addition, both barebow and longbow archers can use the glove.

On the first day of wearing the glove, you may not feel comfortable. However, with your everyday usage, you will enjoy a comfy fit. So, be patient as the first-time user of the glove.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Good breathability
  • Quality suede upper
  • Velcro strap closure


  • Very stiff for the new users

6. Toparchery Leather 2 Straps Arm Guard & 3 Finger Protective Gloves 

Toparchery has designed a comprehensive package for those looking for protective gear for archery. You will receive an armguard and protective glove in this package.

The leather glove is lightweight, and you can easily carry it in your pocket. The color of the cowhide glove and armguard may fade slightly during your wash. However, it will not be the major issue. Toparchery has used genuine cow split leather. You will find no problem with the durability of the glove.

The wrist strap is adjustable to your preferred size. The finger glove length is around 19cm, while the glove width is about 6.5 cm.

You will get added protection due to the armguard. In some cases, when you release the arrow, the bowstring bounces and hits your forearm. That is why an armguard is one of the useful accessories for archers. The armguard also has straps to wrap it around your forearm. Novices who are learning the art of archery should use protective gear for safety.


  • High-quality material
  • Sturdy design
  • Low price


  • No size options

7. KESHES Archery Glove Finger Tab Accessories

Keshes has designed a 3-finger archery shooting glove with cowhide and faux leather. You will have the ultimate finger guard with the glove. However, hunters who use bows and arrows may also use the glove.

Wear the glove to avoid finger-slipping issues. You will not feel discomfort while wearing it. You will b able to grip your bow and arrow better. To ensure proper size, you have to measure your hands. The tips of the glove are made of premium quality cowhide.

As the interior material is soft, you will get the best feelings during your shooting session. Users have found it highly durable. Like other gloves, this one has a Velcro strap for adjustment. Wrap the strap around your wrist and protect your fingers from injury.

Due to the contact with sweat and water, the color may lose its intensity slightly. But you will not find issues with the functional value of the glove.


  • Durable leather
  • Soft interior materials
  • Easily adjustable


  • Slightly small

8. Allen Super Comfort 3 Finger Archery Glove

Finger soreness is one of the common problems of archers, and this 3-finger glove can be the solution to your painful feelings. Available in large and medium sizes, the Allen Super archery glove has become popular among several hunters and archers. You can easily move your finger and grip your bows properly. During your archery training session, you can put on these gloves to prevent fatigued feelings in your fingers.

The archery glove has a hook and loop closure with a Velcro strap. Based on your wrist size, you can adjust the glove strap.

The overall design of the black glove is stylish. However, Allen Super has not compromised the functional value of the glove. With Mossy Oak Break-up Camo, the glove is also the perfect choice for hunters.

The minimalistic design has attracted several users. Leather fingertips have a thin strap running down the backside of your hand. Also, the manufacturers have used saddlecloths for this part. The glove is comfortable and breathable, and thus, your fingers will not feel sweaty.

Some archers have argued that the backside has fewer materials to prevent the glove from pulling on your fingertips. It is another feature, which makes the glove comfortable.


  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable
  • Quality materials


  • No complaint

9. Coolrunner Archery Glove

Coolrunner has designed reliable Glover for young archers. The size can range from small to large ones. Besides, several archers have claimed that the material quality is good. Thus, you can use the glove for years.

The overall design is not bulky. You can move your fingers and protect them from injury. Due to the thick leather, your fingers will get the ultimate protection. The glove also comprises knitted fabric, which ensures breathability. Thus, on the hot summer days, when you are hunting and playing archery, your hands will not feel sweaty.

Coolrunner Archery Glove

The glove design does not interfere with the way you grip your bows. There is no chance of slippage, as the tip of the glove has a non-slip design. You will also feel the cushioning effect while wearing the glove. Plus, the innovative design protects your finger from the pinching effect.

The glove also includes a Velcro strap to let you adjust the level of tightness. Still, you must know the size of your hands while purchasing the archery glove. You can wear the glove in any of your hands.


  • Knitted fabric
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Good protection


  • Very thin materials

Guide to buying the best archery gloves

We have picked the most popular archery gloves for your needs. However, to decide on the right one, you have to focus on some important factors. It is essential to check the design, quality, and other features of the gloves.

Archery gloves are available in a range of styles. You have to pay attention to both aesthetics and usefulness of your glove. The major function of the glove is to protect your fingers and hands. You can refine your archery skills with well-designed gloves.

Gloves with some padded at the fingertips can be the best choice. The cushioned design will give you comfort. You will find a difference in the design based on the parts of your hands covered.

Most archery gloves do not have 100% coverage of your fingers. They can cover up to 3 fingers, while other regular gloves cover 5 fingers.


Your archery glove needs to be durable to ensure a lasting value. However, the choice of materials can make a difference in durability. Moreover, some materials are washable and are easy to use. The most important thing is that your archery glove must endure regular use.

Materials used in the gloves

The genuine leather for gloves can be different types-

  • Cow leather- It is highly durable leather capable of absorbing heat. The thick leather makes your fingers feel warm.
  • Pig leather- Pig leather is also thick, similar to cowhide. It has a high water resistance capacity.
  • Goat leather- You will feel comfortable with the soft, lightweight leather with high durability. Goatskin is softer and thinner than cowhide. You will find soft, fine grains in the goatskin.
  • Lambskin and sheep leathers are pliable, comfortable, and tender.
  • The strongest one is the deerskin, which is resistant to friction. It is water-friendly and lightweight in nature.
  • Buffalo skin is a durable, heavy-duty leather with strong and tough feelings.

Other commonly used materials for gloves include-

  • Suede– It is synthetic leather with a fuzzy surface
  • Full-Grain leather- It is the best quality leather designed from the strongest skin of animals.
  • Split leather– It is designed from different layers of skin.
  • Doeskin-Some archery gloves have deerskin, which is soft and supple.

Some manufacturers use Polyurethane laminated materials to design the glove. They are thin and stable materials providing you with a good grip. While combined with polyurethane fiber, they create non-woven elements. Moreover, soft polyurethane fiber has high breathability.


Archery is a game that needs high precision. Without reliable gloves, you cannot perform best. The branded glove must fit your hands. Too tight and too loose gloves will affect your shooting.

Properly fitted gloves ensure your comfort, and you will be more productive. You can shoot accurately with these gloves. Surely, archery needs the practice to hit the target. Still, you have to be careful of choosing your gloves.

Additional features of the best archery gloves

  • Wristbands– The best quality archery gloves have Velcro wristbands, which are easily adjustable. The wrist sizes of users are different, and that’s why you can use these adjustable wristbands while wearing the gloves.
  • Reinforced fingertips– The major reason for using the archery glove is to protect your fingertips. While buying the gloves, you have to choose with reinforced fingertips. The use of some additional fabrics will protect your fingertips better.
  • Additional materials– Some high-end gloves have elastic to ensure better agility.

Aesthetics of design

Although aesthetics are not important, you can check some design elements. For instance, archery gloves are available mostly in black and brown colors.

Break-in period

Some archery gloves are made of soft animal skin, and you will feel comfortable from the first day. But, some gloves need a minimal break-in period. You have to wear them for a few days until you feel the comfort.


Why should you wear archery gloves?

Protection is the major purpose of wearing archery gloves. When you continuously shoot with bows and arrows, your fingers may have damage. Thus, to protect your fingers, you have to put on specially designed gloves.

In most cases, your fingers may have itchy feelings and blisters in your fingers. However, while shooting for a longer period, your nerves will have irritation. You will also feel pain, and therefore, it is essential to put on archery gloves. But you have to choose the best quality archery gloves to get the optimal value from them.

What is the difference between gloves and finger tabs?

Archer lovers always look for protective gear to save their fingers from injury. Surely, the gear should not affect their performance. While some archers wear finger tabs, others prefer gloves. You have to make the right choice.

The target archers like to use tabs, which look like a piece of leather with 2 panels for fingers. The tab has different parts, including a platform for positioning your hands. It also has finger spacers to maintain a gap between your fingers. Another part is the thumb rest to ensure the stability of the thumb. Tabs are available in different shapes like Cavalier tabs and triangular tabs.

Several beginners in the archery field think that gloves are more comfortable for them. They can put their fingers easily into the gloves. There is no issue with the mobility of hands and thumbs. Gloves have no complicated design, and you will not feel discomfort during your first-time use.

To feel the bowstring, you can invest in archery gloves. While doing other activities, you do not need to take them off. You will feel less friction, and that’s why you can play the game confidently. As protection is the most important factor, you can replace your tabs with gloves.


Archery is a sport for which your hands need skill. Your fingers play an important role while shooting with bows and arrows. So, the use of the proper gear is vital for every archer. Some hunters also wear archery gloves, as they use arrows and bows for hunting purposes.

From our comprehensive review, you will learn about the different features of the archery glove. Make sure that the gloves are resilient and last long. Furthermore, materials should not cause irritation to your skin.

Some professional archers use finger tabs during their shooting sessions. However, gloves are more protective and easy to wear.


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