How To Make Your Football Gloves Sticky

The modern football gloves in stock are not just to make players look professional but to protect their hands and improve grip on the ball. Many advantages come with sticky football gloves. However, some factors such as wear, subsequent washing, and weather can contribute to gloves losing their grip. It is essential to know how to restore stickiness from time to time.

How to keep football gloves stick

How to keep football gloves stick

Knowing how to keep football gloves sticky will save cost and give you an edge during every match. Here are ways to maintain sticky gloves:

Proper Storage

Ideally, you store your glove in a dry, cool area to retain stickiness. Avoid burying your gloves at the bottom of your bag or lockers as it makes the gloves crusty and prone to damage. Your gloves ought to be stored with extra care. Hang them out to dry properly and keep them where air can easily penetrate for ventilation.

Hand Washing

The best way to maintain your gloves’ stickiness is to hand wash them. It remains the safest way as you can handle the gloves mildly and tenderly without damaging the materials. Also, avoid drying your gloves with a dryer; it could be harmful to the material.

Wash Sparingly

We recommend that you need not wash after every use to minimize wear, tears, and grip deterioration. Only wash your football gloves when necessary.

How to make football gloves super sticky

How to make football gloves super sticky

Football gloves lose stickiness over time, and gloves are not getting cheaper by the day. Thus, to maintain and make your gloves super sticky, use good treatment formulas such as using a baby wipe after each match. In addition, use specifically designed products that will help boost and activate stickiness. Observe the rule of sun-drying your gloves to eliminate moisture before and after the games. Specifically, material like Chitosan can make your gloves super sticky as it features highly adhesive properties and lessens the chance of your ball slipping off your hands.


There are simple tricks that help restore stickiness to your gloves. For you to experience a perfect football match, your gloves need good tenacity. Here are a few methods to boost the stickiness of your football gloves.

Use of Wipes 

If you just cleaned your gloves before the match, you can use wipes to bring back their tackiness. This method expects you should have a pack of wipes on you often. Use the wipe to clean your football gloves before the game. The effects of the wipe should carry through the period of the match. However, the wipe method cannot be relied upon at all times.

Spit Method

A large number of players practice the spit method to make their gloves sticky. Have you ever wondered why football players often spit on their gloves? Well, it is just one of the simplest ways to improve stickiness and grip. However, this might not be the hygienic way, but it comes in handy more than every other method. Here are the processes for the spit method:

  • Spit on the right and left-hand gloves just like rubbing a lotion. Rub the gloves against each other. It helps remove excess moisture from the gloves
  • Once you succeed in rubbing off the moisture: you will be amazed by the fresh sticky nature of your gloves.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are a fantastic solution that helps eliminate accumulated dirt from your gloves. Use a gel-based hand sanitizer to actualize a thin, sticky film layer on your football glove. Some leagues do not accept the use of sanitizer, thus check your league’s rules and be sure.

Dry Your Football Gloves 

Drying is one of the simplest methods and yields fantastic results as well. If you observe your gloves are wet, they defiantly wouldn’t grip the ball properly. Thus, if your gloves are wet, dry them under the sun before the start of the match. Beware of frequent sun-drying of gloves as it could make the material brittle.

Grip Boost

A grip boost is a sticky spray that helps restore the stickiness of your football gloves. The product was purposely designed for footballers. It can be purchased from any gear store. The good news is that grip boost restores stickiness to old gloves. Also, using grip spray takes effect immediately and dries quickly while providing superior grip.

Glove Wash

Washing football gloves remains a natural way of restoring tenacity. It helps get rid of grimes and dirt that makes the gloves lose their grip. Remember to use recommended glove wash formula that will not ruin your gloves. Washing gloves after each game will help retain stickiness.


Why do my gloves lose stickiness?

The stickiness of your gloves wears away for several reasons. Footballers are known to accumulate sweat and dirt during a match as they consistently have contact with the ground. Also, weather conditions and poor storage can naturally reduce the stickiness of your gloves.

Why should I make my football gloves sticky?

For many reasons, sticky gloves make catching and extra-long throws easy for you. It ensures you maintain your grip on the ball as you run on the field.

Can I use hairspray to make my football gloves sticky?

Hairspray comes sticky when applied on gloves but can only be effective temporarily for a few seconds.

Which football gloves material is the stickiest?

There are many sticky gloves in the market, but the ones made with silicon material are the best with superior stickiness.

Final Words

If you are a lover of playing football matches, you require the stickiest glove of all! It improves your performance and makes you a better player. However, there are several ways of maintaining the stickiness of your football gloves, and there are certain things to observe. Maintaining and restoring stickiness to football gloves might not be difficult as it seems. All you need do is, follow the rules.

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