Best Motorcycle Gloves for Winter

When it’s wintertime and as a rider, you can’t stop yourself from bike riding. The best motorcycle gloves are one of your most wanted winter costumes. If you ride a motorcycle with your cold hand, it can be awkward, painful, and dangerous as well. Cold can cause numbness in your arms and body and influence your control over the motorcycle. With a half-frozen hand, you can not slow down or speed up when required.

By encasing your hands in the best winter motorcycle gloves you can easily keep your hands and fingers comfortable, and enjoy a safe ride. Here I make reviews on some best motorcycle gloves for winter as suggested by experts.

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Top 7 Motorcycle Gloves for Winter Review


1. OZERO Winter Thermal Gloves Men Women Touch Screen Water Resistant Windproof Anti Slip Heated Glove Hands Warm for Hiking Driving Running Bike Cycling

Based on our research, we find out the OZERO waterproof winter hand gloves, the best one from premium-quality gloves. These superb quality gloves are committed to giving real pleasure to riders because of their development and construction material.

This stuff is constructed with waterproof TPU, windproof polyester, and thermal fleece that retains your palm and fingers warm whatever the weather is. The OZERO waterproof winter gloves are intended to give comfort and better gripping control. Without having any controlling issues, OZERO gives you to enjoy a safe ride.

Top Features

  1. The OZERO touchscreen sensitive waterproof hand gloves appear very stylish for men.
  2. The touchscreen fingertip pads retain fingers dry and warm and let you utilize your devices without any trouble.
  3. OZERO messaging gloves are covered with a conductive texture on the fingertips that permits you to swipe or tap easily. Works incredibly with maximum models of iPhone,iPad, Samsung Galaxy series, etc.
  4. Extreme quality waterproof shell to keep your hands moist free from light rain or snow.
  5. These warm riding gloves feature silicone particles on their palm and fingers, let you grasp any apparatus solidly
  6. Please notice the size outline in the item picture region for picking the fittest size


  • Different size available
  • Silicon palm with touchscreen fingertips
  • Best choice for driving and riding
  • Superior gripping control


  • Poor stitching

2. Men’s Motorbike Gloves Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Glove Genuine Leather Black

Next on our consideration is the Men’s Motorbike gloves cold weather motorcycle riding glove genuine leather black. This one is an outstanding bike glove for the winter season available on your local market.

This one is best for you when your budget is not high. The stylish black riding gloves material comes from extremely durable genuine leather that keeps your hands dry and warm in cruel weather conditions. The abrasion-resistant golf gear is made from genuine leather by MRX BOXING & FITNESS brand.

The material is profoundly strong that can serve you even for a pretty long time. This cold-versatile handwear will keep your palm and fingers from freezing and let you enjoy riding whatever cold the weather is. It won’t limit the adaptability and movement of your hands, permitting you to assume full responsibility for your bicycle.

Top Features

  1. [Real Leather] When you need trusted winter gloves to shield your hands from cold, they should be fitted and heavy. Manufacturers developed this pair of stylish and comfortable gloves from genuine leather that provides professional protection.
  2. [Protection] At the time of your riding, you won’t want to be worried about the cold or unprotected hands. Rather you have the right to have gloves that are agreeable, have superb gripping control, and will protect your hands shielded from the cold. Men’s motorbike gloves are committed to shielding your hands from harsh winds and cold weather.
  3. [Excellent Thermal Lining] A part that makes these gloves so extraordinary is their capacity to work as a warm coating/thermal lining. Assuming your job expects wearing uncompromising gloves, you may slip these gloves under to keep your hands warm.
  4. [Adjestable straps] The manufacturers explicitly planned this handwear to be cozy and adjustable for all users. With flexible wrist lashes, you can arrange it as your own solace and choose how tight the glove should be.
  5. [Available sizes] As hands appear in different sizes, the manufacturers offer their customers the chance to pick the right size they require. You will get available sizes from S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.


  • Made from real leather
  • Sheild hands from cold weather
  • Available sizes
  • Breathable, waterproof, and windproof gloves.


  • Cheap material

3. TOFENR Unisex Cool Skull Skeleton Full Finger Gloves for Bicycle Motorcycle Cycling Winter Warm Sports Hiking Fitness Gym Gloves

When you need the best motorcycle gloves for winter to bow the weather, you need to think about TOFENR Unisex gloves. These gloves are extraordinarily made for the chilly climate, as well they retain your hands comfortable and warm at any temperature, even at 0 degrees or below. It includes a Hipora waterproof, windproof, completely protected outline, and breathable layer.

The palms and fingertips are constructed with premium quality microfiber, giving you a  superb long-lasting glove that let you reuse in several winter season. Moreover, it includes an adjustable wrist strap for an effortless fit. After wearing you have no trouble adjusting the strap because it fits perfectly by itself whatever the situation is. These gloves are available in four different sizes to fit every user.

Top Features

  1. [ Premium Material] the TOFENR Unisex cool skull skeleton full finger gloves are made with premium quality microfiber. The material is very comfortable, soft, scratch-resistant, and durable.
  2. [Verdicktor Handteller] Breathable microfiber and compressed pads on gloves palms and fingers confirm ideal shock absorption, great grip, and slip-resistant.
  3. [Touchscreen Plan] The glove’s fingertips are specially made to able it to use the smartphone with wearing the gloves. These gloves are special as the five fingers are able to touch the screen.
  4. [Velcro Design] the velcro closure design on the wrist enables you to adjust and move in or out effortlessly.
  5. [Multipurpose use] You can use these gloves in cycling, in the gym, or biking, as well you can use them as a gift for your rider friends.


  • Great graphics in black and blue color
  • Breathable and waterproof material
  • Touchscreen in all the five fingers
  • So soft and cozy feelings


  • Not ideal for motorcycling

4. Motorcycle Gloves Winter Warm Touch Screen Waterproof Windproof Protective clothing (Black, XL)

Assuming you are searching for the best-warmed bike gloves, you have to consider the IRON JIA Motorcycle Gloves Winter Warm. This defensive attire is modest, the most reasonable one. It is reasonable yet profoundly useful. It accompanies an interesting plan to provide your hands with all the security you need in cruel climate conditions.

IRON JIA constructs these gloves with high-quality nylon and cotton tiers, Both are windproof and waterproof. The fingertips used touchscreen response materials that let you operate touchscreen phones over the gloves. The glove’s design is so ergonomic that leads to easy take-off or put on.

Top Features

  1. Exceptional ergonomic plan with tough shell insurance, considering style and security
  2. Fingertips utilize a special touchscreen sensor that permits you to use your smartphone wearing gloves.
  3. Very comfortable material that not just gives warmth but absorbs dampness and wicks sweat.
  4. These gloves are super flexible because of their wrist pleated plan, it likewise obstructs cold air from entering.
  5. The shock-absorbing pad provides better protection between two fingers, additionally expanded the gripping control


  • Made with high-quality Nylon, cotton, suede
  • Fingertips allow operating smartphone
  • Waterproof, warmth, and comfortable
  • Suede safeguard to lessen wear and tear


  • May run tight

5. Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove, Black/White, Large

The Alpinestars Winter Surfer Gore-Tex Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves are considered by professionals as one of the most ideal chilly climate bicycle gloves available. These gloves are so lightweight and less heavy. These short-sleeve gloves accompany an exceptional gore-tex water-resistant and breathable layer. They are intended to keep your palm and fingers warm and comfortable while considering a satisfactory wind stream when required.

The inside is extremely delicate, as it is made with stretch texture delicate shell case. It has hard knuckles, which are made with a polymer. You can get this glove in six unique sizes – little, medium, huge, X-huge, XX-enormous, and 3X-huge. This implies there is a size for everybody, paying little mind to how little or large your hand is. It has a thin-fitted plan that delivers a cozy and secure fit.

Top Features

  1. Premium quality leather in mesh chassis development, plus artistic eyelet zones and wind mesh for advanced breathability.
  2. Artificial suede zones, side cushioning support for strength, comfort, and extra friction resistance
  3. Solid polymer knuckle insurance framework for excellent influence and friction resistance.
  4. Expansion zone on backhand and fingers for solace and further developed scope of hand intercourse.
  5. Hoop n loop clutches wrist closure support to keep the gear safely positioned.


  • Receivable in 6 different sizes
  • Comfortable and perfect-fitted design
  • Resist moisture, cold air, and keep warm
  • So flexible and intended for freehand walking


  • Price is so high

6. kemimoto Winter Motorcycle Gloves, Rainproof Riding Gloves with Touchscreen, Motorcycle Winter Gloves for Men, Warm Motorcycle Gloves for Riding, ATV, UTV, Snowmobile – Black, X-Large

The next option is the Kemimooto brand winter motorbike riding gloves. This is one more extraordinary choice to consider assuming you are searching for hand gloves that keep your hands comfortable, dry, and warm at the time of riding in the chilly climate. You will get this gear in four distinct sizes. It includes a dark velvety finish and it will mix with maximum rider outfits.

Kemimoto is quite possibly the most regarded brand with regards to motorcycle accessories and stuff, they produce all about high-quality items. These gloves feature a simple but standard design.  It is profoundly sturdy and reasonable as well. This gear includes a completely reinforced waterproof layer on its surface to keep moisture and debris out.

Top Features

  • [Three touchscreen fingers] The three fingers, middle, thumb, and forefinger of these gloves are produced using conductive screen touch leather. It permits you to use smartphones or do every task effortlessly even after wearing gloves.
  • [Tips] These gloves appear in Asian size. You will get four available sizes, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.
  • [Protection] The riding gloves especially for men are planned with hard shell protection. These gloves are really well thought and stable with additional security on knuckles to shield users’ hands from injury when falling/slipping.
  • [Wear-resistant, non-slip] The clutch of the motorcycle gloves is made of wear-safe and non-slip microfiber material which gives superior gripping control. This gear ensures easy gripping control, prevents slip, and keeps you away from unnecessary harm.
  • [Warm and waterproof] The gloves’ inner part is made using velvet materials and a waterproof layer that defends getting moist and keeps hands dry and comfortably warm.


  • Sizes fit with the majority
  • Intended to give protection
  • Gives smooth velvety feelings
  • Keep freezy hands warm in cold weather


  • Fitting issues
  • May hurt knuckles

7. ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves Warm Waterproof Windproof for Winter Use

The last gloves on our review are from the ILM brand. These warmed choices are the absolute hottest bike gloves available. The cotton material-based gloves are so comfortable and breathable. ideal for motorcycle riders in the winter season. These quality gloves let you experience the best gripping control over your bike.

Top Features

  1. Proficient steel alloy security cushions. Made by injection molding, provides 100% complete security, agreeable and trendy gloves.
  2. Ergonomically designed with the most extreme security for the knuckles.
  3. The external piece of these gloves is planned to utilize a huge space of U shape security; this implies that the curve shape suits well with the hand backside.
  4. The palm of the gloves is intended to reinforce the counter slip and against the impact capacity of the glove.
  5. These gloves provide the rider’s palm and finger the most extreme degree against slip functions a full scope of getting a handle on movement.


  • Keep the cold air out and grip warmth
  • Super breathable, comfortable, and water-resistant gloves
  • Adjustable hook n loop
  • Allo steel tough knuckles lead-safe journey


  • May failed to keep hands warm in too cold weather

Benefits of Winter Motorcycle Gloves

As a rider, possibly you won’t stop riding your favorite bike even in winter. But the winter cold air, mist, or snow cause your hand to freeze. The cold hands gradually decrease your gripping control over the bike, which may lead to unwanted injury.

Winter Motorcycle Gloves is an armor that protects you from all these obstacles like, cold air, mist, snow, etc., and consents you to enjoy a safe ride with the best gripping control.

Types of Winter Motorcycle Gloves

The basic two types of winter motorcycle gloves are

  1. Textile gloves
  2. Leather gloves

Which one should you purchase, textile or leather?

Well, Textile-based motorcycle winter gloves offer better assurance against the cold climate and are frequently less expensive. But, leather gloves are overlooked as more sturdy than textile gloves. Leather gloves provide a more comfortable, warm, and best fit over the long run as the flexible material form itself around the user’s hands.

Textile gloves can be more breathable than leather gloves. I’ll recommend choosing leather gloves as they protect best and selecting a glove that is slightly tight as the stuff can stretch later.

Top Brands

We have already made this review on the top 7 best waterproof motorcycle gloves brands. All these brands are trusted, provide high quality best-budget motorcycle gloves. You can purchase motorcycle gloves for winter from any of these brands based on your own requirement that suits your hand and budget. Personally, I will recommend the Alpinestars brands gloves as a top-rated brand.

Buying Guide for the Best Gloves Material

When you are thinking about buying a pair of the best motorcycle gloves for winter, there have some key features that you must consider. This short and simple buying guide will let you know what to consider before buying a motorcycle riding hand gloves.

  1. Extra protection

The first thing you should consider about the protection ability. Those gloves that feature padded palms and fingertips, ensure the best protection of your hands against injury. Leather gloves protect far better than textile-made gloves. So, before any purchase, thinks about its material and form.

  1. Adjustability

Take a look at the very gloves adjustability, is it able to adjust with your hands? Adjustable gloves can give you comfort that an unfit glove failed. Pick the right size of gloves that fits best with your hand size.

  1. Breathability

Gloves should be breathable otherwise, they may cause rashes on your skin. Maximum gloves materials are breathable enough. Textile-made gloves like cotton gloves, microfiber gloves, etc are so breathable than leather gloves.

  1. Durability

Make sure you are buying a glove that has the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Manufacturers offer durable riding gloves that protect against harsh climates and last longer.

  1. Price

The ultimate consideration is about the price. If you pay a bit more, of course, you deserve better quality gloves. Choose the best budget motorcycle gloves that fit your account.


  • Consider it offers palm, wrist, and knuckle protection
  • Make sure it’s wind and waterproof
  • Touchscreen sensor fingers
  • Padded palms
  • Durable, sturdy, and warm


What are the most comfortable Motorcycle Gloves?

The Alpinestars Winter Surfer Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves are preferred by professionals as one of the most comfortable chilly climate bicycle gloves. These gloves are waterproof, dustproof, warm and so lightweight.

How do I keep my hands warm in the winter motorcycle?

Hey, you just need one of the best waterproof motorcycle gloves to keep your hands warm in winter. These gloves prevent cold air, mist, snow from entering inside the gloves and the comfortable materials keep your hands warm.

Which Motorcycle Gloves are best for Winter?

Leather motorcycle gloves that have enough pads on palms and fingers are the best motorcycle gloves for winter. Make sure the gloves feature touchscreen fingertips so you can operate your smartphone even after wearing gloves.

Which Motorcycle Gloves are perfect for Longevity?

The leather gloves are perfect for longevity because these gloves are more sturdy than others. Leather gloves last longer than textile and protect best.

What makes the warmest motorcycle gloves warm?

Gloves that are breathable, waterproof, windproof, have cushioned palms, are the warmest gloves that keep your hand warm even in minus temperature.

Are all winter motorcycle gloves waterproof?

Maximum winter gloves are waterproof but not all have the same ability. Textile gloves like cotton gloves are less waterproof than leather. Some gloves can resist mist but fail when it started raining.

What are the warmest winter gloves?

Every single hand gloves that are made for winter motorbike riding purposes are enough warm. But some respected brand gloves like

  • Rec it! Taurus gore-tex gloves
  • Richa arctic gloves
  • Rev it! Hydra gloves

Are the warmest winter gloves present in the top rank?


Winter motorcycle gloves keep your hands warm & responsive. It is not about comfort just, it’s a matter of survival. You really want comfortable and warm hands to move your motorcycle securely and effectively. Stay connected with us, we are committed to guiding you the best.

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