How To Wash Different types of Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are part of your protective gear. A motorcycle glove protects your hands from injuries. They also prevent the formation of calluses and make long rides more comfortable.

You’ll likely accumulate some dirt and smell after wearing your gloves for a few days. For this reason, you should maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Here’s how to wash motorcycle gloves to ensure their long life

Rinse Them With water

Rinse Them With water

First, fill a bucket with cold water mixed with a neutral detergent. Wear your fabric gloves and immerse your hands in a bucket or water. Rub them gently with water, as if you were washing them barehanded.

It is also possible to wash them when you are not wearing them. To wash them, simply place them over a running tap. Wash both the inside and outside surfaces of your gloves with your hands.

Dry process

Now, remove the gloves from your hands and let them dry. You should avoid direct sunlight for the drying process because UV rays from the sun damage your gloves.

You should want to dry your gloves in a well-ventilated area to prevent any odors from settling on them. 

Leather Motorbike Gloves Washing Process

Remove Dirt 

In this case, you can’t be rinsing the gloves with water, unlike when we wash textile gloves. 

  • First, place your leather gloves on a flat surface
  • Use a clean, soft cloth and a small amount of oil-based soap to rub the gloves gently 
  • If you encounter spots or stains that do not disappear with simple scrubbing. You can apply soap lather to the area and rub it quickly. This will help remove the stains. 

Dry Process

Dry Process

After washing the gloves properly now, you have to dry them. Keep in mind that extreme heat and sun rays can affect your gloves. Moreover, extreme sunlight can cause cracks in your leather motorbike gloves. For this reason, you have to dry them in a well-ventilated area. 

Tips: Keep your gloves hung the right way for optimal airflow and quick drying.

Condition Them 

After the gloves are thoroughly dried, you’ll need to condition them with a suitable leather conditioner. Using this method will help restore the oil that washed away from the leather during the washing process. How to do that? 

  • Rub the gloves with a soft cloth dipped in the conditioner.
  • Make sure to rub both the front and back of your gloves. 

It is essential to condition both gloves, allowing the conditioner to penetrate the leather. This will help to achieve the best results. It will take almost 30 minutes to do the process entirely. 

Extra Tips

  • Consider spraying your gloves with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to disinfect them.
  • You should store your leather gloves in a clean, dry environment avoiding extreme temperatures. 
  • Try sprinkling baking soda and cornstarch inside your gloves to eliminate unpleasant smells.
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener because these will permanently damage the leather.

What Soap Can You Use On Leather Motorcycle Gloves?

Using soap on your leather gloves can damage your gloves. Mororeve, highly scented soap will reduce the color of your soap. You should use a natural soap that contains no scents. 

Oil-based saddle soaps are a good option for leather since they are specially constructed to help the material retain its moisture. 


Are Motorcycle Gloves That Dirty?

After using motorbike gloves for a certain period, they become dirty. Grease and grime may be invisible on your hands, but your gloves certainly do. It doesn’t matter how you use them; they will be dirty after some time. 

Can You Put Motorcycle Gloves in The Washing Machine?

You can put textile motorcycle gloves in the washing machine. But you cannot put fabric and leather motorcycle gloves in the washing machine. It’s essential to follow the proper washing steps to clean them properly. 

How do You Clean Smelly Motorcycle Gloves?

Put baking powder inside, place them in a plastic bag and leave for a few hours. Once clean, turn the gloves inside out and let them air dry in a warm place.

How do you take care of motorcycle leather gloves?

Here are some you can follow to take care of your leather gloves

  • Keep your gloves open and dry after a hot or long ride
  • Do not put leather gloves in the dry washer. 
  • Wash them using neutral detergent and dry them in a warm place 

Final Words 

Maintaining your biking gloves is essential to prevent them from wearing out due to dirt accumulation. Use our simple guide on washing motorcycle gloves effectively to extend their life. These tips will enable you to clean your gloves properly and use them comfortably.

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