How to clean exfoliating gloves?

Exfoliating gloves are made to remove the dead cells, excessive oil, and dirt from your skin. By using exfoliating gloves, you will feel fresh and more lively. Exfoliating gloves will bring the scrub-off to your home and at less expense.

Besides removing the dirt from your skin, exfoliating gloves give you many other valuable benefits such as:

  • Reduces the pore size of the
  • Improves blood
  • Makes the skin moisturization

Exfoliating gloves are not made up of one kind of fabric. The manufacturers use different fabrics to add variable features to them. Since each of them has its characteristics, the cleaning method varies accordingly. We have described some types of exfoliating gloves below to help you.

Sisal Fiber Exfoliating gloves

Sisal fiber is best known for its stretching ability, long-lasting usage, and strength. This fiber is drawn out of the Agave plant. Unlike other fibers taken from the plants, Sisal fiber has semi-firm bristles that are pretty safe for your skin.

Sisal Fiber Exfoliating gloves


When it comes to the cleaning process of Sisal fiber, you have to take proper care of it, or it will not be able to keep its originality. Since this is made up of a fiber taken out of the plant, there  are chances of mold growth if you will not keep it up-to-date. The question is, what can you do to make it durable?

The technique is not complex. All you have to do is:

  • Rinse the Sisal fiber exfoliating glove with water unless you notice clean water coming out of
  • To dry the gloves, you can keep them under the sun or in an area with satisfactory ventilation.

If you are a machine lover, you can also clean these gloves using a machine. Just use some whitewash and little soap to maintain the quality of fibers.

Power wash

You have to give your exfoliating gloves a robust clean once a week. The process is not much different; you have to keep your gloves in warm water. It will ensure that there is no mold or germ left.


  • Do not dry your Sisal fiber gloves in intense heat, for the fiber will lose its
  • Keep the Sisal fiber gloves in a safe place with no

Ramie Fiber Exfoliating Gloves

Raime fiber is known for its ability to hold its shape. This fiber is also taken from plants but is less durable than Sisal. Other fibers like cotton and wool are blended into it to make the fiber durable and usable. When using a Ramie fiber Exfoliating glove, you have to be very careful in cleaning this glove.

Ramie Fiber Exfoliating Gloves


The hygienic action of Ramie fiber makes it easier to remove the dead cells even from the sensitive parts of your body. To clean these gloves, use cold water with a bit of soap. Rinse the gloves and when you see no dirt in them, keep them at a place to dry them.

Since the Ramie fiber is too sensitive to deal with, you have to care about the slightest things. Such as, keep the gloves straight when you are drying them, or they will lose their texture.


  • Do not use bleach to clean the exfoliating gloves because it can deform the fiber, and eventually, it will be of no
  • Avoid using hot water to clean Ramie fiber exfoliating gloves because warm water can quickly destroy the fibers (Ramie fiber is too sensitive).

Nylon hydro exfoliating gloves

Who wouldn’t want to use the hygienic and best exfoliating gloves? Everyone would wish to have them. These hydro gloves are made up of nylon. Usually, some hydro gloves are dual-textured. These gloves also have one smooth and one rough side though the material is the same.


Nylon ameliorates the hygiene of these gloves and makes them safer to remove your dead skin cells. Besides that, nylon protects your exfoliating gloves from mold and works as an antibacterial material. So, these nylon exfoliating gloves are safer and durable. That’s why these gloves are considered the best exfoliating gloves in the market.

Nylon hydro exfoliating gloves

When it comes to cleaning them, it’s pretty easy. For the cleaning purpose, you’ve to rinse them well with water. Stop the process when the water is clean.

Select a machine that won’t tear the gloves and has a gentle rotation for the machine cleaning. Nylon exfoliating gloves are easy to dry; you have to keep them in a moist-free place or use a dryer.


  • Do not let the gloves be mingled too much as it will cause stretching and deformed shape
  • Never use a machine with harsh washing

Silicon exfoliating gloves

No one will deny the contribution of silicon in our daily life. It has numerous leads, from assisting the IT field to making our lives better. These exfoliating gloves are made up of silicon material and have multiple characteristics:

Silicon exfoliating gloves


  • FDA
  • Safe to use, even for babies
  • Skin-friendly.
  • Hygienic and eco-friendly.

Typically, silicon is a germ-free material, and it keeps the harmful bacterias away from your gloves, but it is suggested to clean them before use to get proper satisfaction. Cleaning these gloves is not much hard; you have to let the water go through, and they will be clean as new.

There are some techniques to apply while you are washing your silicone exfoliating gloves:

  • You can use mild soap to rinse the stubborn dirt
  • If you want to go with a machine wash, you can put the gloves into the machine with gentle
  • Proper care is needed when planning to use these gloves for the babies. As babies are super sensitive to allergies, you must ensure that no dirt is left on the gloves. For this purpose, you can wash them with warm water (not too hot). A warm wash will remove all bacterias, and gloves will be suitable for


  • Do not use boiling water to clean the gloves, or you will end up boiling the gloves, and it will destroy their
  • Silicon gloves are durable, so you can buy them to save money and effort for

Cotton exfoliating gloves

Cotton is commonly known for its gentle and soft touch and uses. So are these exfoliating cotton gloves. Some exfoliating gloves are complex in texture and cannot be used for facial and neck scrubs. For this type of scrub, cotton exfoliating gloves are perfect. Because of the tenderness of cotton, it is slightly tricky to keep them in shape, but a little care will do it.

Silicon exfoliating gloves


For the cleaning purpose of cotton exfoliating gloves, we suggest using simple water and washing them with great care. A little wild wash can tear them apart. Since cotton is a very delicate fiber, you should not use any detergent to clean them. Cleaning them after every use will save them from bacterial or fungal growth.

To dry them, keep them in an airy place or under the sun.


  • Do not use bleach as bleach or detergents will deteriorate the fiber’s


We have answered some frequently asked questions that will help you.

How durable are exfoliating gloves?

The primary purpose of exfoliating gloves is to remove your dead skin cells. When you keep using them, dead skin cells or dirt keeps on accumulating in the corners of your gloves. This dirt is hard to remove even after cleaning or washing your exfoliating gloves. So, we suggest you change your gloves every three to four weeks for a better scrub and exfoliation.

Are exfoliating gloves safe to use for facial scrubs?

It depends on the type of fiber used to form the exfoliating glove. Some gloves made of robust and rugged fiber are not suitable for the face as they can cause some allergies and ruin your look. Silicone and cotton fiber exfoliating gloves are perfect for a facial scrub for they are very soft and gentle to your skin. Even while using the mentioned gloves, it is suggested to use them very politely and in a circular motion.


Since you have read the complete information, we expect you to be well aware of different types of exfoliating gloves and their cleaning method. We have also added tips to clean your exfoliating gloves and make them durable to put you at ease.

To end with, we suggest you go with exfoliating cotton gloves or silicon exfoliating gloves. The reason is that both of these gloves are very gentle on your skin and clean too. If you are looking for your comfort zone, you will find it within these gloves.

Have a great exfoliating and cleaning experience!

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