Best Duck Hunting Gloves

Gloves are your priority if you want to get geared up for your next duck hunting.  When the weather turns cold, the most important piece of clothing for duck hunting is a good pair of gloves.  Not all types of gloves are perfect for this amazing sports game. So, here we are with the 5 best gloves for duck hunting. 

We’ve chosen them considering the cost, features, breathability, warmth, and comfort. These gloves will be your best match to cover your big-game duck hunting. Thus, choosing the perfect pair of gloves will be easy for you.  Let’s dive into the detail!

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Different Types of Ducks 

Different types of ducks come with different tastes. In this case, knowing the different types is crucial to duck hunting. And identifying the right place and species is tough unless you know which types are found in which state. So, here are the most common types of ducks that hunters like the most-

Muscovy Duck

The most popular duck is the Muscovy duck because it has low fat, thin skin, and deep red gamey meat. You’ll get more boneless meat compared to other ordinary domestic ducks. 

  • Taste

Food lovers worldwide love the meat of Muscovy duck due to its delicious roast-beef flavour and tender taste. 

  • Where to Find Muscovy

If you want to hunt the massive numbers of Muscovy ducks, visit tropical America, forested Wetlands in Mexico, and the RGV (Rio Grand Valley) of Texas. A large number of muscovy live in the area near RGV, Texas. 

Pekin Duck

Another popular choice for hunters is the Pekin duck in terms of its crispy skin and tender, flavourful and juicy meat. This duck meat is ready to adapt to any type of cuisine. If you want to buy a dish of Pekin duck in a restaurant, you must pay a high. 

  • Taste

You’ll enjoy each of your bites with the buttery taste of its lighter flesh. Eating Pekin duck isn’t a threat to health because of its low calories and fat. It is another significant reason for its popularity.

  • Where to Find Pekin

There’s no specific place to find Pekin, but the south Asia region is considered the most common place to find Pekin.

Moulard Duck

The highly popular duck for hunting is the Moulard duck. It comes with dark red meat. However, the Moulard duck has heavy layers of fat, which can be a health issue. So, you should be aware of consuming the maximum amount of this meat. 

  • Taste

Having the Moulard duck will give you a premium steak twist taste with its rich flavour. Its flavour is the top reason why hunters line up to hunt it the most.  

  • Where to Find Moulard

Unlike other species, the Moulard duck is found almost all over the world because of its commercial purpose. However, to hunt the Moulard, you can choose France, North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

How to Be Prepare for Duck Hunting?

Hunting duck isn’t just you are taking all your belongings and getting out to hunt wherever you want. It requires a lot to study and research to gather knowledge for legal, safe, and successful hunting. Here are what you should focus on for your opening day- 

Study Hunter’s Courses

Every hunter needs to do some essential courses, especially when it’s their first time. There are different types of courses, yet three of them are must-do courses, for example:

  • Safety Course
  • Shotgun Operating Course
  • Hunting Method Learning Course

Fulfil Duck Hunting Law

Before you decide to go hunting, you must allocate a license, federal duck stamp, and state duck stamp. Fulfilling this requirement will allow you to be a legal hunter. 

Know the Law for Migratory Birds

The biggest hurdle for beginners is to stay under migratory bird laws. You have to understand that federal and migratory laws differ based on where you hunt. The 1918 Migratory Bird Act protects all sorts of waterfowl species.  

Know the Hunting Seasons

The hunting process isn’t the same in all seasons. You have to change your tricks and tactics according to the time of the year. Also, the duck hunting seasons vary depending on the continents and regions. 

For instance, the hunting season begins in Canada in early September. However, in Mexico, it’s about early March. Again, in the US, the season for duck hunting started in early September and January. So, you must check out the season as per your hunting place.   Learn about cold-weather hunting gloves.

Check Out Your Bag Limits

You must abide by the possession limit according to the area you go to. The bag limit isn’t the same in all regions. Check out the list below to get an idea about how many ducks you can hunt a day based on certain areas:

  • Mississippi, Atlantic, and Central Flyways- 6 Ducks
  • Pacific Flyway- 7 Ducks
  • Western Canadian Provinces- 8 Ducks
  • In the Further East- 6 Ducks
  • Mexico- 20 to 30 Ducks 

Hunting Gears What to Take With 

Duck hunting is one of the top popular sports games for people. So, it’s not surprising that a million waterfowl are hunted yearly. It requires a few essential gears to take with you if you’re just starting. We’ll round up the 5 essential gears you shouldn’t miss while staring out. So, here are what you must have with you-

Shotgun & Non-Toxic Shells

For waterfowl hunting, the first gear you must not miss is the shotgun. Make sure your shotgun has a comfortable hold and mount. If the trigger comes with excessive stock length behind, it can cause an accident. 

And, when it’s about toxic shells, it’s forbidden in many places due to their bad effects on migratory birds. So, try avoiding using toxic shells on your shotgun. 


Choose decoys that look natural. A natural-looking decoy can make the hunting job much more perfect and easier. Mix the decoys with a combination of sleeping decoys, feeding decoys, and motion decoys. And then, use that mixture of decoys in the potential surrounding where the duck seems available. 


There are different categories of blinds, for example:

  • Natural Blind: The cheapest yet most labour-intensive blind is the natural blind. The combination of reeds, grass, and other vegetation will make your blind so natural to attract and catch ducks easily. 
  • A-Frame Blind: If you want to hide in plain sight, using an A-frame blind will be a good practice.
  • Layout Blind: The hunting area in short grass along with a pond or river’s edge requires the layout blind.
  • Permanent Blind: These blinds are only for those who hunt in a specific or own their land. 


Hunting several ducks in a short while can be trouble-free if you take a bright headlamp with you. Headlamp allows you to see clearly what’s around.  Red and white lamps are great for transparent visibility during duck hunting. 

Game Strap

This hunting gear is what will assist in transporting your hunted ducks securely. Ensure your game strap is robust enough to carry at least 12 to 20 ducks at a time. It will make your way home safe and hassle-free.

Crucial Tips for Duck Hunting

Here are some priceless tips to pave your way for duck hunting. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Plan Your Day

To be successful in duck hunting, you must plan your day like other daily activities. Plan where and when to hunt, what to take with you, and many more. Study the availability of ducks in that area, the season, and the bag limits. Some places are very strict and offer a few bag limits. Try to avoid these places if possible. 

Give A Look at Your Shotgun 

It’s common to break the shotgun during duck hunting. But the hunters often skip noticing this issue which causes them serious trouble after reaching the hunting spot. So, we recommend you check out your shotgun before leaving your home. Take it to a gunsmith if there are any serious issues to repair.

Double Check Your Decoys

Before hunting, you should either repaint the decoys or replace them for better performance.  If you replace it, make your order a few days before you go hunting. And, if it’s about painting, don’t forget to remove the weathered paint from it.

Spruce Up the Blind

The better the duck blind, the more ducks you’ll hunt. In this case, you should build the blind according to the last hunting performance. If it was hard to get more ducks with this blind last time, you should bring a bit of change this time. Modify the shooting box if necessary. It ensures a successful duck hunting trip.

Stay Late on the Spot

Leaving the blind early on the hunting spot isn’t a good practice. Waterfowl slightly migrate to get strong tailwinds. Therefore, leaving the blind early will lessen the hunting possibility. Staying there late will lead you to hunt more ducks as many of them stop to rest.  Learn why hunters need gloves.

5 Best Duck Hunting Gloves 

The gloves that we have selected will be your best fit if you want well-featured gloves on a minimum budget. These are designed for all levels of duck hunters. So, it never matters whether you are a pro or a beginner to choose any of them. So, here these are:

Glacier Aleutian Realtree Camo Gloves 

You must wear well-protected gloves when going duck hunting in cold weather.  In this case, the Glacier Aleutian Realtree Camo multi-featured gloves will be great for duck hunting, especially in cold weather. It will keep your hands warm and allow you to keep hunting for a long time, no matter how cold the weather is. Since it’s a multi-featured pair of gloves, it can also be a perfect choice for fishing.

Your hands will remain dry because of its high-quality neoprene materials and 2MM fleece-lined waterproof trait. The Glacier Aleutian gloves come with a sharkskin palm to offer a secure grip. As a result, handling the shotgun will be easier. 

Furthermore, you’ll get a low-friction fingertip that will increase your trigger control. It will bring you perfection for waterfowl duck hunting as well. 

Glacier Aleutian Realtree Camo Gloves 

This glove is not just good for duck hunting, but also small enough to fit comfortably under a trigger guard. You need to wash and hang them to dry properly. Or else, the inside of these gloves will be extremely moist the next time you use them. To move the fingers, it comes with super flexibility.


  • Offers a great fit
  • Gives a comfortable feel
  • Usable for a long time 
  • Comes with high breathability


  • It can be spilt through heavy use

Midwest 330 PVC Coated Hunting Gloves

The Midwest 330 gloves are featured to offer warmth when you go duck hunting in an icy, snowy, or watery place. The extended gauntlet cuff made it the perfect fit for good protection and to reach in the freezing weather. It’s an ideal pair of gloves for duck hunting due to its rough grip and excellent waterproof sandy finish. 

These gloves have a PVC coating so that you can use them not only for duck hunting, but for crabbing, trapping, and snow bowling. A heavily insulated, waterproof pair of gloves will keep your hands dry in the harshest condition. These gloves are designed to keep the ice and water out and ensure warmth and dryness.

Also, these Decoy gloves are the one size fits to ensure no sliding off your hands while hunting. The exclusive natural colour can help you hide in the wilderness trouble-free. Midwest 330 can also be the best gloves for working waterfowl and field-dressing deer. It’s a solid option for duck hunters in terms of its waterproofing and affordable price.


  • Removable inner lining for easy wash
  • Takes only a while to wash
  • Perfectly covers the forearms


  • Drying after washing them is a pain

Glacier Fleece-Lined Curve Gloves

The Glacier Fleece-Lined gloves are proven high-end for multiple kinds of weather. Multiple weather conditions indicate the moisture, water, and cold moderate insulation weather conditions. At this point, the Glacier is the perfect go-to option for duck hunting. 

The functionality of these gloves is outstanding in ensuring comfort and warmth in cold and wet weather temperatures. It’s manufactured with premium neoprene and 100% waterproof materials and is also designed with a pre-curved fingers style. 

Therefore, it can easily reduce your finger fatigue and allow you to use it for a wide range of hunting activities outdoors the entire day.  The 2 mm fleece-lined materials made these gloves super convenient for long-time usage. 


  • Comes with great longevity
  • Easy cleaning procedure
  • Ensures a high degree of mobility


  • Not suitable to use in the direct windy weather

Redneck Convent Trapping Gauntlet Gloves

The Redneck Convent gloves are for those who want something extraordinary in their gloves for duck hunting. You might wonder how’s this Redneck extraordinary from other gloves. Well, it’s a full-sleeve gauntlet pair of gloves that protect your whole hands up to the upper arms and shoulders as well. 

So, not only your wrist and hands can be protected from coldness, but your arms will also remain warm from icy water or cold snow during your hunting job. It’s pretty Incredible to think about any gloves with this amazing design. 

Since these gloves feature a textured grip and super flexibility, these gloves are also ideal gear for butchers, skinners, and trappers. And, these exclusive trapping gloves are also the best fit as ice fishing gloves. They will protect your hands from submerging into bacteria-filled and freezing water. 

So, the Redneck can be your best crabbing gloves at the end. Since these are liquid-resistant and water-resistant, these gloves are well-known for fabric dyeing and chemical handling. Putting on/off the large arm opening designs won’t create any hassles. 

Besides, the single cotton liner and the PVC coating are other perfect features to choose the Redneck. Needless to say, how comfortable and warm these gloves are to wear in the cold weather.  


  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight design
  • Offers high quality with low costs


  • You have to check whether the size fits before you buy.

Drake Waterfowl MST Glove

A pair of gauntlet-style gloves is highly acceptable for waterfowl hunters. The Drake Waterfowl MST is here if you prefer using gauntlet gloves.  These gloves are manufactured with premium HS shell fabric that works for greater grip. And as the first line of defence in its DWR, it means durable water repellent.  

Since waterfowl hunters must be super active in the hunting field, the Drake has a GORE-TEX feature. As a result, it comes with 100% breathability and waterproof assurance. So, it will protect your hands from snow and rain with ease. If you want maximum protection against poor weather conditions, the Drake will ensure protection, warmth, and comfort for the duck hunting task. 

These gloves also feature leather palm of goat skin, tri-glide at the wrist, and toggle-on arm closure. It’s a machine wash pair of gloves, and it will take only a while to clean. Since you don’t have to iron them, these gloves are ready to use after washing. 


  • Super convenient for waterfowl hunters
  • High-quality materials
  • Hassle-Free cleaning procedure


  • Not convenient to put off/on frequently

Comparison Table

Products Dimension Weight Materials Water-Resistant Warranty 

Glacier Aleutian

‎13.9×6.2×2.4 Inches 0.3 Pounds Neoprene Yes 1-Year


19.8x8x1.9 Inches 11.22 Ounces GORE-TEX Yes No

Redneck Convent

11x10x3.5 Inches 10.88 Ounces Polyvinyl Chloride Yes No


Best Duck Hunting Gloves: Buying Guide

The gloves that we’ve selected on our top list are already well-featured. But, if you want to choose on your own, some basic factors are always there to be considered before you make your purchase. To keep your hands warm and well-breathable, here are some significant tips to follow while purchasing your gloves:

Proper Size

Size should be your primary concern while buying gloves for duck hunting. You can’t perform well unless your gloves fit tight and comfortably. Ensure the gloves won’t slide off your hands. Some gloves are ready to wear, and they never slide off. But some gloves are designed to fit according to your hand size. Check out that the gloves aren’t too loose or too tight. 


No matter how premium you buy your gloves for duck hunting, it’s important to make sure whether or not your gloves are water-resistant. The success ratio of this duck hunting game gets below standard if your hands get a bad catch in the cold. In this case, gloves featured with waterproof insulation are highly preferable. 


The GORE-TEX materials are the most suitable material to get the utmost breathability from your gloves. Breathability is essential to get a good grip. Gloves designed with good breathability keep your hands warm but won’t let them sweat. As a result, you can use the gloves for a long time. 


Usually, gloves for duck hunting are made of neoprene, wool, polyester, fleece, premium leather, and GORE-TEX materials. If you choose your gloves with any of these materials, these will offer perfection for long-time duck hunting considering the cold weather. However, you also should focus on your preference and your hunting destination as well to choose the right materials. 

Comfort & Dexterity

Comfort and dexterity are other essential factors that you should consider. A pair of gloves that are designed to offer maximum comfort and dexterity will protect your hands from getting unwanted hurt and screeching often time. So, make sure the gloves you have chosen will come with flexible moves and a better grip. 


What is the best brand for duck hunting gloves?

Many reliable brands are there on the market that provides high-end gloves for hunting. Among all of them, Glacier is one of the best brands and it consistently produces quality gloves at low prices. Also, the Midwest, Redneck, and Drake are the top levelled brands in the present vintage.     

Why Should I wear gloves during duck hunting?

A good pair of hunting gloves save your hands from extreme cold and keeps them warm. So, it becomes easier to get a good grip to hunt for a long time. Also, when you wear the waterfowl hunting gloves, it’ll ensure extra support. 

Can I choose leather gloves for hunting?

Some specific materials are used to make hunting gloves, and leather is one of them. So, yes, you can use leather gloves for duck hunting. It will be versatile as well as comfortable. Leather gloves ensure good protection in terms of thorns and briars.

Do I have to buy an accurate size of gloves? 

Of course! It can cause hand fatigue during hunting time if the gloves aren’t of the right size. moreover, it will make you uncomfortable and won’t provide a grip. You should always prioritize accurate size, especially when it’s about to duck hunting.  

When should I use decoy gloves?

Well, when you go hunting in the cold or snowy weather, you can choose decoy gloves. These gloves will deliver extra protection and breathability. Besides, you’ll feel comfortable. 

Is there any warmest fur for duck hunting gloves?

Beaver fur is called the warmest fur considering its high density. Its softness delivers high dexterity and malleability.  And it can keep your hands warm. Therefore, you can make a high performance in your duck hunting. It’s easy to wash and dry because of its removable sheep lining. 

What features should I consider for duck hunting gloves?

Gloves for duck hunting should be lightweight, comfortable, and capable of keeping your hands warm and dry. In this case, waterfowl hunting gloves are best to choose from. Also, the gloves should be made of good materials, for example, leather and neoprene.

What are the best budget duck hunting gloves?

If you check out our top list, you’ll be happy to see all the gloves are of low budget. Still, if you ask me to specify one, the Drake can be your best match. It offers high quality but at a low cost. You’ll love wearing these well-featured gloves while going out duck hunting. 

What’s the best time for waterfowl hunting?

It depends on what hunting area and weather pattern you choose. Some of the areas are best for evening-time hunting, while some of the areas are highly recognized for morning-time hunting. So, check out where you go for hunting.  

What time is good for duck hunting?

Usually, midday and afternoon are known as the best time for duck hunting. Mild temperatures and waves make the ducks spontaneous to swim and search for food in the afternoon. But it can vary from place to place based on the temperature and hunting surroundings.

Here’s how to take care of your gloves.

Final Words

Not all brands provide the best duck hunting gloves. In this case, you must know which brand is good for what types of gloves. Considering our in-depth research, the 4 topmost brands came into our consideration. And you’ll get the best gloves on our list. 

Choosing your duck hunting gloves from our list will lessen your research time and offers confidence in performance and quality. You need not be worried about whether the gloves will be durable, well-featured, high-performed, etc.  So, don’t miss out on our top picks.

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