Best Softball Batting Gloves Review

Do you have a child who is just starting to play softball? If that is the case, you need a pair of good gloves for him or her to get a proper grip on the bat. The best softball batting gloves are mostly padded well and can prevent the formation of blisters during the initial days of playing. While the hands make contact with the ball, these can also help to reduce the impact.

The best ones are composed of high-quality materials and can be availed in different sizes to suit a player’s requirements.

4 Best Softball Batting Gloves Reviews

Find out about some of the best softball batting gloves that are in existence in the market at the moment.

1. Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Baseball

This pair of gloves are composed of synthetic and is perfect for adults and youth softball gloves. It can help in ensuring excellent recreational performance and comes at a reasonable cost. This pair of gloves might be small in the number of features but can be ideal for all those players who do not need additional features bells and whistles in their gloves.

1. Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Baseball

Due to the presence of silicon on the fingers, these gloves have a unique appearance. You can get additional drip due to the silicon and can hold on to your bed more easily. These also think in appearance because of the additional padding which is there on the palm. Naturally, this can be very effective in keeping the hands protected from vibrations when hands come in contact with the ball.


  • You can get a good grip on the bat when you wear these gloves on your hands.
  • The gloves are padded well enough to offer a high level of comfort.
  • These are able to absorb more shock and can let you hit the ball hard.
  • These come at a reasonable cost.


  • The gloves do not come in enough colors.

2. Franklin Sports MLB Batting Gloves 

This pair of best softball batting gloves have a decent professional appearance and you can get a wonderful feel while wearing them without paying the cost that is necessary to buy such a professional-grade accessory. It comes in various color options and can be quite attractive on your hands. You can get a high amount of functionality and flexibility with this pair. However, it is important to note that the seams can rip when you use these gloves in competitive games.

Franklin Sports MLB Batting Gloves 

There is some extra padding here due to the leather heel patch, which can keep the hands protected. This product comes with Tri-curve technology, which makes it very much flexible and can ensure a comfortable fit to the hand. You can get extra grip due to the microfiber material that is present on the fingers.

In case you do not use this pair of gloves in very competitive games or in very hot weather you can find it to be a wonderful option.


  • It is made of a flexible material and comes at an affordable price.
  • You can get this pair of gloves in attractive color patterns.
  • It is possible to get an excellent grip on the bat with this comfortable pair of gloves.


  • The pair might not last for a very long time.
  • Your hand might sweat too much if you use it in very hot weather.

3. Franklin Sports MLB Batting Gloves

A practical pair of gloves is necessary for playoffs and for handling all the things that are part of softball playing. With this pair of softball batting gloves, you can get a lot of flexibility and multi-functionality. It is possible to get the best look and feel and the right athletic fit. You can get an improved grip and an advanced level of protection.

Franklin Sports MLB Batting Gloves

It is important to note that this pair of gloves is available in multiple sizes and one can easily be found to fit your hands properly. These good gloves are available in as many as seven design options and you can choose one that matches your personality.


  • This pair of high quality gloves is made of top quality genuine leather material.
  • You can get absolutely wonderful grip on your bat due to the microfiber palm.
  • There is Tri-curve technology, which can maintain the shape of this pair of gloves and can offer you a comfortable fit perfect for your hands.
  • The quality of stitching is durable and you can be assured that your gloves will last for a long time and serve you for an almost unlimited number of tournaments.
  • You can get some flair due to a small camo design patch.


  • If your hands are sweaty or wet, this pair of gloves might be uncomfortable for you to keep on wearing.

4. DeMarini CF Batting Gloves

This pair of gloves comes with sheepskin leather palm which can serve as a secure and efficient barrier against balls that come and hit the hands with a high impact. The nearest strip is professional-grade and consists of a molded pull tab – which can offer a perfect blend of support and comfort to the gloves.

DeMarini CF Batting Gloves

These softball gloves have a four-way stretch Jersey mesh, which makes these flexible and can offer excellent breathability that ensures less sweating of the hands. These are perfect for boys as well as girls while playing softball and can also offer fantastic cold weather protection to the hands.


  • This pair of professional gloves comes in a stylish black color which attracts attention easily.
  • There is excellent breathability which can avoid the buildup of sweat inside.
  • The material of construction is flexible and the gloves are light in weight.
  • There is a strong strap which can offer fantastic support to the wrists.
  • You can get this pair of gloves in a wide variety of colors.


  • These come at a higher price.

How To Buy Softball Batting Gloves

Find out how to choose the best softball batting gloves for your hands, or for the hands of your kid:

Look at the grip

When it comes to looking for the best softball batting gloves, one of the main things that you have to look at is the kind of grip that you can get on your bat. When you get a strong grip you can get more control on your bat and be able to swing more confidently.

Generally, the material that goes into the grip area is across the palm and is composed of some type of leather. You can get a better and more secure grip on your bat – which is among the main requirements while taking an aim at those tricky swings.

Check the level of protection

Padded softball playing gloves come with a small amount of additional protection for the hands. Some of these have plastic inserts on the rear area, which can keep the region protected from wild pitches. Padded batting gloves for youth and adults that have high impact resistant padding can act as great shield for the fingers and palm, and can also offer a heavier feel to the gloves.

It is worth investing in the best quality padded softball batting gloves. In the long run, these can help save time and pain.

Check the level of shock absorption

Other than the padding, the absorption of shock is an important factor that plays a crucial role in keeping the hands protected. After many hours of games and practice, the sheer number of the ball to bat impacts can obviously injure the hands of players. When there is a smashing of the ball against the bat, shock waves are sent across the entire length of a bat – and this can lead to painful vibrations at times.

Softball leather gloves and baseball leather gloves are designed to absorb shock and offer a high-quality grip that can eliminate these kinds of shock waves. The risks of bat sting are reduced as a result. Players can get the chance to practice for a longer time, in an easier and more comfortable way.

Check the wrist style

It actually depends on the requirements of a player. A player with injuries existing already likes to go for gloves with a higher wrist – that can extend down further – past the hand. It can keep the hands supported and prevent the occurrence of more injuries.

Generally, most of the professional-grade gloves available in the market end at the base of the hand. Naturally, there is not so much support. But the gloves can be more comfortable for at least a few players. It has been found that baseball wrist tape is used for extra support by many players out there.

Look for blister prevention features

Many players wear softball gloves during games in order to avoid blisters on their hands. Look for thick enough material that can serve as a barrier between the bat and the skin and can reduce the occurrence of friction. Well-padded gloves can prevent aggravation of blister that is already painful.

Check the material of the construction

When gloves are made of the right materials, you can get optimal protection, comfort, and support as well as the assurance of durability. The kind of material that gloves are made of has an impact on their price. High-quality leather is expensive but can last for a long time to come. Sheepskin and goat leather is used commonly with many of the gloves having a palm made of leather.


Here are some questions asked often about softball playing gloves.

Do I need batting gloves? But Why?

Padded batting gloves can be a fantastic investment for softball playing. These can help improve performance by a significant measure and keep the hands protected from bat sting, weather, and ball impact.

Generally, softball and baseball batting gloves are interchangeable and one can be used for the other. Female batting gloves – that are designed specifically to be used for softball playing – might be more appropriate for women, when it comes to sizing instead of choosing a standard softball/baseball range given that these might be too large in sizes.

Can you shrink batting gloves?

Yes, it is possible! If you are wearing an old pair that can fit your hands still, those can be shrunk down to a size slightly. After you shrink the leather gloves down, to get a more comfortable fit, you should just keep them conditioned to make them as supple and soft as an absolutely new pair of gloves.

Should batting gloves be tight?

The softball batting gloves that you choose should be tight on your hands, although must still be able to offer enough comfort. There can be risks of slippage if the gloves that you wear are too loose for your hands. On the other hand, wearing too tight gloves can have an impact on the motion.

Is it possible to wear one or two batting gloves?

Wearing a pair of batting gloves can be useful when you are running the bases. These can keep your hands protected from friction burns while sliding. It is true that it some players also prefer to wear a pair of batting gloves beneath their mitt.

Due to the extra barrier, it is possible to get a better grip and remove sweating inside the mitt. It is important to note that some evidence exists that wearing to softball batting gloves can help in successful performance and increase the chances of winning.

Final Words

The best softball batting gloves are almost as important as your bat and offer a certain edge to your performance that should never be neglected. This is especially important in a sport like a softball where the smallest amount of discomfort can mean a lot of difference between being able to win and not.

With the right pair of batting gloves, you can stay protected better against various types of injuries. During the initial of days of playing softball, your child can keep his / her hands safe at all times and give the best performance – during practice sessions as well as on the field.